Latina Commission


Latina Commission

The Latina Commission was created in 2008 to study, and remedy, the status of Latinas in the legal profession who then, as now, suffer the lowest representation of any racial or ethnic group as compared to their overall presence in the nation.

Since conducting its ground-breaking national studies, “Few and Far Between: The Reality of Latina Lawyers” (September 2009) and “La Voz de la Abogada Latina: Challenges and Rewards in Serving the Public Interest” (September 2010), the Latina Commission has implemented the recommendations of those studies (which confirmed Latina lawyers encounter, and must overcome, a multi-layered ceiling based on the intersection of gender, ethnicity and race, coupled with family obligations and discrimination) via annual programming that couples education, executive leadership training, mentorship and sponsorship.Thanks to the generosity of Walmart (the HNBA Latina Commission’s Premier Sponsor) these educational and leadership training programs target Latinas from high school students to junior and senior lawyers and judges, expanding their knowledge and training and thus increasing their opportunities and competitiveness in the job market.

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The Latina Commission is asking its HNBA female members to complete this short survey to enable the Speakers and Programs Committee to create an easy to access database of Latina lawyers interested in taking advantage of speaking opportunities with the HNBA and organizations working with the HNBA.



Sulema Medrano
Latina Commission Co-Chair
Chicago, IL

Aracely Muñoz
Latina Commission Co-Chair
Center for Reproductive Rights
Washington, DC