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2017 Annual Convention

Latina Leadership Academy




The HNBA Latina Commission will host the 2017 Latina Leadership Academy (sponsored by Wal-Mart) on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, prior to the start of the 2017 HNBA Annual Convention.

The cost of attendance for this program is paid for through the generous support of the Latina Commission’s sponsor, Wal-Mart.
(Travel and hotel accommodations are not included).

Morning Session
The ABA Grit Project – This program will provide useful insight and skills on how Latina attorneys’ attitudes and behaviors about their own abilities and potential affect career outcomes even more so than intelligence, raw talent, and other “fixed” attributes. Audience members will learn skills to develop a grit and growth mindset that can enhance their effectiveness, retention, and career advancement.

Afternoon Session
Be Your Own Career Advocate – This leadership training program will provide an overview of the key issues Latina attorneys encounter in their careers related to compensation, promotion decisions, and other aspects of their employment in the legal profession. This program will include an overview of the related research, policies and practices affecting compensation and promotion decisions across the legal profession, as well as important insight and skills to enhance Latina attorneys’ effectiveness in advocating and negotiating for themselves in these decisions.

Please contact Latina Commissioner Courtney Chavez at