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Judicial Council



The Judicial Council is open to all members of the HNBA who are current or retired judges or who hold or have held any quasi-judicial position. The Judicial Council is an independent section of the HNBA and has its own officers, by-laws, treasury and programs. The purposes of the Judicial Council are: to encourage the participation of all members of the judiciary in the work of the HNBA;

  • to provide a structure for Hispanic judges to support the American judicial system;
  • to help improve the quality and administration of justice in the United States;
  • to promote the benefits of a fair and independent judiciary;
  • to further access to justice for all Americans; and
  • to foster interaction and networking between and among members of the Hispanic bench and bar.



Hon. Betty Capote-Erben
Judicial Council Co-Chair
Eleventh Judicial Circuit of Florida
Miami, FL

Hon. Leonardo Castro
Judicial Council Co-Chair
Second Judicial District of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN