Purchase your tickets today!

Deadline: Friday, July 14th, 11:00 AM EDT

PLEASE TIP! Does not include gratuity for crew suggested at $6 per person.

Transportation to/from marina will be posted soon.

$99 Ticket Includes:

  • Lunch buffet with options for all
  • Beverages, including rum drinks.
  • Quality snorkeling equipment for all ages.
  • Floating devices
  • Easy accesses to the water with ladders & swim platforms.
  • Snorkeling instruction for our beginners.

East Wind includes:

  • Water slide
  • 8ft under water windows
  • A stairway that will put you right in the water.


Departing marina Puerto Del Rey, our guests enjoy the beautiful views of the El Yunque Mountains and the waterfront of the Fajardo coastline while passing by  the many little islands. After a comfortable sail of about one hour, we anchor at one of the small deserted islands off the northeast corner of Puerto Rico. Icacos Island is our usual destination or sometimes Palominitos is chosen. Guests can practice their snorkeling, walk on the beach, beach comb, and swim in the crystal clear waters.

Lunch is served at approximately 12:00 pm, where our guests can enjoy local pastries, build your own sandwiches with fresh baked bread, fresh fruit, our signature pasta salad, chicken salad, coleslaw and cookies. 

Then the catamaran moves off the island to a reef area for snorkeling. Aboard our East Wind catamaran, guests can enjoy viewing the fish at the reef through our glass bottom windows and have fun on our water slide.

A leisurely sail back to the marina brings us back to the dock at 3:30 pm.