Divisions, sections, and committees of the Hispanic National Bar Association (HNBA) concentrate on various aspects of the law profession to provide additional opportunities for professional development, networking, education and advocacy, based on more specific set of needs and perspectives. They promote these areas of interest and associated projects to HNBA members on national, regional and local levels and are integral in helping the HNBA maintain its dynamic view of the law, as well help the organization fulfill its vital work and mission.

Appointments to a division, section, or committee, including the annual appointment of its chair, shall be made by the HNBA National President.


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Elia Diaz-Yaeger
VP of Sections & Committees
Lugenbuhl, Wheaton, Peck, Rankin & Hubbard
New Orleans, LA



The HNBA Board Committees were established in 2006 to ensure the Association’s continuing compliance with legal developments (including Sarbanes Oxley) that affect non-profits and to provide greater participation by members of the HNBA Board of Governors (“BOG”) in the governance of the HNBA. The Board Committees are composed primarily of members of the HNBA BOG. They serve as a mechanism for BOG members to gain experience in the governance of the HNBA, thus assisting in the growth of future HNBA officers and leaders. While Board Committees facilitate the work of the Executive Committee (“EC”) and BOG, they do not set HNBA policy or in any other way supplant the EC or the BOG.With limited exceptions, the Board Committees are comprised of members of the BOG. Each member of the BOG is invited and encouraged to sit on at least one Board Committee. The HNBA President appoints all members and chairs of the Board Committees, with the exception of the Audit Committee which elects a chair from its appointed members, the Development Committee, which is chaired by the National Finance Director, and the Finance Committee which is chaired by the HNBA Treasurer. All other Board Committees are to be chaired by BOG members who are not members of the EC member. The President serves as an ex oficio member of each Board Committee.The Board Committees meet as often as required by the press of HNBA business and, at minimum, meet during time set aside at each of the regularly scheduled BOG meetings. The Board Committees report to the President and the EC. In addition, the Chair of each Board Committee is expected to file a written report with the BOG no less than thirty days prior to each BOG meeting.