2022 Annual Convention


Continuing Legal Education Tracks

We are currently accepting CLE proposals for the 2022 HNBA/VIA  Annual Convention (AC2022). Please view the tracks below and submit your proposal today.

Advocacy & Litigation: This track will explore trending litigation topics. The track will offer a series of CLE presentations related to advocacy and litigation topics, including areas that experienced an increase in demand, such as bankruptcy, employment litigation and COVID-19-related class actions; court and arbitration operations and proceedings; pre-litigation risk-assessment strategies; discovery and trial procedure and tactics; now-prevalent virtual platforms used for depositions, mediation and trial; other developments in technology tools for litigation; data protection laws; and other major trending litigation matters, all specifically designed to impart critical, cutting edge knowledge and skills to litigation practitioners. Whether you are working in big law, a small firm or are a solo practitioner, in the public or private sector, learn how to sharpen your litigation skills with the HNBA.

Hot Button Issues for 2022 and Beyond:   This track will explore the emerging trends that have transformed the practice of law across all industries and sectors and the legal issues and practice areas that have come to the forefront. Some of the topics that will be addressed include immigration; corporate law; estate planning; voting rights and election protection issues; business interruption and commercial insurance coverage; force majeure and impossibility clauses; privacy, cybersecurity and data protection; labor and employment; bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring; among many others.

Public Interest/Government: This track will explore trending topics for public interest/government attorneys. This track will offer a series of CLE presentations related to topics affecting public interest/government practitioners including areas that have experienced an increase in demand, including impact on civil rights and civil liberties, gender equity, employment issues, elder law, election law, consumer protection law, and many more.

Career Development for Young and Seasoned Lawyers: This track will focus on the development of young and seasoned attorneys, including how to be a successful summer law clerk, a successful young attorney, a successful seasoned attorney seeking to become a partner or go in-house, or a successful Partner. This track will also focus on the knowledge and resources necessary to become happier, healthier, and ultimately more prosperous lawyers by improving productivity, navigating the demands of your legal practice, ethics and reducing stress. The program will examine issues related to teleworking and work-life balance; maintaining physical and mental wellness; mindful lawyering; tips to consistently deliver a high-quality work product; maintaining integrity in your practice; professional and personal networking; alternative careers; and more – all with a view towards preparing participants for achieving or maintaining the status of a successful lawyer whether you are a young or a seasoned lawyer.

Note: The person identified as submitting this form must participate on the proposed panel and will automatically be selected as the moderator of the CLE.  If the CLE is selected, the moderator is responsible for coordinating and timely submitting the CLE packets for accreditation.

Deadline: 5:00 pm ET, Wednesday, June 15, 2022

QUESTIONS? E-mail cle@hnba.com.

The 2022 HNBA Annual Convention is a joint enterprise with
the HNBA VIA Fund.