October 2015

HNBA Press Release

OCT 1 2015
press release
HNBA Urges North Carolina Governor to Veto Anti-Immigration Bill HB 318

HNBA Region X Inaugural Dinner

OCT 5 2015
Join the HNBA in Columbus on October 22 for Region X’s Inaugural Dinner


OCT 14 2015
press release
E-Noticias October 14, 2015 Edition

HNBA Announces Strategic Partnership

OCT 9 2015
HNBA Announces Strategic Partnership with MassMutual to Help Latino-Owned Businesses Succeed

HNBA Press Release

OCT 13 2015
press release
HNBA Condemns Voter Discrimination Efforts in Alabama

HNBA Special Announcement

OCT 20 2015
Read HNBA’s First Huffington Post Blog!

HNBA to Congress

OCT 22 2015
press release
Act Now on Solutions to Puerto Rico’s Economic and Fiscal Crisis

HNBA Press Release

OCT 30 2015
press release
HNBA Condemns North Carolina’s Assault on Immigrant Community