HNBA VIA Fund 2023 General Law School Scholarships

This scholarship is sponsored by the HNBA/VIA for the benefit of underserved law students in the United States and its territories (the “Scholarship”).  The Scholarship is open to eligible law students regardless of immigration status. The Scholarship is for educational purposes, including tuition, books and fees, or living expenses.



At the time of application for the Scholarship, law students who are eligible must be:

  • Enrolled and attending an American Bar Association accredited law school in the US or its territories;
  • A current 1L, 2L, 3L, or LLM law student in good standing;
  • Of Hispanic origin;
  • Involved in the Hispanic community; and
  • Active HNBA Law Student Division members (free for law students)


The 2023 HNBA Annual Convention is a joint enterprise with
the HNBA VIA Fund.