HNBA Attorneys with Disabilities and their Allies Section

The HNBA is committed to advocating for attorneys of all abilities to occupy an equal place not only within the HNBA community as well as the broader legal community. The goal of the Section is to promote and ensure a safe space for attorneys with disabilities while also encouraging the sharing of experiences, resources, and career advancement strategies for attorneys with disabilities. The Section is charged with: (i) helping educate the legal profession and work toward genuine inclusion of attorneys with diverse abilities and learning differences, both with visible and non-apparent; (ii) identifying ways in which the HNBA in particular, can be more inclusive and offer more support to attorneys with disabilities within the HNBA familia; (iii) recommending initiatives and programs that help educate HNBA members about the challenges and stereotypes Hispanic attorneys with disabilities face within the legal profession, as well as the consequences related to their performance due to a disability; and (iv) making recommendations on how the HNBA can best advocate for disability-related public policies, engage and inform HNBA membership and the HNBA Board of Governors on disability-related issues and disability law.


Salomón Chiquiar-Rabinovich
Attorneys with Disabilities and their Allies Section Chair
Law Office of Salomón Chiquiar-Rabinovich


Andrenna Hidalgo Berggren 
Attorneys with Disabilities and their Allies Section Vice Chair
U.S. Department of Labor