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Hot Button Issues for 2024 and Beyond: This track will delve into the evolving legal practices across various industries and sectors, spotlighting emerging trends that have reshaped the legal landscape. Addressing pivotal issues such as immigration, corporate law, voting rights, labor, and employment, among others, this track aims to provide comprehensive insights into the forefront of legal discourse. Given the significance of 2024 as an election year, special attention will be given to topics related to voting rights and safeguarding democracy.

Public Interest/Government: This track will focus on pressing matters pertinent to public interest and government attorneys, featuring CLE presentations that highlight areas witnessing heightened demand. Emphasizing the imperative of protecting civil rights and civil liberties, gender equity, and addressing employment issues, among others, this track will also spotlight critical areas such as public defense, elder law, election law, consumer protection law, and more. In recognition of the pivotal role of voting rights and the preservation of democracy, specific sessions will be dedicated to exploring these themes within the context of the 2024 election year.

Career Development: This track will center on modern career development for young attorneys, aiming to furnish lawyers with the requisite tools and strategies essential for success in today’s fiercely competitive legal market. With a specific emphasis on broadening client bases beyond the Hispanic community and fostering professional advancement, this track will offer guidance on critical aspects such as Client Acquisition and Retention, Adapting to Modern Practices, and ensuring the consistent delivery of high-quality work while upholding integrity in legal practice. Additionally, participants will have the opportunity to explore diverse career avenues, including academia, government roles, judicial appointments, and other professional opportunities.

Advocacy & Litigation: This track will explore trending litigation topics. The track will offer a series of CLE presentations related to advocacy and litigation topics, which may include court and arbitration operations and proceedings; pre-litigation risk-assessment strategies; discovery and trial procedure and tactics; mediation and trial; and other major trending litigation matters, all specifically designed to impart critical, cutting-edge knowledge and skills to litigation practitioners or in-house counsel managing litigation. Whether you are working in big law, a small firm or are a solo practitioner, in the public or private sector, learn how to sharpen your litigation skills with the HNBA.

Note: The HNBA/VIA has final discretion and approval on the selection of topics, moderators, and speakers.

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Deadline to Submit: Tuesday, April 30th

The 2024 HNBA Annual Convention is a joint enterprise with
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