About Us


We are a nonprofit, nonpartisan, national membership organization that represents the interests of Hispanic legal professionals in the United States and its territories. We are also committed to advocacy on issues of importance to the 54+ million people of Hispanic heritage living in the U.S. While we are proud of our more than four decades of accomplishments, we are mindful that our mission is as vital today as it was the day of our founding in 1972. Read the Hispanic National Bar Association’s Bylaws here.


Enrich and diversify the legal profession, judiciary, and legislature through improved recruitment, retention, and promotion of Latinos, including targeted identification and endorsement and/or promotion of highly-qualified Latino candidates for legal positions including but not limited to judicial and legislative openings at the state and federal level;
Provide professional development, business development, and networking opportunities to our members and sponsors via national and regional conferences, seminars and receptions;
Strengthen the educational pipeline by creating opportunities for Latino students through partnerships with corporate America, nonprofit organizations, and the public sector;
Empower the Latino community through legal, financial, and educational literacy initiatives;
Advocate for solutions on issues that affect the Latino community.


Hon. Mario G. Obledo

Hon. Cruz Reynoso

Hon. Benjamin Aranda III

Louis Garcia

Miguel R. Mendez

Ed Pena

Baltazar Baca

Al Gonzalez

Hon. Lorenzo Arredondo

John Huerta

Donato Tapia


Hon. Mario G. Obledo Founder 1972-1977 Sacramento, CA
Hon. Benjamin Aranda III Founder 1977-1980 Torrence, CA
John Roy Castillo 1980-1981 Lansing, MI
Robert Maes 1981-1982 Denver, CO
Hon. Lorenzo Arredondo Founder 1982-1983 Denver, CO
Hon. MariCarmen Aponte 1983-1984 Washington, DC
Gilbert F. Casellas 1984-1985 Washington, DC
Robert Mendez 1985-1986 Hollywood, CA
William Mendez 1986-1987 New York, NY
Michael Martinez 1987-1988 Murray, UT
Mark Gallegos 1988-1989 Miami, FL

Jimmy Gurule 1989-1990 New Haven, CT
Robert J. Ruiz 1990-1991 Chicago, IL
Dolores Atencio 1991-1992 Denver, CO
Carlos Ortiz 1992-1993 Secaucus, NJ
Wilfredo Caraballo 1993-1994 Newark, NJ
Mary T. Hernandez 1994-1995 San Francisco, CA
Jose Gaitan 1995-1996 Seattle, WA
Hugo Chaviano 1996-1997 Chicago, IL
Gregory Vega 1997-1998 San Diego, CA
Lillian Apodaca 1998-1999 Albuquerque, NM
Alice Velazquez 1999-2000 San Juan, Puerto
Rico Rafael Santiago 2000-2001 Hartford, CT
Angel G. Gomez 2001-2002 Chicago, IL

Duard D. Bradshaw 2002-2003 Akron, OH
Carlos Singh 2003-2004 San Jose, CA
Alan Varela 2004-2005 Santa Fe, NM
Nelson A. Castillo 2005-2006 Roslyn Heights,NY
Hon. Jimmie V.Reyna 2006-2007 Washington, DC
Victor M. Marquez 2007-2008 San Francisco,CA
Ramona E. Romero 2008-2009 Wilmington, DE
Roman D. Hernandez 2009-2010 Portland, OR
Diana Sen 2010-2011 New York, NY
Benny Agosto, Jr. 2011-2012 Houston, TX
Hon. Peter M. Reyes , Jr. 2012-2013 Minneapolis, MN
Miguel Alexander Pozo 2013-2014 Roseland, NJ
Cynthia D. Mares 2014-2015 Denver, CO