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Noticias Magazine and E-Noticias Newsletter

Noticias is the official publication of the Hispanic National Bar Association.  It is a forum for the exchange of information, opinions, and ideas. Read online here.

E-Noticias is the online official newsletter of the HNBA which showcases past and upcoming National and Regional Events, current news, letters from the leadership, and everything that HNBA members need to know. View all past issues of E-Noticias here.

Noticias Magazine & e-Noticias Newsletter Editorial Policy

Noticias and e-Noticias are official publications of the Hispanic National Bar Association and HNBA VIA Fund (HNBA/VIA). The publications are forums for the exchange of information, opinions, and ideas. The information published represents the views and opinions of the original Author(s) and does not necessarily represent the views or opinions of HNBA/VIA. The mere appearance of this published work does not constitute an endorsement by HNBA/VIA. Submission does not guarantee publication. The Author(s) of the published work own all intellectual property rights in any version of their original work, as well as own the original copyrights to materials they write. All rights to the original work as submitted will revert to the Author(s) without prejudice. Photographs may be submitted in digital format free and clear of any limitations or restrictions on usage or printing.

The HNBA/VIA reserve the right to edit and publish materials submitted for publication.


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