IPLI Scholarships

The IPLI Scholarships are funded by the HNBA/VIA Intellectual Property Law Institute to benefit law students who have completed the Intellectual Property Law Institute or the 2020 Virtual IP Tech Camp. The Scholarships are open to eligible IPLI scholars regardless of immigration status.

Ten (10) scholarships will be awarded for $5,000 each: three (3) IPLI scholars will receive financial assistance to complete the Patent Bar preparatory course and related Patent Bar Exam fees, and seven (7) scholars will receive assistance to pay for the state Bar preparatory course. Scholarships will be awarded based on evaluation by the Scholarship Committee of the applicant’s adherence to the Application Requirements, a demonstrated passion for intellectual property and technology, and perceived need.

Applicants must meet the below criteria to be considered for the scholarships:

  1. Graduate from the HNBA/VIA Intellectual Property Law Institute or the 2020 Virtual IP Tech Camp*;
  2. Submit Proof of Acceptance to Sit for the Patent Bar (Patent Bar Scholarship) or Final Law School Transcripts (Bar Prep Course Scholarship).
    Patent Bar Only – For general requirements for admission to the examination for registration to practice in patent cases before the USPTO – Click Here.
  3. Submit Personal Statement (1000 words max). Your statement should indicate your IPLI year and the benefits/impact that the IPLI has had on your career. It should also reflect, among other characteristics, your honesty, trustworthiness, diligence, reliability, integrity, and commitment to the Hispanic community. In addition, please explain your basis for seeking financial support and identify any support systems on which you currently rely (e.g., family, friends, loans, etc.). Finally, it should describe your goals for advancing Hispanic representation in intellectual property.
  4. Be a current HNBA member (free for law students and first-year attorneys).
    *If you participated in the 2020 Virtual IP Tech Camp, please email cmartin@hnba.com to confirm your eligibility BEFORE beginning the application.

Applications must be RECEIVED by Wednesday, July 26, 2023, by 5:00 p.m. ET.