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# Id Submit date Name Email Phone Street Address Street Address Line 2 City State / Province / Region Postal / Zip Code Country Current Position Career Goal Do you believe you are currently qualified for a F500 GC Placement Opportunity? If no, why not? Why do you want to become a F500 GC? What do you hope to achieve by participating in Poder25? Highest Degree Obtained College & Post-Graduate Degrees: List languages you speak Team management experience Experience working with boards of directors? Interaction with senior management? Experience working outside of the U.S.? Corporate/M&A experience? Litigation experience? Notable cases or deals in private practice? Notable cases or deals which you spearheaded or had primary supervisory oversight? Top three industries in which you have worked: Do you have a specific practice area now? If no, have you ever specialized in a specific area of the law? Number and titles of direct reports (can group in categories, e.g. "4 attorneys, 3 paralegals, and 1 admin") Annual revenue of current organization or segment that you oversee Other relevant experience Do you currently have an Executive Coach? Have you ever had an Executive Coach? Do you currently work with an Executive Recruiting Firm or placement organization? If yes, who? If your direct reports were to complete a "360" degree" evaluation on you, how would they describe you? What would they likely identify as your areas for opportunity? If your General Counsel (or person to whom you directly report) were to evaluate you, how would they describe you? What would they likely identify as your areas for opportunity?(1) What do you believe are the areas you need to develop in order to be Fortune 500 "GC Ready?" Any other information you would want an Executive Placement Search Firm to know about you? Upload Headshot Upload Resume/CV
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Daniel Mateo
 Augusta Drive
New Jersey
United States
Equity Partner
I want use my substantial experience representing corporations as outside counsel to help lead a corporate legal strategy that allows a company to achieve its business and financial goals.  I want to be challenged, make a significant contribution to a corporation, gain deep knowledge of a business and industry, and further corporate diversity goals.
I want use my substantial experience representing corporations as outside counsel to help lead a corporate legal strategy that allows a company to achieve its business and financial goals.  I want to be challenged, make a significant contribution to a corporation, gain deep knowledge of a business and industry, and further corporate diversity goals.
Gain more insight about GC roles and recruitment opportunities. Improve my skill set and marketability as a potential GC candidate.  Network with others who are pursuing a same career path.
BA Rutgers University 1990JD University of Pennsylvania 1993
I have managed a number of large litigation, discovery and trial teams in my 25 years of law firm practice.  I also work closely with and manage client teams who assist in fact gathering, litigation support and ultimate case presentation.  I interact regularly with in-house counsel, company senior management, HR and IT professionals.
I have regular interaction with client senior management, from Fortune 100 companies to smaller corporations.  The interaction includes regular reporting, strategy development, risk assessment and counseling, recommendations on best practices and corporate policy.
I have substantial experience working outside the US and managing international disputes and corporate issues.  Specifically, I have worked with a number of companies in India doing business in the US, South America, and the EU.  I have visited clients who are based outside the US.  I am accustomed to building relationships and bridging cultural and business differences.  I regularly travel internationally for work and am very familiar with different legal system, standards and expectations.
Although I am not a corporate lawyer, I am part of my firm's Life Sciences corporate team.  In that role, I help negotiate and draft complex pharmaceutical collaboration, development and supply agreements.  I have had primary responsibility for at least 10 such deals and played secondary roles on countless others.  I also served as outside General Counsel to a generic pharmaceutical company for many years, handling and/or overseeing all of their corporate work, compliance, regulatory, employment and litigation work.
I have over 25 years of sophisticated and complex corporate litigation, arbitration and disputes experience.  Among my strengths is corporate risk management and assessment in a variety or corporate settings and across a variety of functional areas.  Data storage and access, social media strategies, customer promotion and marketing, contract management, corporate deal structure, executive employment, tax incentives and tax compliance.  I have first and second chair trial experience in state and federal courts around the country.  I also have both domestic and international arbitration experience.  I have handled large multi-district litigations and smaller individual cases.  I have handled consumer class actions and sophisticated multi-million dollar commercial disputes.  Litigation, litigation management and litigation avoidance is 100% in my wheelhouse.
See attached bio.
Served as lead national counsel to a pharmaceutical company faced with multiple litigations arising from a nationwide recall of an oral contraceptive. Defeated two consumer class actions and resolved multiple individual personal injury claims brought throughout the United States by women who claimed wrongful or unintended pregnancies. Retained and managed local counsel, coordinated all discovery responses/productions and worked with the companies insurance carrier on coverage issues.First chair counsel for telecom company in a state court bench trial over a failed real estate transaction.Second Chair a federal jury trial for a pharmaceutical company sued for trademark infringement.Served as lead defense counsel for a New Jersey-based pharmaceutical company faced with five separate AAA arbitration hearings in Chicago involving an $8 million dispute with a business partner under a Product Development and Supply Agreement. After obtaining a number of favorable rulings from the arbitration panel, I negotiated a resolution of the dispute and was the principal drafter of an Amended Development and Supply Agreement.
I lead my firm's Pharmaceutical Business Disputes team and have significant experience working with branded and generic pharmaceutical companies and their manufacturing and supply vendors and contractors.
2 partners4 Associates2 paralegals/staff attorneys1 Administrative Assistant
$5 million
Significant experience with developing and implementing diversity initiatives and leadership role with Hispanic and LGBT bar associations.  As noted above, served for at least 5 years as outside General Counsel to generic pharmaceutical company.
Organized, team player, good leader, strategic thinker, see the forest through the trees, effective at delegation and supervision, persuasive, fair, inclusive, good motivator and mentor.  Area for opportunity would be greater trust in team to work independently and with less supervision.
Hard working, strategic, effective, profitable, loyal, good judgment, good firm ambassador.  Area of opportunity would more effective sales efforts.
More board of directors contacts and experience.  Greater depth of experience operating inside a complex corporate environment.
Would prefer to work in New York Metro area but willing to relocate for right opportunity.
2018 bio-resume.docx
2 16222018-02-23 00:08:43
Rudy Figueroa
1 S. Wacker Drive
Suite 3110
United States
General Counsel
Public company GC or CLO
Continue my professional growth, utilize my leadership skills, and help companies succeed.
Build new relationships, learn new information, and help minority in-house lawyers reach public company GC positions.
Juris Doctor
Bachelor of Arts, Law & Society
For several years have been on the c-suite leadership team and led several departments and staff, as well as lead professional organizations
Have worked directly with the board for several years
Several years of direct interaction with senior management
Various international projects and currently work with an international conglomerate
Rail, aviation, insurance
Over several years, 5 attorneys, 3 HR, 3 Admin, and 3 paralegals.
Judicial Law Clerk and White House Advance Team.
A good leader that supports his team's growth.
Intelligent, team-oriented, always willing to help. 
More securities experience and/or more experience managing larger departments, but otherwise ready now.
Rudy Figueroa_06.jpg
Rudy Figueroa - Resume.docx
3 16292018-02-23 19:49:56
Larissa Zagustin
12000 N Bayshore Dr.
apt 108
North Miami
United States
SVP, GC Viacom International Media Networks - The Americas
Professional growth by continuing to go up the ladder while adding value to the business side of a company.
There are areas that I may be unfamiliar or not as experienced- but its about being a leader and team player and working and learning from those that have the expertise. 
 It is part of professional growth - getting to a level at a more global perspective and helping a senior management lead the business growth of the company while compliant.
Learn from others - their experiences and challenges- while also sharing my own story.The Goal of Poder25 is inspiring and should be achievable.
JD-Law School
Went to Law School In Venezuela and also obtained a JD in Florida.
English & Spanish
I currently oversee directly and indirectly a team of 22 people between Miami and in Latin America.For 8 years I worked in the international HQ division of Viacom - helping supervise and support full legal teams in several regions around the world.- while coordinating with Corporate US teams.
- management of BoD meetings for the JVs where Viacom holds equity abroad.- Personal note- I'm a Director at several condo assoc.
I am part of the senior management team for the Americas international division reporting into the MD/President of the division.During my time at International HQ- I worked closely with the international HQ senior management including the Int'l President who is now currently Viacom's CEO (Robert Bakish).
I am an admitted lawyer in Florida, Venezuela and a UK Solicitor. While I am based in Miami- my role At Viacom has always been working with multiple regions abroad while ensuring US compliances. Also- worked on important global agreements negotiated in the US yet capturing countries aboard.
In Venezuela- in private practice worked on may privatizations.At Viacom have participated in the establishment and management of important JVs and the most recent acquisition in Argentina of the company Telefe- acquired from Telefonica at $345M. 
Not direct litigation- as Viacom has a litigation team- but oversight of the process, particularly if in the international regions.
- Privatization of SIDOR (steel Industry) in Venezuela- Establishment of an important 50/50 JV in India for Viacom. - Telefe Acquisition in Argentina- acquired from Telefonica at $345M.
- Telefe Acquisition in Argentina- acquired from Telefonica at $345M.- Important licensing Partnerships in Canada.
- Private Practice- Generalist/ M&A- Media/Broadcast/Entertainment
Business and legal Affairs.Media/entertainment.licensing/Intellectual Property
5 attorneys1 licensing specialist1 admin
Viacom- Approx. 13 Billion. (consolidated numbers to include international)
I was Deputy General Counsel for the International Viacom division for 8 years.I helped role out important compliances and business best practices worldwide.
A team player-I'm inclusive to all members. I believe in growing people and information sharing.
I report to the MD/president of the division (business person). He would describe me as "A DOER"... Business savvy, problem solver,  reliable.  
Corporate compliance for a public company/filings with SEC.
Larissa K Zagustin(November 2016).docx
4 16442018-02-24 00:27:13
Willie Hernandez
3333 Scott Blvd
Santa Clara
United States
VP & Deputy General Counsel
GC at a Fortune 500 company.
1. I want the leadership opportunity of advising the CEO and Board, guiding legal policy and developing the skills and careers of younger lawyers.  2. It would pave a wider path for future Latino attorneys having similar leadership ambitions. 
1. Obtaining advise on networking strategies that will enable me to get visibility to appropriate future opportunities.2. Obtaining advice on interviewing strategies.3. Potentially, establishing informal and/or formal mentor/mentee relationships.
B.S. (UC Berkeley)J.D. (UCLA School of Law)
1. Hewlett Packard Enterprise - I have managed teams ranging from 10 - 20 direct reports with functional responsibility for approximately 75 attorneys worldwide.  2. Amazon Lab126 -- In a start up group within Amazon, I built a team from the ground up to support all of Lab126's manufacturing and Operations.3. IBM -- While leading legal support in Asia-Pacific, I managed a team of 75+ lawyers across multiple countries.
1. Some, but not extensive, experience advising the HPE Board on key legal and regulatory issues.2.  Extensive work as a Board member for multiple organizations (i.e., very familiar with the role of the Board, the governance processes followed, and the need for the Board to obtain legal advice and guidance).
Extensive experience with senior management at HPE, Amazon, and IBM.1.  Currently, I am the General Counsel of Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company that operates independently (expect for SEC reporting purposes).  I've advised the HPE CEO on a number of matters directly and have worked extensively with the Senior Leadership Team of HPE (e.g., HR, CFO, Compliance, Operations).2. Amazon Lab126 -- Extensive work with the general manager of Operations and his leadership team across all functions.  3. IBM -- I was the general counsel for the services division in Asia-Pacific and worked closely with the General Manager and his entire leadership team.
1. Between 2008 - 2011, I lived and worked in Shanghai, China.  I was the general counsel for IBM's services division across Asia-Pacific and the Growth Markets (including CEEMEA and Latin America).2. Other IBM -- Between 2002 and 2008, negotiated large global outsourcing transactions globally (mostly in the US and Europe) with the scope of the deals covering work in 75+ countries in all regions.3. At HPE -- Each of my roles at HPE has had a global focus, covering all aspects of running a global business.  Extensive work in China and Europe.4. At Amazon Lab126 -- Extensive work in China supporting manufacturing and supply chain management in China.
1. HPE - Played an integral role in 3 year corporate transformation that changed HPE from a $108B company operating in 170 countries to a $27B company operating in about 100 countries.  The transformation included 1 significant split (into 2 $54B companies) and 2 subsequent spin-mergers of 2 substantial business units.  Concurrently, I played an integral role in 3 significant acquisitions.  2. IBM -- supported acquisitions and integrations.
1. Started career as a litigator at a large law firm, supporting all aspects of litigation, including trial.2. IBM, Amazon and HPE -- Managed litigation at each company with an emphasis on mediation and settlement.  
1. HPE - Negotiated JV agreement in China with a local entity to maintain a channel arm for HPE products in a heavily regulated environment.  2. IBM - 20+ large global outsourcing deals ranging in TCV from $500M - $2B and covering work in 75+ countries.3. IBM - Resolution of significant government disputes in Singapore and South Korea.4. IBM - Resolution/settlement of top 20 troubled global accounts.
1. All of the above-mentioned outsourcing deals and settlement deals at IBM.  2. Above-mentioned JV in China for HPE. 3. At Amazon Lab126, Litigation settlement with global suppliers in Asia.
1. Technology (including hardware, software and services).2. Distribution (including Retail, Consumer Products and Travel/Transportation).  (Note:  This work was in the capacity of negotiating technology partnership deals that required a deep understanding of these industries.)3. Internet
I am currently the general counsel of Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company and Deputy General Counsel for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, so my current practice spans the range of legal demands of running technology companies and leading legal departments.  Prior areas of specialty included transactions and litigation.
Current directs:  4 attorneys, 3 engineers, 1 admin
$27B Hewlett Packard Enterprise, $2.5B Aruba
Board memberships (non-profits)Regular industry speaker
They would describe me as committed to the success of the company and team, including them individually.  They would say I am invested in them and their careers.  They would say I am creative in solving business and legal challenges and open to others' creative solutions.  They would say I am clear in the direction of the organization and legal team.  
They would describe me as having strong judgment with the ability to leverage my range of experience in solving legal and business challenges.  They would say I understand the personal side of leadership and management I am thoughtful in driving initiatives across the legal team that drive engagement, loyalty and job and career satisfaction.  
I believe I am ready now.  I have developed strong judgement over the years and the ability to advise senior business clients and board members.  As a member of several boards, I understand the governance process and the need for legal's engagement with board members.  That said, I welcome opportunities to engage more regularly with the Board of Directors.
bio photo.jpg
Willie Hernandez Resume.docx
5 16612018-02-27 18:47:36
eric alderete
200 Oceangate
200 Oceangate
Long Beach
United States
Assistant General Counsel
To become a Chief Legal Officer of a Fortune 500 company. 
I would like to guide a company in its growth while putting my considerable skill set to use in guiding such growth.
Meet other similarly minded attorneys.
BA - BerkeleyMCP - MITJD - Berkley
English, Spanish
I've managed teams varying in size from 4 to 10 over my career. 
I have regularly reported to Board on material litigation in last 4 years.
I also regularly advise the C-Suite and my General Counsel to ensure that Molina is best equipped to respond to high-stakes litigation, while properly budgeting and taking into account financial accruals. Importantly, I recently guided the company in resolving a high-stakes claim involving a company Molina acquired under budget.
I've worked on small employment matters in Belgium for Shurgard/Public Storage.
20+ years handling class actions, employment, False Claim Act and other disputes.
Part of the team that prevailed in the RIAA v. Napster case. 
Resolved numerous class actions, including nationwide RICO claim against Public Storage in 2015.
Healthcare, Banking, Real Estate.
Class Action and other high-stakes litigation.
4 attorneys, 3 paralegals and 2 admins.
I've been in-house for 13 years and worked in politics in the Silicon Valley for 3 years.
Worked with Major Lindsey on two occasions. 
They would say I good interpersonal skills and a healthy sense of humor that would make me an asset at any organization.
Responsive and equipped to handle high-stakes litigation.
Alderete 2017 Resumepdf.pdf
6 16652018-02-28 03:02:10
Nestor Ramirez
Parker Mountain Road
New Hampshire
United States
Vice President, Regional LItigation Mgr
I aspire to achieve the position of General Counsel / Chief Legal Officer in a F500 company.
While I am confident in my ability to leverage my current skillset, judgment and business experience to succeed in an executive /C-Suite position, I believe more direct exposure and experience with corporate governance, M&A, global compliance and SEC reporting would enhance my candidacy.
The role of GC/CLO, especially in a F500 company, is one of great responsibility, but which allows one to provide a very direct impact and contribution to the success of the corporation. It is a position which would allow me to exert a greater influence in helping to increase Hispanic/Latino attorney participation both in-house in outside firms retained by the company. This personal influence is vital to move the needle forward regarding Hispanic/Latino attorney participation.
Poder25 appears to offer a unique opportunity to learn firsthand from experienced individuals, not just the obvious skillsets necessary for GCs, but perhaps more importantly the intangibles that are difficult to identify, and can often make the difference between equally qualified candidates. The ability to interact and network with successful GCs and premier executive recruiters takes the program from the academic to the impactful. I truly believe Poder25 would give me the opportunity to achieve my goal. 
Juris Doctor
AA Liberal ArtsBS Information SystemsJD
Since 2006 I have been in a leadership role within my legal department. I have directly managed all aspects of teams of eight attorneys defending member companies in litigation and working of various department projects. I have hired fifteen (15) attorneys, eleven (11)of them women or diverse. My achievement in coaching/mentoring them is proven in the fact nine (9) of them have been promoted and fourteen(14) of them are still with the company. I have other business experience leading teams in different industries (the military, publication, hospitality.) 
I do not currently have direct experience working with boards of directors. 
I interact with my GC/CLO on a consistent basis regarding litigation. I also interact with senior management (VP,SVP,EVP) within the internal client on an as needed basis but no less than monthly.
I have not worked outside the U.S. I genuinely enjoy travel and other cultures, have travelled frequently to Europe and am open to working/being stationed oversees for the appropriate opportunity.
I do not have direct corporate M&A experience. 
I have been in a litigation position, both as primary attorney and as a manager, since 2004. I have extensive in various different litigation including tort, pollution, asbestos, extra-contractual, patent, and class action defense.
I did not practice at a private firm.
I have had many notable successes over the years. Several involved early identification and risk evaluation resulting in settlements far below the potential exposures. These are all subject to confidentiality. One of my notable cases occurred in 2017. I had primary supervisory oversight and prevailed on appeal in a Wisconsin matter reversing a $29M excess verdict against a member company.
Insurance (current)Hospitality Retail
I would consider myself primarily practicing Litigation, and Risk assessment /mitigation
I directly manage eight (8) attorneys ranging from Corporate Litigation Counsel to Senior Corporate Counsel.I do not directly manage the group of paralegals or admins that support my attorneys, but instead collaborate with their supervisors as needed.
I oversee approximately $2M in direct costs, but more importantly over $10M annually in potential litigation liabilities
I have acquired some of the skillset necessary for GC through my other experiences. I have had several management positions in other industries, which have taught me strategic thinking/decision making, appreciating reputational risk, and the critical skills of consensus building and motivational management.
My directs would describe me as a respectful, motivating leader who: is pragmatic; demands performance; seeks pragmatic results and does not put form over substance; watches their back;provides coaching for their future careers; has a sense of humor.They would likely identify my areas of opportunities as: should delegate more; sometimes expects them to volunteer for projects when they are already at capacity; can have high expectations based on my experience.  
My GC and direct supervisor would describe me as very hardworking, dedicated, aggressive litigator yet practical, ability to handle large volume, deals with stress well.They would describe my opportunities as needing to learn more about data analytics and innovation in the legal industry; broadening  my skillset beyond litigation.
Global ComplianceM&ASEC ReportingEmployment law /issues
I attained all of my college degrees (including JD) while attending night school and working full time. This taught me organization/prioritization, perseverance, tenacity, the ability to handle stress. 
NAR Resume(HNBA Conf).doc
7 16722018-02-28 17:55:35
Hasan Ibrahim
213 Washington Street
15th Floor
New Jersey
United States
Chief Legal Officer, Prudential Advisors
To become a General Counsel of a Fortune 500 company. 
While I believe that I am on a F500 GC track based on my significant experience and growth through the early part of my career, I know that I could use further seasoning in the next 5 to 7 years to hone my skills and deepen my expertise.
Becoming a F500 GC would be the pinnacle of a successful legal career, where I would act as legal and business adviser to the Chief Executive Officer and as a trusted member of the board. As the son of a Cuban immigrant, I have never forgotten my roots and always look for opportunities to support the very same communities that supported me through my academic and career success.  As a F500 GC, I could make an even broader and deeper impact in giving back to my community.
My hope is that the Poder25 Program will assist my career endeavor by providing the coaching, training, mentoring and exposure necessary to land a F500 GC role. 
LL.M. - New York University School of Law
J.D. - Seton Hall University School of Law.B.A. - Rutgers University
English, Spanish
As Chief Legal Officer (CLO) for Pruco Securities, LLC (d/b/a Prudential Advisors) a registered FINRA broker-dealer and investment advisor, I am responsible for handling a full range of legal matters that arise in connection with the operation of the retail broker-dealer firm.  I currently manage a team of four senior lawyers and two senior analysts (who are trained lawyers) in overseeing the legal coverage for Prudential Advisors.  
I have extensive experience working with boards of directors.  In my currently role, I am required to attend all of Prudential Advisors' board meetings and regularly report out on legal updates or other initiatives.  I also oversee the secretarial function for the Board.  While at UBS, I regularly engaged UBS Bank USA's Board of Directors as part of my role as Deputy General Counsel for UBS Bank USA.   
I have had significant interaction with senior management throughout my career.  Notably, as CLO for Prudential Advisors, I am responsible for providing counsel to the business' senior management of Prudential's domestic distribution system for insurance and investment products.  I am considered a trusted advisor and meet with the President of the business and her senior leadership team frequently. 
While I have covered international legal disciplines and traveled to international offices, I have not worked outside the US for any significant amount of time.  
I have extensive experience providing corporate law and corporate secretarial support at both UBS and Prudential Advisors.  However, my M&A is limited to my support of regulatory law and working with federal/state regulators in approving potential M&A deals. 
I spent my first two years out of law school as a securities litigation associate at Drinker Biddle.  Moreover, I also spent time as securities litigator with UBS, focusing on FINRA arbitration and other customer-related matters.  
N/A, my time in private practice was limited and very early in my career.
I have had notable resolutions to regulatory matters throughout my career, but those are highly confidential and I unfortunately can not provide those details here. 
Securities/Investments (B/D and IA)BankingInsurance 
Yes, I broadly cover financial services (securities and insurance)  as CLO of Prudential Advisors. 
4 attorneys, 2 analysts (who are trained as attorneys)
250 million 
I have had numerous career achievements during my young career as an in-house counsel at three separate large companies (including two Fortune 500 companies).  I have also received numerous accolades and positive feedback for my work product and leadership, as well as recognition and designation as “key talent” and a “rising star.”  As a testament to my professionalism,  work ethic, and drive, I have lead or acted as a senior legal advisor to six different areas for the legal departments I supported – banking, regulatory, privacy, litigation, internal investigations and compliance.  
I think my direct reports would say that I lead by example and that I use enthusiasm and effective communication skills to successfully leverage authority and motivate others to drive results.  They would also recognize that I am willing to make decisions and take responsibility for doing so, always showing an appropriate confidence in my analysis and decision-making.  I think they identify as an area for opportunity my relationships with others in the organization who do not share my drive or energy.  I think I have to learn to be more inclusive of colleagues who may not share my enthusiasm, as they tend to be left on the side as I drive results.  
Rather than paraphrase, I will cut and past direct feedback I received from senior managers:  "Hasan is a very talented young leader at Prudential.  Hasan’s performance routinely exceeds that of more experienced peers in a variety of respects: technical legal knowledge; practical application of applicable laws and regulations; efficiency; responsiveness; and effective communication.  Senior leadership at Prudential have recognized Hasan’s talent, focus, energy and business acumen.  He regarded as a lawyer with upside potential to reach the top of the organizational charts."With respect to areas for development,  I am consistently advised to continue to expand my product/business knowledge as my roles continue to grow.  
I think I need more training and experience in understanding the "P&L" side of the business.  While I do manage a limited budget for my legal team, a better understanding of the broader corporate finance would be extremely beneficial.  I also need further seasoning and exposure to CEOs and Board members of F500 so that I better understand their needs and what they are looking for in a GC. 
Hasan Ibrahim Bio_2017.pdf
Hasan Ibrahim Resume.docx
8 16882018-03-01 00:21:07
Tanja Olano
9930 Durant Dr
Unit 2
Beverly Hills
United States
General Counsel
By the end of my career I hope to reflect back that I was part of a sea-change of more diverse voices in leadership positions in American corporations, and that I have used that leadership position to be an agent for greater corporate accountability.  While there is quite a bit of flexibility in how to achieve that end goal, it will require me to continue to push myself to grow my own prospects, and help network with my peers and mentees to provide them opportunities where I am able to. 
In January I was promoted to General Counsel of the Los Angeles Organizing Committee for the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games.  This is my first role as general counsel and I see the next two to five (or ten) years as filled with the promise of enormous professional growth.  As this “start up” entity matures, I will be at the ground floor of building and implementing the practices and policies which will help the entity become not only a successful $5 billion company, but hopefully a responsible corporate citizen.  I currently manage a staff of three, which will grow to hundreds of attorneys by 2028 (both in house and external providers).  Learning to delegate to and manage a much larger staff will not only help grow my soft skills, it will also allow me to focus more on providing bigger picture strategic advice.The Olympics is the perfect intersection of business, politics and sport, on an international level, which will provide me exposure to a wide variety of legal issues, as well as experience navigating a complex legislative and political environment, and growing my expertise in these ways will be useful in my next role. 
I have a strong interest in influencing corporate accountability, and there is no better place to encourage change than at a leading corporation which may in turn have a broader influence on an industry as a market leader, and have beneficial trickle down effects.  I have spent a lot of time recently researching ideas such as the Mansfield Rule being piloted in law firms and corporate departments to increase diverse candidates being considered in the recruitment process, and reviewing sustainability practices as it relates to procurement.  These types of policies do not have to increase costs, and can bring beneficial change to an organization. My career has had many international touchpoints, first in M&A and now with the Olympics.  This experience and interest is one I would like to build upon and continue in my next role, something I believe a F500 company could provide. 
Poder25 offers an unprecedented growth opportunity for me – both by increasing my knowledge and extending my network.  Having just been promoted to GC, I will be able to utilize the networking opportunities to discuss with my peers and mentors the new challenges I face in this new role, and am ready to adopt any suggestions on growth areas which the coaches may have.  Throughout my career, I have been incredibly lucky to benefit from a great network of diverse individuals that has supported me in getting where I am today (including being recommended for this current job), and I have a strong interest in continuing to grow that network and work to help others, as I have been helped along the way. I relish opportunities to be self-reflective and look forward to the innumerable ways I will improve personally and professionally if I am lucky enough to be chosen for this program.
Juris Doctor
Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Sciences
Spanish (conversationally)
Working on complex mergers and acquisitions across a number of diverse industries has helped me hone my team management skills.  On any given deal, it would require the supervision and coordination of niche legal experts/colleagues (tax, IP, employment, anti-trust, etc.), client-side subject matter experts (finance, department leads, etc.), and external advisors (tax, finance, real estate, etc.) to achieve a singular goal, including working with opposing counsel and the "other side".  Coordinating and leading different personalities, managing and evaluating different risk profiles, and focusing a large group of people on delivering the best and timely experience for the client has provided invaluable experience in this area that I rely on today.Throughout my career as an associate, then as deputy general counsel, and now as general counsel, I have also been lucky to be aided by and mentor outstanding junior associates and assistants.  Currently as GC, I recognize that in addition to subordinates and advisors, it is also necessary to manage peers within the organization and management team to get to consensus, as well as management of senior principals in order to accomplish the best results. 
I assisted in preparing all communications to the Olympic Bid’s 100+ board of directors, and acted as Secretary in all meetings where there was conflict on the part of the then-General Counsel.  I will continue to work with the Board in my new role as General Counsel, particularly as it relates to advising on substantive agreements I have negotiated on behalf of the entity.  Previously, as a law firm associate, I worked closely with clients to prepare board communications relating to any acquisition and finance projects, and regularly participated in any discussions they may have had regarding such projects.
From early on in my career I was given extraordinary access to CEO’s and Chairpersons on the transactions I assisted on and led.  Cutting my teeth early on has led me to feel incredibly comfortable with on the spot questions and the need for quick, definitive and strategic answers, while not over-promising or venturing into areas that are not my expertise.  Today I work closely with our CEO and Chairperson, and am part of the 5 person senior management team.
I have never worked outside of the U.S.  However, I have worked on many international transactions which required coordination with foreign counsel and foreign counterparts (primarily Asia and Europe), including my present work for the Olympics which requires frequent travel and constant communication with my counterparts at the International Olympic Committee in Switzerland, and with the Paris 2024 team, among other international stakeholders.  Lastly, I lived abroad in Hong Kong as an undergrad and greatly enjoy international travel.
I have substantial corporate/M&A experience, as this was my primary area of focus during my years as a firm attorney.  
I do not have experience personally being involved in litigation matters, however having assisted on many work-outs, settlements, bankruptcies and deal restructurings during the last economic downturn honed my drafting and issue spotting skills exponentially, highlighting pitfalls to avoid in new deals and greatly benefiting me today. 
$552M sale of Diageo’s global wine business, $365M sale of anesthesia company and $205M sale of home infusion company by private equity; Lehman Brothers $600B bankruptcy (unsecured creditor committee, real estate sub-committee); Station Casinos $6B restructuring (20 hotels); and acquisitions/sales of 20+ resorts, ranging from $10M up to the $575M acquisition of the renowned Plaza Hotel in New York.
I was primarily responsible for negotiating all of the venue use agreements for the Los Angeles Olympics, with over 20 venue partners, which represent hundreds of millions of dollars in transaction value, and negotiated a ~$2B joint venture with the United States Olympic Committee to market the Games. 
Sports, Health Care and Hospitality.
As the general counsel I’m responsible for a broad portfolio of subject matters (corporate governance, compliance, joint venture, sponsorships/marketing, real estate, intellectual property, commercial transactions, employment, etc.).  Previously, I had two specializations: corporate mergers and acquisitions, particularly in the health care field, and real estate, particularly hospitality acquisiitions. 
2 attorneys (staff attorney, managing counsel), with a third joining in the next 3-6 months (senior associate general counsel), and 1 assistant.  
$5.3 billion project budget (over ten years)
Detail-oriented, and yet big-picture focused.  Whenever possible I take the time to explain my rationale for markups and difference in opinions so that I can help improve subordinates approach and overall work product. As with any supervisory role the more time I am able to identify at the front end for training and expectation setting, the greater satisfaction my direct reports will likely feel, contributing to better work product and morale.
Critical and strategic thinker, who is focused on identifying, evaluating and minimizing risk to the organization. My biggest area for opportunity is building further trust of the CEO and Chairperson and growing in this role so that I am viewed as a trusted advisor and involved earlier in the decision making process.
In large part, I think gaining further “life experience” and comfort in a senior role will help me most.  I’d like to be viewed less as a lawyer to involve when you have identified a legal problem, and more of an advisor helping identify potential pitfalls around the corner.  Trusting my own voice/advice, being proactive in identifying areas I can be of assistance and time to build more trust among the senior management will help me develop in these areas.
Tanja Olano Headshot.pdf
Tanja Olano Resume-2018.pdf
9 16932018-03-01 04:39:07
Diego Freire
490 Kent Road
United States
being an in-house counsel advising on and managing a corporations IP portfolio 
I need more experience as I am in my first year as an attorney
to be involved in developing and managing technology and Intellectual property 
to understand what it takes to be in-house counsel and to start my journey towards my goal
masters in electrical and computer engineering
University of Illinois at Chicago - Masters in Science in Electrical and Computer Engineering; Notre Dame Law School - Juris Doctor
Spanish, English
Managed a robotics team as an undergrad; 
I have presented on multiple times to executives about technical projects I have worked on. 
I worked in Sweden for 6 months developing new technology for GE healthcare
I worked in GE Healthcare's patent analytics and portfolio management legal group
Legal research for support of litigation team
Medical Devices, transportation, and mobile devices
Intellectual property focusing on patent prosecution and trademark prosecution
1 paralegal
An IP attorney with deep  technical experience and background
An IP attorney with deep  technical experience and background
More experience leading teams
self small.JPG
Freire Resume.docx
10 16952018-03-01 04:57:32
Alan Cardenas
Alan Cardenas
46 Brookside Road
New Jersey
United States
Lead Counsel - Central Functions for Siemens Corporation
Since I started my legal career nearly 16 years ago, my goal has been to become the General Counsel of a Fortune 500 company and to be the first such General Counsel of Cuban & Ecuadorian heritage.
While I have extensive complex corporate and senior leadership experience over the course of my nearly 16 year career, including senior leadership experience at Siemens, one of the world’s largest companies, I do not believe I'm immediately ready to become a General Counsel of a F500 company today. However, I do believe I will be ready in about 5-10 years, which is why I have a keen interest in the "GC Next" track.
Becoming a F500 General Counsel would represent reaching the pinnacle of my corporate legal career. Becoming a F500 General Counsel would afford me the opportunity to shape the structure, operations and culture of a large legal department in addition to serving as an executive leader of a company. As an executive leader, I would have direct ability to set the strategy, focus, goals and performance indicators for the legal department and the company overall. Becoming a F500 General Counsel would provide me the opportunity and standing to serve as a true influencer to the corporate community at large, and specifically the legal community, while also serving as a resource and benchmark for the future generation of Latino corporate lawyers. As a natural innovator, I believe I can bring tremendous shareholder value and positive change within the corporate legal community once I'm an F500 GC and look forward to the opportunity to serve in that capacity.
I hope to gain insight into the specific types of experiences needed to better position myself as a future F500 GC, and to also gain the contacts, access, exposure, direction and experiences in connection with such pursuit.
B.A. - History & Political Science
English and Spanish
I have been a manager in the Legal Department of Siemens, one of the world’s largest companies, for over 6 years, with nearly that entire time serving in a senior management capacity. At present, I manage a team of ten (10) legal professionals throughout the US, and have previously managed lawyers in Canada and Latin America. Before my 2 management roles, I was responsible for serving as lead lawyer on various M&A and corporate projects, both at Siemens and at 2 leading law firms (Debevoise & Plimpton; Drinker Biddle & Reath). In that capacity, I managed many colleagues over the course of highly-complex transactions despite such lawyers not reporting directly into me.
Throughout my nearly 10 years at Siemens, I have been closely involved in directly counseling Boards of Directors. I am currently the Secretary of 4 Siemens companies and provide governance support for an additional 35 companies. I attend eight (8) boards meetings each year for Siemens companies and coordinate all legal topics for such meetings, and for the Boards generally throughout the year. In addition, I previously served on the Board of Trustees of the New Jersey Hispanic Bar Association for 4 years, serving as a Board member and Executive Officer.
In my nearly 10 years at Siemens, I have directly interacted with and counseled our most senior executives, including our current and past CEOs, CFOs, General Counsels, and Senior Vice Presidents. In addition, my direct stakeholders are either Senior Vice Presidents or Vice Presidents and heads of departments with more than 100 reports and several layers of management.
While I have never been officially based outside the U.S., I have had varied international responsibilities during my career. In addition to working on dozens of transactions in Europe, Latin America and Asia, I have had direct reports in Canada and Latin America and have had Americas or North American responsibility in certain functional areas that I maintain at present. I also have multiple interactions daily with Germany as I have dotted-line responsibility into a senior executive in Siemens’ Germany Legal Department.
I have substantial and leading Corporate and M&A experience over the course of my nearly 16 year career at two major law firms (Debevoise & Plimpton; Drinker Biddle & Reath) and in-house at Siemens. Currently, my role at Siemens is as a senior manager of a corporate legal department with responsibility over various different subject areas. In addition, while at Siemens, I was (1) Co-Head of M&A for the Americas (non-US) while I was Senior Counsel, covering Canada and Latin America, (2) a senior member of the global M&A team recognized by the London-based International Law Office publication as 2013 Global In-House Counsel M&A Team of the Year and (3) was the lead M&A lawyer for Siemens’ acquisition from bankruptcy of HearUSA, a former public company, which was recognized by The M&A Advisor publication at its 6th Annual Turnaround Awards as the 2012 Chapter 11 Reorganization of the Year (Middle Market).
As part of my current role as Lead Counsel – Central Functions, I have responsibility for the use of all outside counsel by Siemens in the U.S. Current budget of external counsel is approx. $32 Million per year. In addition, I directly support the businesses on all claims in my subject matter areas. At present, I am managing 9 claims with total potential litigation exposure of greater than $60 Million.
Notable deals in private practice included representing: (1) Delta Air Lines in their successful Chapter 11 proceedings, (2) Verizon Communications in the $1.65 Billion sale of its Hawaiian wireline-related businesses to The Carlyle Group, (3) The Associated Press in its joint venture with NewsCorp to create STATS, LLC, the online sports data site, (4) Kulicke & Soffa Industries in the $155 million sale of its wire business to W.C. Heraeus GmbH, (5) GE Healthcare in its attempted joint venture with Johnson & Johnson for the development and marketing of healthcare informatics, and (6) various acquisitions for Comcast.
Notable deals where I have spearheaded or had primary supervisory oversight include: (1) lead U.S. lawyer in Siemens internal carve-out, reorganization and pending IPO of a portion of its global Healthcare business, valued at $32 Billion, (2) lead U.S. lawyer in Siemens internal carve-out, reorganization and pending merger of its Mobility Division with Alstom SA, valued at over $18 Billion, (3) lead US lawyer of global sale of Metals Technologies business to Joint Venture with Mitsibishi-Hitachi Heavy Metals, valued at $800 Million, (4) lead global attorney for acquisition in bankruptcy of HearUSA, Inc. valued at over $100 Million, and (5) lead global attorney for acquisition of Canadian public company Ruggedcom Inc. for C$382 million.
(1)	Industrial Manufacturing and Automation; (2) Technology; and (3) Healthcare.
While I have had, and continue to have, a broad-based practice with responsibility over a variety of different legal areas, my specializations are in: (1) Corporate Transactions and Governance, (2) Supply Chain Management / Procurement, and (3) M&A.
5 attorney, 2 paralegals, 2 contract managers, and 1 admin
$101.5 Billion (converted from €83.05 Billion EUR), making it #66 in the world per the Fortune Global 500, with approx. $22 Billion of that revenue from the U.S.
In addition to the areas mentioned above, I also have deep experience in: Technology and Digital Services, Marketing & Communications, Intellectual Property, Export Controls, Customs, Regulatory Compliance, Labor and Employment, Data Privacy & Security, Antitrust, Securities, and E-Commerce.
I believe my reports would describe me as: (1) Kind and Thoughtful, (2) Dynamic, (3) Strategic, (4) Visionary, (5) Pragmatic, and (6) an Influencer. If my reports would identify my areas for opportunity, I believe they might say (1) increase management opportunities for team members, (2) increase training opportunities for team members, and (3) increase in-person time between me and team members (as team is spread throughout U.S.).
I believe my manager would describe me as: (1) Highly-Effective, (2) a Natural Leader, (3) Highly-Dependable, and (4) a High Talent. If my manager would identify my areas for opportunity, I believe she might say (1) leverage training resources more efficiently (e.g., coordinating more routinely with law firms to provide training programs to team members), (3) continue to improve on delegating, (3) continue to improve business and financial acumen, and (4) find an opportunity to manage a team with global responsibility.
I believe the areas I need to develop are (1) continue to grow in depth and experience in a broad-based legal, business and strategic setting, (2) having global responsibility for a function, and (3) getting additional senior management experience at another company.
I am a leader and relationship-builder who thrives in high-energy, collaborative and complex corporate environments. I enjoy constantly striving for innovation and a pragmatic solution to providing legal and business services. I excel in change management, identifying business and legal opportunities, capitalizing on efficiencies and the setting and executing of strategies. My strengths include my (1) excellent inter-personal skills and ability to operate within a highly complex, international organization, (2) delivery of clear, concise and practical guidance over many different areas of law, (3) vantage point as a strategic thinker who provides a complete view of a situation and not just a “legal” view, (4) desire and ability to learn new complicated legal topics and new business lines and (5) ability to maintain a professional yet collegial work environment built on trust, respect and transparency. As a current leader, I place great value on my team members’ contributions and am able to help them maximize their intrinsic qualities.  In that regard, I take great care to ensure that my team members are satisfied personally and professionally so they and the company are well-positioned for success.
Cardenas (HNBA Poder 25).jpg
Alan B. Cardenas - Resume - HNBA Poder 25 (Feb-28-2018).docx
11 17042018-03-01 23:59:39
Norma Garcia
5501 Headquarters Dr.
United States
Associate General Counsel-International 
Obtain a promotion to Vice President in my current role or explore opportunities for a more senior role and/or GC role with another company.
I do not have experience with the corporate secretary duties and responsibilities. 
As an in-house attorney, I am passionate about partnering with the business to strategize and achieve business goals.  As a GC, that partnership is critical and challenging due to the broad scope of responsibilities.  I very much want this challenge and have focused on ways to gain more responsibilities in my current role and continue working on career development in order to prepare for those challenges.
1. Insight as to what steps I should be working on now for advancement.  2. Information as to what I may not be doing correctly or ways that I may position myself for those next opportunities. 3. Guidance/Mentorship from those who are in GC roles and/or experts that can provide further training.  4.  A broader network of contacts.
Juris Doctorate
BA CommunicationsJuris Doctorate
As a prosecutor, managed investigator and paralegal to work on cases.  As in-house counsel, currently manage a paralegal, case manager and 4 attorneys in Mexico. 
I interact with CEO, COO and GC on various cases I am working on as well as HR diversity initiatives.  
I have worked and lived in Puerto Rico.  I currently oversee the Legal department in Mexico.
Class Action litigationEmployment LitigationConsumer LitigationArbitrationsMediations
I have not worked in private practice.
Managed the Dukes litigation (employment discrimination class action) while at Walmart. 
GovernmentRetailRent-to-Own industry (retail)
I have focused on the following areas:Class Action litigationEmployment litigationReal EstateComplianceCurrently, I focus on legal issues in Puerto Rico, consumer and class action litigation, legal matters in Mexico, compliance and government relations.
3 attorneys, 1 paralegal and 1 case manager
Prior to my legal career, I was an elementary/bilingual school teacher.  I can manage a class of 25 third grade students!! 
Approachable, enjoyable to work with, sincere interest in the people that work with her, takes time to develop others.  Areas of opportunity:  Be more responsive to matters of less priority for me but more of a priority for staff. 
Efficient, trustworthy, dependable, makes solid judgments and provides advice based on information obtained, team player, respected by clients and by members of the legal department. Areas of opportunity:  Ask for help instead of doing it all myself.
1.  Develop Business Acumen further; 2. Manage and develop others; 3. Influence and persuading skills to be more effective.
I have worked on contracts in both English and Spanish, advertising for print, tv, and radio for U.S., Puerto Rico, and Mexico.  I serve as the HR person for Puerto Rico given that I am bilingual.  
Norma G 03 4x4 (5).jpg
NLG Resume 2.18.pdf
12 17202018-03-02 19:44:57
Rosa Estrella
129 Starr Place
New Jersey
United States
Associate General Counsel
General Counsel within the next 5-7 years
I said yes, but would have preferred to state maybe, as I feel I can benefit from managing a larger group and more litigation experience before taking on this type of opportunity.
My broad and varied experience within the pharmaceutical industry, along with strong business acumen, I believe puts me in a good position to be able to take on a GC role in the future.  
Direct mentorship, coaching and other key leadership skills in an environment that can foster growth with a level of comfort that is not always possible/feasible within our own day to day work environments.
University of Rochester George Washington University Law School
Fluent English, SpanishProficient Portuguese
Currently lead the LATAM legal function of a large Japanese Pharmaceutical Company.  Direct team consist of 6 team members (located in US and in LATAM as well as seconded attorneys). Previously managed 5 attorneys and 2 paralegals (in different areas:LATAM, manufacturing and business development)
Limited as senior positions have been in public Japanese companies but do have significant corporate governance experience.
On a consistent basis.
My career has had an international component at all times.  In private practice my focus was M&A, corporate finance representing international clients.  As in-house, I have worked for both US and Dutch and Japanese multinational companies, with expensive travel and interactions with ex-US counterparts (including managing affiliate attorneys).
Substantial. Corporate/M&A experience representing wide variety of industries as an associate at Chadbourne & Park NYC.  Followed by over 15 years of experience supporting international business development transactions (including M&A/licensing, etc.)
Oversight of LATAM litigation matters as head of legal for LATAM in 2 companies. 
see below
have overseen multiple deals, including post execution implementation within companies as well as restructures and downsizing within organizations
pharmaceuticals/healthcareLatin America
Currently head of LATAM practiceM&A/Corporate backgroundBusiness DevelopmentManufacturingFCPA
3 attorneys (ass director levels in Brazil and Colombia, 1 seconded attorney (with one open headcount)2 paralegals1 admin
LATAM section only: apx $300K annual revenue (Astellas total apx $12B annual revenue)
Diligent, fair, results and development oriented with high customer focus.
Diligent, fair, results oriented with high customer focus.
Presentation Skills (perhaps others may not think so)US litigation/investigationsBoard of Directors/US public company experience  
Named by Legal 500 as GC Powerlist 2017: US Top 100 Latin America Specialist
Rosa Estrella Portrait 2 (003).jpg
RVE 2018.doc
13 17472018-03-05 17:59:32
Luis Avila
1633 N. Clybourn Ave.
Unit 4S
United States
GC of a publicly traded, multinational Fortune 500 company.  Thereafter, board member of a publicly traded, multinational Fortune 500 companies.
I want to leverage my skills, experience and 
Identify any gaps in being prepared for a Fortune 500 GC position, develop and execute a plan toward getting to that goal.  
Univeristy of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign, BAColumbia University School of Law, JD
English & Spanish fluently, French & Portuguese proficiently
I have been managing teams since 2004 when I joined Kluever & Platt to manage their transactions group.  Most recently, I managed the legal department at US Foods.  The department was made of 72 people: 20 attorneys, the Ethics & Compliance, Risk Management, Safety and Food Safety Regulatory teams.  
I have served as Secretary for a Fortune 150, NYSE-listed, $23b company.  I have also served as Assistant Secretary at both companies for which I've worked in-house.  I have prepared board materials, attended meetings of the board, committees and had one-on-one interactions with board members at both companies.  
I have interacted with senior management since my first in-house role bean in 2008.
Offerings for Reinsurance companies, M&A deals for national companies.
The Proposed US Foods/Sysco merger.
Food, Real Estate, Insurance
I am a generalist.
The number has varied by role.
To be discussed.
I'm in contact with all of them
To be discussed
To be discussed.
To be discussed.
Luis Avila Headshot.JPG
Luis Avila - Resume 2-27-18 AC.pdf
14 17542018-03-06 20:36:24
Veronica  Canton
318 W. Half Day Road
Apt. 212
Buffalo Grove
United States
Law Student
One of my long term goals is to end up working as GC for a Fortune 500 corporation.  
I am just getting started with my legal career.  I need a few years of work experience so I may bring contributions to my GC team that are significant and valuable. 
The Hispanic population is a high-spending/high-impart part of any market.  Because of that spending power, I believe it is important for companies to understand our spending power as well as our cultural intricacies that make us want to spend our money with one company versus another. 
I hope to obtain a roadmap of the the tasks, jobs, and skills I need to bring to the table to successfully execute my job as a GC. 
Currently working on my JD. I graduate on May 2018, 
HNBA-Law Student Division BoardReed smith LLP - Staff Advisory Board Impowerus, Inc. - Social Media/Marketing Team Lead/Manager 
HNBA - Board of Governors - Member HNBA-Law Student Division Board - PresidentImpowerus, Inc. - Partner  
Reed Smith, LLP - Staff Advisory Board - Reported to the Reed Smith firm-wide staff director.
14 years of work experience with litigation teams in the capacity of practice assistant.  Last 8 1/2 years prior to law school, I spent working at Reed Smith (SF Office) with the Intellectual Property Team. 
Various of the following areas of law: Employment Litigation Unlawful Detainer Intellectual Property - patent infringement International Trade Commission All work performed in the capacity of a practice assistant. 
Intellectual Property Employment Pro Bono 
Understanding business processes Understanding oversight of litigation expenses Understanding internal corporate team-support & resources in connection thereof 
I put in the work I need to, to successfully execute the work I am assigned.  I invest time in self-improvement because it makes me a better person on a personal and professional aspect.  I seek advice and criticism from others so I can become a better version of myself.  
Canton, Veronica2 - Copy.JPG
Canton - Resume - February 2018.pdf
15 17562018-03-06 20:53:34
Melissa Berube
852 NE Emerson St.
Portland, OR
United States
General Counsel
Succeed in my role as General Counsel, and secure follow on roles in next 3-4 years
I came into my current role as GC of Erickson Incorporated (Aviation) through a combination of merit and timing. I am striving to do my best, but at times feel distinctly disadvantaged by my experiences, in comparison to my peers at similarly sized companies.
F500 companies shape society. Consumers certainly are catered to by large companies, but to a great extent, we are all also controlled by marketing, by advertising, by the products available for purchase etc. As GC of a F500, I would have the opportunity to imbue a large company with a different perspective, a diverse perspective perhaps not previously considered, enabling them to be better corporate citizens, aware of their impacts and consequences, and more responsible in their influential role. 
I want nothing more than to succeed and flourish in my current role, and I am hoping that hearing advice and guidance from those in this role previously will prove helpful. 
Bachelor of Arts and JD
English and conversational level Spanish. Elementary French.
I currently manage 4 employees directly.
Yes, I am the company's corporate secretary and attend all board meetings etc. 
Yes, my role is considered executive level, and I regularly attend meetings with the CEO and CFO. 
I travel internationally for work, but not for extended periods
yes, Erickson has sold a couple of small companies during my tenure here, and I previously did Corporate M&A at Schwabe, Williamson and Wyatt in Portland, Oregon. 
None really, other than litigation management as GC. 
1 attorney, 1 paralegal, 1 trade compliance manager and 1 government contracts manager
185 Million
I believe they would describe me as direct, flexible and a hands off manager. 
I'd like to develop a more proactive attitude. I currently often feel caught off guard/reacting to problems. 
Berube Resume - March 2018.docx
16 17572018-03-06 22:02:38
Janett  Tacoronte
9310 NW 39 St 
United States
Associate General Counsel 
To become a General Counsel in a F500 company heading a Latin America Division. 
Because I believe I have the skill set, motivation, and experience to lead a department in a company of that caliber. 
Insight on what steps to take on this path. I would also love to network and meet other like minded individuals. 
Master of International Business, Candidate 2019BA
English, Spanish, Italian, Learning Portuguese
I have lead three companies. Currently, I h lead multi-departmental projects on an international level. For example, I have opened stores in Disney Springs and have transitioned our private label financing throughout 120 locations worldwide.   
Yes, I oversee all corporate governance domestically and internationally. 
On the daily, I advise and council owners, C-Suite, and department heads.
Yes, Mexico, Caribbean, Central American and South America. 
Yes, 15 years experience in private practice and now overseeing outside counsel. 
Set precedent in the United States Bankruptcy Court see: In re Gray, 530 B.R. 501 (2015).
Opened location in Puerto Rico, Disney Springs, and Disney Cruise ships. Awarded key to the county for a hiring incentive grant and slashed taxes for the company in the six-figures.Delivered over $100 million contract and transitioned private label financing; tailored employment manuals and directly trained staff in over 120 locations worldwide.
Finance, Retail, Real Estate 
Finance, Real Estate, and Labor are the top three. 
4 attorneys, 1 paralegal. 
500 million
Private practice for 10 years.
Good management skills, not a micro manager, allows people to work in their element to succeed. Can improve on delegating more work. 
GC has described me as his anchor. He has stated he knows if a project is given to me it will get done no matter the difficulty. I can improve on slowing down at times as I do to much. 
My networking skills need improving. I also need to learn to take a more supervisory role and allow associates more room to grow. 
I am highly motivated and passionate about my career goals. I am also very confidant in the skills I have and what I bring to the table. I love to learn and mentor and would love to work at a company that values their employees. 
Janet C. Tacoronte Resume.docx
17 17602018-03-06 22:23:33
Jeremy Atencio
4573 Bryant Street
United States
Sr. Legal Counsel--North America; Nutrien Ltd.
I'm pretty happy right now...I'm focused more on work/life balance.  One goal may be how to negotiate higher pay in an in-house legal department.  Another goal would be to step into a GC role if it was a good fit.  I'd also like more international opportunities.
I'm already in-house counsel for F150 company.  I'm at a point in my career to decide whether I lean to becoming GC or if I would find better life/work balance in a slightly lower capacity.
I'd like learn more about how others positioned themselves for promotions and negotiating better pay and life/work balance arrangements.  I also want to know about barriers to promotion and how others overcame them.
University of Denver School of Law (JD)Williams College (BA)
EnglishSpanish (Intermediate)
I lead a team of three lawyers, assist in managing our international attorneys, and manages a team of 10 contract specialists.
Occasional presentations on strategic acquisitions and material litigation.
Moderate.  I've closed deals in South America and Australia.
Extensive.  Deep expertise in M&A, private funds and general corporate.  
Atencio Resume.docx
18 17672018-03-07 03:04:16
Lisa Guevara
101 Daniel Drive
United States
Supervising Counsel, Americas Products
General Counsel of a F500 company or General Counsel of a business unit of a F500 company.
I have been in a supervisory position for five years.  While I believe I have the capacity to succeed as a General Counsel, I believe I need to develop a broader range of skills and additional knowledge related to General Counsel roles.
I am smart, talented and capable of helping a F500 company achieve its business goals through a role as general counsel.  I want to earn a seat at the table to help increase the representation of Latinos in leadership roles in the legal community so others like me can one day walk into any boardroom, meeting room and classroom and see someone who looks like them and likely had  similar experiences already with a seat at the table and they can know they can get there, and beyond, too.  
Ultimately, I hope to develop core skills necessary to achieve my career  goal of becoming General Counsel at a F500 company. Along the way, I hope to learn more about my strengths to build upon as well as what opportunities for improvement I may need to work on in order to further my career objective.  I hope to grow my professional network and meet other inspiring Hispanic legal leaders since I find that I often learn so much by observing and modeling the positive behaviors of other successful leaders.
Juris Doctor
Bachelor of Arts in Sociology with a Business Administration Specialization from the University of California at Los AngelesJuris Doctor degree from Santa Clara University School of Law
In 2011, I assumed supervisory responsibility for the seven (7) Downstream Legal Analysts located in our San Ramon and Houston offices. I provided work direction, development goals and performance reviews and coordinated with attorney groups to facilitate legal support.  I was promoted to Supervising Counsel, East and Latin America in 2013 and I relocated to Houston to assume that role.  I supervised a team of four (4) attorneys who supported Chevron's Downstream fuels, lubricants and chemicals business units in the U.S. East and Central America regions. I provided work direction, development goals and performance reviews. I coordinated with business leaders and law management to facilitate appropriate legal support for matters and report-out on legal developments.  In 2015, my role and title changed to Supervising Counsel, Americas Products as part of a reorganization of our legal group.  In this role, I supervise a team of seven (7) attorneys which provide support to Chevron's fuels marketing business in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.  I relocated back to Chevron's California headquarters in 2017 where the majority of my team is located.
I do not have experience working directly with boards of directors.  The only indirect experience I have is preparing legal analysis of matters my team is responsible for which are to be considered by Chevron's Board of Directors.
I interact with the Vice President, Americas Products West and the Vice President, Americas Products U.S. East and Colombia/Central America on a regular basis.  I sit on their leadership meetings and provide updates on legal developments related to their business.  I also meet regularly with their general managers who are responsible for discreet areas of the fuels business such as: Terminals & Operations, Commercial & Industrial sales, Marketing, Retail Sales, and Company-owned store operations.
I have not lived outside of the U.S. but I supervise legal support to business operations in Canada, Mexico and Central America.
I have directly supported asset divestment projects, launched marketing programs, including loyalty programs, supported corporate hotline investigations. I have supervised by team members who had direct responsibility for the formation of operated and non-operated joint ventures, licenses of proprietary and non-proprietary IP, a new market entry in foreign jurisdiction, divestments and acquisition of $100MM+ assets, evaluation of environmental exposure, legal substantiation of advertising, legislative and regulatory advocacy and many other matters.  In addition to supervising my team members of the various project teams, I often sit on the Decision Review Board that oversees each project as the legal representative. 
First two years of practice - general commercial litigation.  No trial experience.
None that I would categorize as notable.
-Market entry in foreign jurisdiction-Formation of franchise joint venture-Grocery loyalty program launch-Divestment of multiple terminal assets-Proprietary credit card portfolio negotiations and transition-Launch new advertising campaigns-Mobile payments capability 
EnergyLegalEmployee Benefits
I do not now nor have I every focused on a specific area of the law.
7 Senior Counsels
$986MM in 2017
I believe they would describe me as an engaging, direct and responsive leader with high emotional intelligence and keen insight into business goals, who provides clear direction on strategic legal support goals.My team would likely say that I need to increase my influencing skills. For example, they have provided specific examples and suggestions to streamline cumbersome processes in our organization and I have not effectively conveyed that message to effect meaningful change.
My supervisor would describe me as a strong contributor to his team who provides candid and pertinent input on all matters, a natural problem-solver and critical thinker who consistently develops practical, yet creative solutions for issues.  He would say that I am responsive and keenly aware of all legal issues in my area of responsibility, of which I keep him regularly updated.  He would say that he can confidently rely upon me to always get it done, whatever the "it" may be, without every having to look over my shoulder.He would say that I need to develop my disruptive leadership skills and implement them at all areas of the organization.  While I am candid and direct with my Law Function colleagues, I tend to be more deferential with my business clients, particularly high level leaders.  In an organization such as ours, it is necessary to carry that disruptive leadership through all areas of the enterprise when I identify better solutions, and ways to improve processes and the business overall in ways that could reduce legal risk, expedite contracting time or realize other legal-related benefits.
I need to better understand the scope of a GC's responsibility and implement a plan to gain relevant experience I am currently lacking.I need to continue to improve my public speaking expertise.I need to continue to refine my personal brand.I need to develop my personal sense of confidence and overcome my tendency for introversion.  This is an area where I have made significant strides while working with a personal coach, but it is an area that I continue to nurture.
Lisa Professional Photo.JPG
19 17702018-03-07 15:19:34
Juan Sempertegui
808 Anderson Street
Silver Spring
United States
Assistant General Counsel
To effectively utilize legal and business experience
Need more years of legal experience inhouse
To effectively utilize legal and business experience
Learn skills to develop network to assist in obtain a c-suite position
Spanish, English
bar associationsnon-profits
Juan Sempertegui - Pic Jan 2018.jpg
Juan M Sempertegui - Resume 2018.pdf
20 17712018-03-07 16:40:44
Guillermo Tello
695 Town Center Drive
15th Floor
Costa Mesa
United States
Senior Associate Attorney
To transition from private practice to in-house and ultimately serve as GC. 
Only recently have I seriously considered moving from private law firm practice to an in-house role. So I still require lower level in-house experience before I feel ready to take on a GC role at a F500 company. 
The GC role, and particularly at a F500 company, would be a dream opportunity. From my interactions with GCs (in my current practice) I have come to appreciate the unique challenges faced in managing complex legal and business affairs in wide ranging areas of law and business. 
To obtain invaluable insight as to the process and requirements for preparing oneself to be qualified for a GC role and what all is involved in the role of GC. 
Bachelor of Science
English and Spanish (fluent) 
As a senior associate, I manage a number of mid and junior level associates and oversee their work. Also, as a trial attorney, I have had the opportunity to manage, oversee and coordinate entire trial teams for the successful preparation and presentation of the trial. 
I personally have served on various boards of non-profit organizations. 
In my private practice I work closely with both legal departments and executives both in litigation and in an advisory role. 
I have spent most of my career to date as a litigator, with substantial trial experience. 
Have successfully tried/arbitrated four cases; obtaining full defense verdicts/awards. On the transactional side, represented founder of national chain restaurant in negotiating a complicated non-compete agreement related to the sale of the restaurants.  
Same as above. 
I have represented restaurants, retailers, and biotech companies. 
I now primarily practice employment law, but have substantial experience in business/contract disputes. 
2 mid-level attorneys, 3 junior attorneys, 3 paralegals, 1 practice assistant. 
Tello-guillermo 016.jpg
GMT Resume 2018.pdf
21 17772018-03-07 19:37:28
6494 Lake Meadiw Drive
United States
Law Partner 
Have a meaningful impact leading the legal department of a dynamic organization working in a global environment.   
I have 34 years of experience, including 15 as a partner of international law firms and two stints as a GC (Inter-American Investment Corporation, Green Climate Fund).   
Learning what it takes to position myself to be a candidate as a Fortune GC!  
BA International Affairs at the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University, and JD at the GWU Law School     
Fluent in Spanish / English, conversant in Portuguese and basic in Filipino 
Led a 17 person Legal Department as GC of the Inter-American Investment Corporation and 12 lawyer team at the Green Climate Fund; moreover, I often lead project finance and arbitration teams of lawyers for client matters.   
As GC of the Inter-American Investment Corporation and the Green Climate Fund, I worked with and served as counsel to the multinational board of directors of both institutions.  
In my prior GC positions, I was a member of the senior management team and currently in private practice advise / counsel the senior management of client companies.    
I was born in Panama, lived 8 years in the Philippines, lived six months in Seoul, Korea (2017) as the GC of the Green Climate Fund, and travel approximately 4-6 months of the year in my international private practice.  
I have a career (34 years) serving  as a corporate lawyer in corporate transactional and M&A deals, among others.    
In private practice, I have an active international arbitration practice and serve as the client relationship partner for cross-border litigation matters at both the Federal and state (Texas primarily) court levels; moreover, as GC at the Inter-American Investment Corporation and the Green Climate Fund, I was responsible for representing and defending the institutions in disputes, including litigation and arbitration matters.          
I led the legal team representing the Government of Ecuador in the Lago Agrio Federal District Court litigation against Chevron; currently represent the Dominican Republic in an investor - State international arbitration; negotiated / settled a US$1 billion dispute representing a sovereign client in a dispute with a large Asian oil company; have closed numerous syndicated loan and project finance transactions, including a six country M&A deal for Televisa SA of Mexico.   
See above 
Banking, finance, real estate - deals  
International corporate and arbitration practices 
multiple direct reporting relationships over the years, especially when I served as GC of two international organizations, and currently have numerous direct reports in my international corporate and arbitration client teams. 
I have had active public speaking activities and frequent contact with senior members of governments and the Diplomatic Corp.     
I think I would be described as supportive, encouraging, leadership, motivating, loyal, detail-oriented; and areas of opportunity are to be creative, service driven and think out of the box.    
Hard and smart working, creative, positive thinker, client oriented, high EQ, team player and leader.
Have zero SEC and capital markets experience and would need to develop some knowledge in these two key areas.  
I am driven, purpose oriented and intellectually curious.   
Herrera, Raul R (4).JPG
R. Herrera Bio.pdf
22 17782018-03-07 20:28:29
Alfredo Cantoral
225 W Wacker Dr
Suite 1200
United States
Vice President
Since law school my goal has always been a GC position, or another C suite position if I ever make the transition to the business side.
I am about 5 years away.  I have substantial transactional experience and I am now in more of a generalist role specializing in investment management.  In my current role I am exposed to many different areas that affect all companies.
I believe I can bridge the gap between business and legal in any organization and bring a different perspective to the GC chair.  The work of protecting and guiding a company is in the hands of the GC and a responsibility I strive for.
I seek specific skills and action items that are required to sit in the GC chair that I may not have today.  I also would like to better network within the corporate and Hispanic community.
JD, anticipate starting MBA in next two years
Some Spanish
I have managed a team of junior attorneys, law clerks, and paralegals in prior roles.  Today I am not directly responsible for management of any employees, but direct the activities of a junior attorney, paralegals, and compliance professionals.
I support our current board by attending board meetings, drafting minutes, and preparing board materials.
Throughout my career I have interacted directly with C suite individuals.  Currently I interact with C suite individuals on a daily basis.
I have traveled extensively and conducted business in several countries, but I have never been stationed outside the US
I have significant M&A experience beginning as an associate on the M&A team, including bankruptcy sales, and now participating on investment transactions that stem from M&A activity.
I manage all of our litigation matters for the firm, mostly directly outside counsel but also responsible for responses to document requests and other routine matters.
Unfortunately I am not at liberty to say.
I was second chair on a bankruptcy issue that went to the 7th Circuit, appearing before the court on oral argument.  I have also been lead attorney on several significant investment transactions, including the launch of several structured transactions with over $500m in securities for each.
Investment related work, but more of a generalist now.
No directs, but responsible for the work of 1 Associate Attorney2 Paralegals5 compliance professionals
They would describe me as pretty even tempered - I do not get overly excited about any issue, good or bad.  They would also describe me as pragmatic and perfectionistic.  I struggle with those tasks that do not bring any value to an organization and often challenge the status quo by asking simple questions like "why".  My largest area for improvement is my difficulty in dealing with those who are not willing to pull their weight or who prefer to slow progress than aid it.
As mentioned above, the area most marked for improvement is the notion that I need to be more inclusive for those who want to impede progress and "bring them along" as compared to doing it without them.  She would describe me as driven, a strategic/business oriented thinker, and polished.
Assertiveness as to my opinion, corporate governance issues, thinking ahead beyond the issue to those issues that may arise from our response.
No matter what the setting or who the competition may be, there is no one who will work harder than me to learn what I need to learn and accomplish what I need to accomplish.
Alfredo Cantoral Resume - February 2018.docx
23 17822018-03-08 02:39:21
Jose Ramon Gonzalez
+1 212 894 7585
QBE North America
55 Water Street, 19th Floor
New York
New York
United States
Chief Legal Officer
My current career goal is to obtain a General Counsel role, successor General Counsel role, or General Counsel role of a substantial division of a publically listed company.  
I have already had a very diverse and satisfying career, and believe I can add much value as a F500 GC. In particular, I have an intense interest in leading teams of professionals and belief I can do so for the benefit of a larger organization.  I also firmly believe that Latino representation in all areas of society is not only important but absolutely necessary for the advancement of our community, and would welcome the opportunity to represent my community in such a role.    
I successfully navigated through various role at AIG,  transitioned to a startup, and then back to another global organization upon sale of the startup.  Overall, I have been successful in the challenges faced in moving from one role to the next.  I would really enjoy sharing my experience and coaching others on strategies that have been useful to me.  At the same time, I do not have all the answers and believe I would benefit from the support of Poder25 in getting to the next step in my own career.  
Juris Doctor / Masters in EU Law
BS in EconomicsJuris DoctorMasters in EU Law
English (fluent)Spanish (fluent)French (semi-fluent)Portuguese (proficient)Italian (proficient) 
I have led teams of in-house attorneys for almost 15 years.  Currently, I oversee a team of 45 lawyers and other professionals.  My focus is on professional development, mentoring, retention and advancement of our team members.
Currently, I serve as Corporate Secretary of an eight member divisional Board.  Our Board meets 4 times a year for day an half sessions.  The Board has 4 non-exec members and 4 committees.  In my prior job, I also oversaw a similar type of Board.  
I report directly to our North America CEO, and I am currently a member of the QBE North America Executive Committee.  In my prior role, similarly, I reported to the Torus CEO and was a member of the Executive Committee.  
I have extensive work experience outside the US, primarily in the UK, but more generally in Europe, Asia, Australia and Latin America.  I lived in UK for almost 3 years in the late 90s, and "commuted" to the UK from 2011 to 2014, spending approximately 120 days a year in the UK.  
This was my area of practice in private practice.  My first in-house role at AIG was with the M&A Legal Team, focusing on global transactions.  I held that role for six years.  I have continued to participate substantially on M&A in all my subsequent roles.    
I have overseen litigation in my last and current role.  At the moment, I oversee a team of approximately 10 individuals focusing on litigation.  
In private practice, I spend a considerable amount of time on capital market transactions in Eastern Europe (ie IPOs, high yield debt deals) that were novel in that market at the time.  
I spent a considerable amount of time over a number of years at AIG focusing on the Spitzer Attorney General actions related to bid rigging in the insurance industry, from instigation of the matter to implementation of the various settlement agreements.  
InsuranceFinancial ServicesRegulated Industries
Currently, I do not have a specialization.  In private practice (over 4 years), my area of expertise was corporate transactional / M&A.  
3 - General Counsel1 - Head of Regulatory1 - Head of Compliance1 - Executive Admin 
QBE North America - 2017 Revenues - $4.6 billion
I sit on numerous non-profit boards- LatinoJustice - Vice ChairAssociation of Latino Professionals for America (ALPFA) Senior Leadership CouncilBass Museum of Miami BeachSpain-US Chamber of Commerce
My team would describe me as energetic, authentic, and a constant advocate for our team. I believe the team would like me to participate in more in person team building activities.      
I report to the QBE North America CEO.  He does evaluate me on regular basis and his feedback highlights my good judgment, level-headedness, strategic thinking and persistence in solving difficult problems.  He has also noted my collaborative approach with my peers and ability to build a positive environment within my team.  An area of opportunity is making sure I provide the CEO the appropriate level of information about relevant legal matters.  My challenge is to find the correct balance.  
One area that I need to develop is my skills in influencing others, whether within my organization or outside stakeholders.  I also believe I need to focus on becoming a thought leader on areas I am passionate about (which include, empowering others and developing future leaders), and becoming a more effective communicator on these issues.  
JRG Corp Pic 2014 09 23.jpg
JRG CV 2018 - 3.pdf
24 17832018-03-08 03:45:13
olanda Gamboa
135 S. LaSalle 
Suite 825
United States
Associate General Counsel 
Leadership position as an General Counsel
While my qualifications may not yet meet those required to be a F500 GC, my current career trajectory at a F500 company coupled with my personal drive to continue to grow as a lawyer and a leader will help me continue to amass those qualifications. I have worked at Bank of America for 10 years during which I have sought out and seized distinct opportunities to develop my legal skills and increase my understanding of the Bank’s operations and business. I have also sought opportunities to be a leader in my profession by being an active member of professional organizations and serving in leadership positions in the American Bar Association Consumer Financial Services Committee. My subject matter expertise and professional leadership was recognized and rewarded by the Bank in 2016 when I was promoted to Associate General Counsel. My potential as a leader within the department and as a manager was further recognized last year when my role was expanded giving me responsibility for the legal support of a core business area, expanding my support of a high profile emerging subject area, and giving me a team to manage. This expanded role has given me increased visibility to legal department leadership and high level Bank executives. I am an active member of the legal department, serving on our Diversity and Inclusion Business Council (DIBC), chairing the Sponsorship Committee of the DIBC, participating in employee engagement initiatives, and furthering the Bank’s commitment to community service through pro-bono work. The Bank recognized my leadership in these areas by selecting me to be a Leadership Council for Legal Diversity Fellow in 2016. I enjoy learning and being engaged in both my everyday functions at the Bank and the ways that I participate in my profession, corporation and department outside my “day job.” I continuously seek out opportunities to experience something new and push myself do step outside by comfort zone. I think that this will help me on the road to be “GC ready.”
I would like to serve as counsel to top level executives and engage at the highest levels of the corporation’s management to drive strategy, solve problems and help fulfill the business’ vision. I would welcome the challenge to lead a legal department which would give me the opportunity to lead by example, drive employee satisfaction, champion professional development and increase diversity. Being in house at a Fortune 500 company has allowed me to work on cutting edge issues with high impact and I have seen how corporations can drive innovations and impact change. I would like the opportunity to have a larger role in driving that innovation and change. Given my experience, drive and unique background I think that I can bring a unique perspective to a GC role.
I hope to further develop my executive presence and leadership skills. I also hope to learn about what specific areas I should develop to be a viable GC candidate.
BA in History JD 
Spanish, English
Currently managing one attorney and three paralegals.
In my current role I have more visibility to senior management.
Experience is in house 
Digital Banking/Payments, Payments, Consumer Financial Services
Consumer Financial Services/Payments
1 attorney 3 paralegals
Thoughtful, engaged and balanced. Areas of opportunity: delegation. 
Capable, smart, adaptable, collaborative. Areas for opportunity: executive presence.  
Understanding of general areas such as employment, litigation, M&A.
Yolanda Gamboa-Resume March 2018.docx
25 17882018-03-08 17:28:30
Pedro De
570 Hunter Ln
Lake Forest
United States
EVP, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary
My 5 year goal is to become the General Counsel of a Fortune 500 company.  
As the general counsel of a leading multi-national consumer packaged goods business, I believe that I am not only well positioned for the opportunity, but also that it is the next logical progression in my career.  
I hope to meet and network with other general counsel and GC-ready in house attorneys and also help to shape and develop the Hispanic GC pipeline initiative.  
Roosevelt University - B.A.Northwestern University School of Law, J.D.
I have strong experience managing culturally diverse teams in the U.S. and throughout Latin America, the Caribbean and Africa.  
I currently serve as Corporate Secretary to our Board of Directors.  I also serve as an Independent Director of a publicly traded company and also serve as a director/trustee on a number or non-profit boards.   
I  serve as a key member of a high-forming executive management team and have a proven track record of being an effective business partner to senior management and the board.
I have deep international experience spanning Latin American Africa, Brazil, Spain, Europe and some parts of Asia.  
I have strong expertise developing and negotiating domestic and international agreements and similar corporate relationships with domestic and global partners.  I also was directly responsible for overseeing the sale of Tampico Beverages in 2008 to our current owners.  
I currently monitor, direct and manage all worldwide litigation for Tampico Beverages in the United States and abroad, including customer, vendor and licensee disputes, domestic and international employment claims and investigations and international arbitrations.  
Consumer packaged goods; Food & Beverage; Analytic business intelligence solutions.
As a sitting General Counsel, my practice is dispersed in a number of different substantive areas and I have strong domestic and international licensing experience.  
2 attorney, 1 HR Director, 1 paralegal/admin.  
As a privately held business the company does not disclose its annual revenues, but has publicly disclosed that the brand has annual retail sales of approximately $350MM
See attached resume and bio.
I have no formal relationship with an Executive Recruiting firm but have had a number of discussions with MLA Global regarding my career goals.
I believe my team would describe me as a no-nonsense manager that has high expectations for his staff and is someone who says what he does - and does what he says.  My team would likely also say I respect their talents and provide them with open lines of communication and clear direction, while also allowing them enough space to get their work done without constant check-ins. There is always an opportunity for self-improvement and my areas of opportunity would likely focus on stronger lines of communication during the busy times.  
My CEO consistently describes me as "not just a lawyer" and someone that is a true business partner to the management team.  My areas of opportunity would likely focus on developing a stronger finance skill set.  
I believe that my 10+ years as a sitting GC for a multi-national CPG business has adequately prepared for a Fortune 500 GC role.  Having said that, I believe I would be a more attractive candidate for this type of role if I had stronger  experience managing a larger legal department.  
I am available to answer any questions or concerns.  
Photo - Pedro DeJesus.jpg
Pedro DeJesus - Resume, Resume Addendum & Bio.pdf
26 18062018-03-08 21:42:57
Carlos Cardelle
Sunset Drive
United States
Managing Senior Counsel
General Counsel position. 
I would first like to pursue a more senior position within legal and perhaps manage a legal department division. During my career, I have progressively taken on more responsibilities and I believe I would like to continue this progression for a few more years before pursuing the GC role. 
I truly enjoy leadership - in my current employment, I have been promoted several times. I believe my promotions not only are the result of hard work but my desire to take on new assignments whenever asked (or whenever I have volunteered). I believe that with my background and experience, I can be an excellent legal department leader. 
Mentoring opportunities and networking possibilities. 
University of Miami B.A. and J.D.
English and Spanish
Assisted with special projects - corporate acquisitions.
Human Capital Management TransportationTelecommunications
No - Corporate Generalist with emphasis on contracts; government relations and data privacy/information security. 
1 Attorney, 1 paralegal
$2.5B in annual revenue (segment of the business I work in and support). 
Accessible and easily approachable. Transparent. 
Extremely loyal and detailed-focused. Engaged with the business and its leaders. 
Resume Carlos I Cardelle (1.18).pdf
27 18122018-03-08 23:33:05
Peter Muniz
2455 Paces Ferry Road, N.W.
Building C20-Legal
United States
Vice President, Deputy General Counsel and Assistant Secretary
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of a Fortune 500 company where I can leverage my extensive leadership skills and business acumen to facilitate the business' strategic imperatives, drive greater productivity and develop talent to sustain growth.
I would like to have a more intimate role in helping a business shape its strategic objectives and navigate a complex, challenging and fast-paced external environment as well as an opportunity to extend my leadership influence across a larger team. 
Poder25 can serve as a community to help me continue to enhance my skills, address development opportunities, and network with a cohort group that faces many of the challenges I face in my current role.
Juris Doctor
Columbia University, BAUniversity of Buffalo Law School, JD
English and Spanish
I have 15 years of experience leading teams in numerous industries and asset classes through several disruptive economic cycles (e.g., financial crisis).
I have 5 plus years of experience working directly with public company boards of directors specifically risk, nominating and corporate governance and finance committees of boards. Also, I have 10 plus years of experience serving as a board member of numerous non-profit boards of directors.
I have 22 years of in-depth experience partnering with senior management teams. Please see resume for greater details.
During my nearly 30 years of practicing law, I've supported numerous businesses with an international and global footprint.  I have also managed international and global teams. In addition, I established an EU-focused compliance infrastructure for a global business.
I have nearly 30 years of corporate and M&A experience. In my current role, I support our business' strategic business development team and provide legal guidance on competition law matters and transactional advice to the board's finance committee.
I have 15 years of experience managing complex, commercial litigation matters as well as employment matters.
Recently spearheaded the structuring, negotiation and documentation of a 12 year private label credit card program representing approximately 23% of sales on very favorable economic terms driving $2.5B of NPV savings over the program term.  I also had primary supervisory oversight of two publicly announced acquisitions-Compact Power and The Company Store.
Commercial finance, technology distribution, and retail.
I have been in a lead lawyer role for over 12 years with supervisory oversight for all facets of a Fortune 500 legal organization.  Please see resume for more details.
I currently have leadership and supervisory responsibility for a team of 19 legal professionals (e.g.,12 attorneys and 7 paralegals or specialists).
The Home Depot had $100.9B in revenue in fiscal 2017.
As Managing Director of GE Chicago Business Development from September 2012-December 2014, I led a multidisciplinary team responsible for adding 1000 plus GE jobs in Chicago, transforming the employee value proposition and creating a dynamic work environment recognized by the Chicago Tribune as a 2014 Top Workplace.
My direct reports would describe me as a candid, transparent, compassionate and energized leader. My areas of opportunities would be to slow down and enjoy more the fruits of my labor.
My general counsel would describe me as a very good business partner who appropriately balances risk and reward as well as an exceptional leader of people.
I believe I am currently ready to be a Fortune 500 GC. In my current role, I will continue to focus on enhancing my industry and retail operational knowledge, increasing my effectiveness at  navigating board dynamics, and  expanding my leadership footprint beyond the legal organization. 
I pride myself on being a servant leader and focused on the development of my team.
28 18272018-03-09 17:02:11
Josefina Fernandez McEvoy
10390 Ashton Avenue
Los Angeles
United States
Chief Legal Officer
To become F500 GC
Because I know me—I don’t fail projects, I always meet deadlines, I operate at all levels, I empower and inspire others, I benchmark me (and my team) against the best, I have good and tested judgment, I communicate business objectives effectively to a diverse constituency, and I think “big.”
(1) To learn to interview and to successfully manage the process of accessing the opportunity to become a F500 GC. (2) To be mentored accordingly, and learn how I could achieve this goal when I do not have experience as a F500 GC; and (3) To be exposed to the professional environment where such opportunity would arise.
M.Ed., and B.A.
English, Spanish, Portuguese
For over 20 years I have built and successfully overseen many cross functional, diverse, and geographically dispersed professional teams to achieve client/company objectives.  Developed and managed a global roster of clients—with local teams within the firm and outside.
I served on the prestigious Board of Directors of the American Bankruptcy Institute for 12 years. I have advised boards for over 20 years on corporate governance, compliance, M&A, and SEC investigations in the context of complex bankruptcy cases, and as in house counsel. I have been coordinating board meetings and assisting board chairs with board meetings for 6 years now
Have been directly advising and collaborating with senior management for over 20 years.
Have worked in over 40 countries (all continents except Antarctica) re transactional, dispute resolution including litigation, negotiating with and appearing before regulators.
Over 20 years of experience as a corporate generalist with a strong transactional background, handling complex distressed M&A by/with distressed, bankrupt or newly-emerged company, and  corporate mergers, acquisitions and divestitures for strategic growth and/or geographical expansion.
Over 20 years of experience as a commercial litigation generalist; prior to becoming in house counsel I led many multi-jurisdictional U.S. federal and state court litigation matters, and foreign litigation (with local counsel) from early case assessment through case management and resolution.  
In re Provident Royalties (N.D. Tex.)– Lead counsel to Official Investors Committee in concurrent SEC district court receivership and Bankruptcy Court Chapter 11, on behalf of 7,700 oil and gas investors holding $500 million unsecured claims.In re Banco Santos SA (Commercial Court of Sao Paulo, BR)– Lead counsel to Ad Hoc Bondholders Committee of Banco Santos in court-supervised liquidation of investment bank and 90 onshore/offshore affiliates, on behalf of 3,000 investors holding $1 billion in unsecured claims.In re The Austin Company (N.D. Ohio) – Lead Chapter 11 reorganization counsel for the debtor—once a $2 billion international (U.S. – U.K.) design-build and construction management enterprise.Trust Company of the West (TCW) – Lead international counsel to TCW, as indenture/bond trustee, in out of court restructuring of $100 million senior notes secured by real estate (luxury resort) in Mexico.
See above.Top three industries in which you have worked: renewable energy, real estate, technology—note that as a bankruptcy and restructuring attorney I was a corporate and litigation generalist and my representations spanned virtually every industry. 
I am a corporate generalist now. My private practice focused on complex bankruptcy (restructurings, distressed M&A, recapitalizations including LBOs etc.); however, before undertaking a bankruptcy case and formulating an exit strategy, of necessity, I was required to learn and understand the business involved, and the multiple non-bankruptcy laws underlying the business (e.g. securities, international trade, land development, general commercial real estate, aviation, manufacturing, retail, recourse and nonrecourse financing, media and entertainment etc.)
attorneys and one paralegal at my employer’s AmLaw100 outside counsel firm. In private practice, the number of attorneys and paralegals whom I oversaw depended on the size of my case/transaction (e.g. could be 14 attorneys and three paralegals in one case; or 10 attorneys; or 3 attorneys and one paralegal and so on).Annual revenue of current organization or segment that you oversee.I currently work for a pre-revenue emerging technology startup. However, in private practice I represented F500 companies; e.g. I served as Ford Motor Company’s lead outside counsel re Chapter 11 bankruptcy of many troubled suppliers, and restructuring or liquidation of Ford’s debt or equity investments in interactive technology companies, for over 10 years. 
 My direct reports would likely describe me as being approachable and available—open door policy, empowering and inspiring, trustworthy, fair,  always act on behalf of the entire company, smart, insist on high standards, benchmark myself (and our team) against the best, deliver results, very professional, and will never be done learning and improving myself. Areas of opportunity they would likely identify: learn to be more patient (speed matters in business; impatience causes me to constantly push for movement in whatever situation I’m driving for); learn to be less self-deprecating.
Adjectives that my CEOs, COOs, clients, practice group leaders, and managing partners have use(d) to describe me: “superstar,” “passionate,” “dedicated,” “trustworthy,” “ethical,” “professional,” “excellent writer,” “great problem solver,” “a critical thinker,” “what’s there not to love about Josefina”, “make them feel safe,” “bring order and structure through my organizational qualities,” “always look for ways to improve my and the team’s performance,” “will not allow others' failings to prevent the team's success overall,” “honest and fair.”Areas of opportunity they would likely identify: I need to develop strategies to learn to be more patient with procrastinators and flippants—my values should not always prevail; to be less blunt in my criticism of others; to appear less arrogant (my self- confidence or assertiveness often can be seen as arrogant and blunt). 
See above—be more patient (respecting ways of doing things that differ from my own); learn to tell someone an unpleasant truth or tell it in an affirmative way that isn’t perceived as blunt or too direct; learn to be less self-effacing.
29 18282018-03-09 17:03:52
Jessica Massey
1908 S. Stone Manor
United States
Senior Associate Counsel
Become general counsel of company or university 
Need formal management experience. 
I like the idea of managing a team of lawyers handling a wide variety of matters that come up from day to day.
Hope to learn the more concrete steps I need to take in order to advance.
BA - Political ScienceJD
English(basic Spanish/Portuguese, but nowhere near fluent)
No official direct reports, but have supervised less experienced lawyers, paralegals, and investigators for approx. 12 years.
I have sat on the board of directors at several non-profits, including a university; no occasion to interact with the board of my current company
Near daily interaction with senior directors; occasional interaction with VPs.
For the past 3.5 years, I have conducted international investigations for my company.
Trial lawyer for 11 years prior to current in-house role.
no direct reports
$485 billion worldwide
They would describe me as collaborative, invested, reliable. Areas of opportunity: lack of management opps
Massey head shot March 2018.jpg
Massey resume, Spring 2018.pdf
30 18292018-03-09 17:51:47
Mara Garcia Kaplan
+1(651) 263-3117   
5600 Weston Lane North
United States
Legal Counsel,, a Target subsidiary
To become F500 GC
I have been an international business lawyer with over 12 years of extensive experience managing cross-functional and cross-border teams in transactional settings.  Wide-ranging corporate/business experience, including M&A, global restructuring, joint ventures, strategic alliances, financial services, commercial transactions, licensing and distribution, and complex multijurisdictional reorganizations.  Extensive experience advising on various international compliance matters, including the Office of Foreign Control Sanctions Programs, anti-boycott legislation and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).  Experience drafting and negotiating transactions in Spanish.  
Skills to become F500 GC
B.S. and mini-MBA
Spanish – Business/Law (Native).
•	Managed compliance and lending teams in previous banking roles;•	Built and manage M&A legal support team to maximize internal resources, resulting in 70% decrease in outside counsel spend;•	Managed one paralegal;•	Managed large-scale international projects, including the selection, instruction and management of teams of lawyers in numerous locations outside of the United States in connection with structuring, negotiating and closing complex, multi-jurisdictional business transactions;
•	Advisory Board of the Institute of Mexicans Abroad (Mexican Foreign Ministry), Member (2009-2011).•	Hennepin County Bar Foundation, Past Board Member (2009-2010).
Senior Corporate Counsel; Senior CounselActing Senior Group Manager (Secondment), Corporate Development 	
•	Managing internal and external teams in support of Target’s M&A and strategic investment activities; •	Responsible for the legal aspects of Target Corporation’s merger and acquisition (M&A) activity;•	Created new M&A processes and procedures, including due diligence investigations and FCPA policy and procedures for M&A transactions, closing and post-closing activities for the law department (no M&A activity at Target Corporation prior to 2013);•	Built and manage M&A legal support team to maximize internal resources, resulting in 70% decrease in outside counsel spend;•	Represented multinational clients in global business transactions, including franchise and distribution, M&A, corporate reorganizations, and joint ventures;•	Counseled clients on international compliance matters including diligence in M&A transactions, the FCPA, the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control, and anti-boycotting regulations;•	Counseled and advised clients in M&A transactions in the United States and Latin America, including providing strategic advice, drafting, negotiating and closing transactions; and•	Represented private and public companies in M&A and other commercial transactions;
International business lawyer 
MGK CV 2017.pdf
31 18302018-03-09 18:20:37
Sonia Zeledon
+1(202) 957-4861 
11140 SW 73rd Avenue  
United States
Regional Counsel Americas, BIG
To become a General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at a multi-national company
I would like to be a integral part of the business and have a broader view of the operations of a company and be involved on high-level, matters such as acquisitions, litigation or other sensitive legal issues.
Executive coaching on how to be exposed to potential GC opportunities; enhance communication skills; and have a mentor who may help with guidance.
Juris Doctor
Wellesley College - BAUniversity of Miami School of Law - JD
Currently manage a team of 8 (2 investigators, 1 paralegal, 1 administrator, 5 attorneys), previously managed a team of 15-20 (auditors, attorneys, admin, procurement).
Currently attend and present status of legal issues to the Audit Committee of the board of directors.
At my current job, I interact with the heads of business daily - from legal advice on HR, Commercial, or trade issues, to discussions on how to proactively measure risks.
Yes, I cover Latin America and also support a Business Group at a global level.
My career began as a Securities attorney. Currently, I am involved in M&A due diligence pre and post acquisition.
At my previous role, I managed all US litigations. Currently, I am involved in litigation that involve high risk for the company (HR, IP, etc)
Managed all aspects of a potential IPO; managed and participated in an acquisition of a publicly traded company; spearheaded risk assessment of a post acquisition that included 15 subsidiaries.
Primary oversight of Post closing due diligence of an acquisition that double the size of our company; spearheaded trade compliance review of all supply chain operations for the company.
Technology,Car ManufacturingInternet
Beginning of my career I was a securities attorney; Currently handle all significant legal risks of the company, including, financial disclosures potentials, export controls (trade compliance), FCPA
Currently manage a team of 8 (2 investigators, 1 paralegal, 1 administrator, 5 attorneys).
23 Billion (company wide), but for Americas (NAM and LAT is about 15 Billion)
I sit on the board of Women's Executive Leadership and handle the financial reporting for the organization.
Hard working, intense, and demanding. We are a tech company and decisions need to be made quickly. I often ask for results and put pressure for quickness and efficiency.
Eager to please and hard working. I often speak too fast and working on slowing down my thought process.
I am working on managing a budget, but would greatly benefit from expertise on how to manage large budgets.
I currently try to learn and take CLEs on legal practices unfamiliar to me. In my current position, I also volunteer to take on cases and issues that may not necessarily naturally
SAZ 2017 Resume.pdf
32 18312018-03-09 20:12:25
Miguel Molina
3000 Hanover Street
MS 1050
Palo Alto
United States
Litigation Counsel
I aspire to become a leader for a legal department where I can apply my training as a lawyer to help a business execute on its goals.
I believe that I'm on-track to eventually be qualified for a GC position, but would appreciate the chance to have a few extra years of experience. I find myself still growing in my current role.
I'm currently in-house counsel at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, a Fortune 50 firm. Over my few years here, I've noticed the importance that senior leadership in a legal department can make in terms of deciding what issues to focus on, how to partner with the business, but also what kind of legal department it wants to create. I'd like to become a GC to help set the agenda for a legal department and further my goal of becoming a thought leader in the diversity and inclusion space.
I'd like to achieve several things, but most importantly, create meaningful connections with leaders in legal departments across the country. I'd appreciate the chance to learn from them -- specifically, their challenges and how they overcame them.
Juris Doctor (J.D.)
J.D. - University of California, BerkeleyB.A. - Stanford University
Though I do not formally have direct reports, I help manage the workload of the junior attorneys on my team. In addition to mentorship, I also provide younger attorneys with constructive feedback on their work product.
I serve on the advisory board for an organization called OneJustice. The advisory board advises the board of directors on OneJustice's programming, fundraising, and agenda.
I regularly interface with senior executives at my current company, including Senior Vice Presidents and Directors.
In my current role, I handle all aspects of litigation, including: motion practice, appearing before administrative bodies and judges, discovery (including taking and defending depositions), as well as collaborating with outside counsel.
Litigation (commercial, labor/employment, intellectual property)
Miguel Molina - Headshot.jpg
Miguel Molina - Resume.pdf
33 18322018-03-09 20:22:05
Gonzalo Frias
550 S Tryon Street
DEC 45a
North Carolina
United States
Legal Mgr & Counsel
Deputy General Counsel or General Counsel.
I do not have at least 5 direct attorney reports.
I believe that over time I will acquire the necessary skills to make meaningful contributions to a F500 company.  In addition to providing excellent counsel and strategic vision, I believe I can offer a cultural perspective and bi-lingual language skills others would not be able to provide in a similar role.
I hope to gain skills to make myself more marketable as an in-house attorney.
JD, American Umiversity 2009B.A. Political Science, Minor in Business Admin University of Florida 2004
I lead various teams through internal committees, special projects, and as a direct supervisor at Duke Energy.  
Presently serve on 3 non-profit boards: HNBA, Legal Aid of North Carolina, Justice Initiatives, Inc.
My interaction with senior management is limited to senior leaders within the Legal Department, including the Chief Legal Officer.
Gonzalo Frias Resume-2018.pdf
34 18402018-03-09 22:15:08
William Sanchez
888 Biscayne Boulevard
Apt 3410
United States
Head of Legal - Americas
GC of a multinational company, ideally with a focus on Latin America
While I have learned an enormous amount in my current role over the last 18-24 months, before taking on GC responsibility at a F500 I would look to deepen experience managing a multilocal team, and gain experience in public-company issues.
I would look forward to the challenge of managing legal and regulatory risk for an organization of that size and reach. Hopefully, I could leverage the position to promote greater diversity in the legal profession in general, and to increase the number of Hispanic inhouse counsel in particular. 
I want to learn from GCs and other more established Hispanic inhouse counsel, and to share experiences with and learn from peers at a similar stage in their careers. As a bonus, I hope to strengthen my professional network so I'm best positioned to know about the right advancement opportunity when it comes along.
B.A. - Government 
Spanish (fluent), French (fluent), Portuguese (intermediate), Mandarin (basic)
Since June 2016 I have managed 3-5 attorney direct-reports, as well as a paralegal and administrative assistant.
I am board counsel to the my company's principal operating companies, and oversee corporate governance for the LatAm region's 20+ legal entities. 
I sit on the Executive Committee of Bupa Global Latin America, reporting directly to the Managing Director of Latin America and to the Legal Director for International Markets (who reports directly to our global CLO). I also sit on the regional Risk Management Committee and have had occasion to present to the Group CEO and other senior stakeholders. 
I have always been US-based but have always worked extensively with non-US clients and business partners, primarily in Europe and Latin America. In my current role, I work closely with London-based leadership and peers, as well as business partners and direct reports in Brazil and Mexico.
Throughout 2016 I was the in-house legal lead on the acquisition of a Brazilian health insurer. Prior to that, I supported two potential acquisitions that were not pursued.
From 2005-2012 I was a litigation associate at Hughes Hubbard & Reed, where I focused on international commercial litigation and arbitration. I worked on cases in a variety of sectors, but my primary focus was financial services and construction matters. From 2012-2014, I was Corporate Counsel at MetLife's Litigation department, where I focused on disputes involving the sale and servicing of financial products. 
2012 - Dyadic v. E&Y - successful defense of auditing firm against $500M arbitration claim2010 - Advised multiple investor clients in swap agreement to restructure defaulted Argentine debt2007 - Commissa v. PEMEX - Arbitration award of over $130M arising out of platform construction project
2015 - Establishment of local Brazilian subsidiary, followed by successful application for health license2016 - Acquisition of 100% of Care Plus and affiliates (Brazilian health company)2017 - Establishment of insurance partnership with Seguros Bolivar (enabling Bupa to offer health products in Colombia)
HealthcareFinancial ServicesConstruction services
I currently have a generalist role, although I frequently encounter insurance regulatory matters throughout Latin America.Previously, I specialized in international commercial litigation and arbitration, and had a special focus and interest in arbitration and foreign sovereign immunity law.
2 Legal & Compliance Directors (1 each in Mexico and Brazil, who also report to Head of Risk & Compliance)3 attorneys (2 Sr Counsel and 1 Counsel)1 paralegal1 Administrative Assistant
Approx. $500M
I think they would say that I have an open door, that I'm always an available sounding board for ideas, feedback and simple venting and that I let them run with responsibility. They would probably also say that I can do a better job giving direction and running interference with some parts of the business.
I think my Legal Director and GM would describe me as a candid voice of reason, and they have praised me for being patient and self-aware. They have also noted (fairly) that as I settle into a more senior role I need to delegate more to my direct reports.
I would consider relocating for the right opportunity, but would prefer to be based in South Florida.
WillSanchez Resume February 2018.doc
35 18442018-03-10 01:13:28
Amanda Gomez
10 South Dearborn Street
49th Floor
United States
Assistant General Counsel
General Counsel of one of Exelon's subsidiaries 
Not enough experience 
I believe that a f500 GC position offers the ability to touch all parts of the business without necessarily moving to the business side of the company, which makes for an interesting, dynamic and challenging career.
I hope to start to build my toolkit of skills that will empower me to more proactively prepare for a higher position within the legal department.
University of Chicago, BA - Political ScienceUniversity of Chicago Law School, JDUniversity of Illinois at Urbana, MBA, program in progress
English; Spanish 
As mid-level associate, I would lead teams of junior associates and paralegals.  In my current role, I help to organize teams necessary to make legal and business decisions within the company.  
No significant experience
As the only real estate lawyer dedicated to one of our utilities in Illinois, I am often called upon by my client to brief and/or present to executives.  Sometimes we are delivering bad news, sometimes we are delivering good news, but we do often have to provide critical information to senior leadership. 
Real Estate (Illinois) 
A Gomez Resume March 2018.doc
36 18452018-03-10 03:07:02
Carlos E Vasquez
One Market Plaza
Steuart Tower, Suite 600
San Francisco
United States
SVP & Chief Counsel Latin America and Caribbean
General Counsel or Chief Counsel International, and preferably at a privately owned corporation in the electronics payments space.
I believe that I may be qualified for a GC or Chief Counsel International position for a privately held entity, but not for a publicly owned corporation because of my limited experience with US securities law/regulations.   I have knowledge of that legal framework, but have not practiced as a securities lawyer.
It is the pinnacle of the career trajectory that I chose and have been actively pursuing since I moved in-house 22 years ago.  I am seeking the opportunity to work alongside an outstanding executive management team as their lead legal partner in the development and implementation of the strategic direction of the organization. 
Support others who may be further back in the development of their career path.  Acquire insights from those who have reached the GC office and obtain frank feedback from executive search professionals on my career aspirations. Network.  
Juris Doctor (Boston College Law School)
BA in Business Administration and Finance (Loyola Marymount University)
English, Spanish (proficient), Portuguese (proficient), and German (beginner).
Since 2004, have managed teams of attorneys in multiple locations across the globe (LAC, Canada, AP, and CEMEA).  Created and managed the Government Relations function at Visa LAC.  Have also managed the Compliance function for Visa LAC.  
From 2004 until 2007 when all Visa global regions other than Europe merged into a single entity was the general counsel and corporate secretary of the board of directors of the LAC region of Visa.  The LAC region board of directors was comprised of the CEOs or heads of retail banking of the largest financial institutions in the region.  Currently, manage a team of in-house attorneys throughout LAC.
Since 2004, have been part of the executive management team of Visa LAC and have regular interactions with Visa's global executive management.
My practice at Visa has always been international.  While I have not lived outside of the US, I routinely travel on business outside the US, including interactions with clients and regulators.
As general counsel of Visa LAC, was lead advisor to the regional board and management in connection with the merger of Visa LAC region with the other Visa regions that resulted in the creation of Visa Inc., the company that then had an IPO.  In addition, have led various JVs at Visa and participated in one M&A.
Responsible an active portfolio of consumer litigation and occasional administrative proceedings in various countries in LAC.
see answer to next question.
Brazilian competition commission (CADE) proceeding, 2009-2010.  Argentina competition commission (CNDC) investigation, 2016-2017.  Chile competition commission investigation, 2011-2013.
electronic payments
My practice is general commercial and regulatory.  
8 attorneys located in Miami, Mexico City, Bogota, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires; 1 paralegal; 1 administrative assistant.
Visa Inc. annual revenues $18bn
Lead the D&I Committee of the Visa Global Legal Team.  Director of the Minority In-Housel Counsel Association 
They would describe me as a leader who communicates openly, is ethical, is inclusive, encourages new ideas for improvement, empowers the direct reports and provides support when needed, and provides the direct reports with opportunities for growth and development.   As to areas of opportunity, they generally would note that it would be nicer if the team could meet face-to-face more frequently than once a year.  We meet bi-monthly via video. 
I believe she would say that I am well-respect leader within the Legal team and in the company who has earned the trust of Visa’s executive management and is a proactive, practical, and solutions-oriented lawyer who is passionate about his job and his clients and has a deep understanding of the business and its challenges.  On the opportunities, she would likely say that sometimes in our Global Legal Team meetings I could be more vocal with my opinions.
Securities law and M&A, to the extent that having expert knowledge in those areas is a prerequisite. 
I am open to consider opportunities throughout the country and internationally, but for the next four years I am committed to remain in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Carlos E Vasquez - Photo - 15 Feb 2017.jpg
Carlos E Vasquez - Resume - 9 March 2018.pdf
37 18462018-03-10 03:26:02
Gabriel Juarez
101 Sequoia Drive
San Anselmo
United States
Lead Counsel, Inbound & Development
I'd like to be a DGC or GC for a software or technology company.
There is more I'd like to learn before pursuing a DGC or GC position.
I believe I have many strengths to draw from.  Prior to law school, I was in the Marine Corps, and through the law school process, I've gained a tremendous amount of perseverance and drive.  The drive continues to grow, and I would love for the opportunity to build on it.
I've had key figures play a role in the development of my career, but not something I'd consider a tight-knit or strong network.  As I've become more seasoned, I know that Latinos continue to be underrepresented in this field, and I need to envision and get to know those Latinos that are making strides in the legal field.
B.A., Columbia College ChicagoJ.D., Northwestern University School of Law
EnglishSpanish (intermediate)
I've managed smaller teams in prior positions, and I'm expecting to become a manager in my current position within 2018.
I've served on a non-profit board of directors, and addressed some corporate work in prior positions.
I've engaged heavily with senior management, and continue to advise and address C-level executives.
I do not have experience working out of the US, but would be open to the opportunity.
I have had light experience on the corporate/M&A side.
I do not have litigation experience.
I have worked on deals up to the $3-5B dollar range, which involved very complex strategic issues.
Technology, Media, Financial Institution
Software and Technology, Intellectual Property, and Privacy
Insightful, thorough, and personable
I believe I need to shore up how the legal work I do ties into the overall management of an organization.  Additonally, strong management of a team and cross-functional networking would be key areas as well.
Gabe Juarez - Resume - Poder.docx
38 18472018-03-10 03:55:34
United States
Legal Counsel
In 2 years VP of LATAM. In 10 years GC.
Not yet. I need more mentorship and experience.
I believe Hispanics are underrepresented in F500. I also think I'm smart and capable of performing that role in the near future. It is a dream job for a Latina lawyer!
Acquire business acumen, mentorship, sponsorship, and get the skills that will help me achieve my professional goal. To be able to get the above from fellow Hispanics or Hispanic supporters means the world, because you don't feel judged and underestimated.
LL.M. in Intellectual Property Law
Universidad de Puerto Rico-Escuela de Comunicacion Publica - B.A. magna cum laudeUniversidad Interamericana de Puerto Rico - J.D. cum laudeThe George Washington University - LL.M. Intellectual Property Law
English and SpanishCan read Portuguese
I have some experience managing small teams 1-3 people
I have minimal experience working with BOD.
I have experience and feel comfortable working with senior management. I interact with senior management on a daily basis.
Yes, in Puerto Rico and with outside counsels and other attorneys in my company  in Colombia, Brazil, Europe and Asia.
minimal; doing IP due diligence and  vendor terminations
Yes; many years
I have being recognized for superior skills handling sensitive situations with multi-department and multi-jurisdictional repercussions. I have good EQ and cultural awareness which helps in any deal. I don't have published cases but multiple good ones.
Entertainment & MediaTechnologyFood & Beverage
My role now as an in-house counsel covers vendor agreements with an emphasis of technology transactions and LATAM legal counsel. I have 12 years of Intellectual Property Experience, mostly Trademarks and Copyright.
In my previous role:1 compliance manager2 compliance associatesAnother previous role:2 paralegals
4.37 Billion
I'm currently in a global company with a multinational legal department. I have the potential to grow in this company. Since it is a global company they value diversity and the chances to grow are high.
To articulate my directions/thoughts better and faster. To delegate more.
To articulate my directions/thoughts better and faster. Be more confident and assertive.
Learn how to get more articulated. Learn what Board of Directors value the most and develop the skills accordingly. How to be more confident and assertive when presenting before C-suite and other decisionmakers.
Karla Gonzalez Foto.jpg
Resume attorney Karla F Gonzalez.pdf
39 18502018-03-12 03:05:49
Louis Lambert
11737 Thornhill Rd
Eden Prairie
United States
AGC & Chief M&A Counsel
General Counsel
--Ability to influence strategic direction of company--Seat at the table with senior executive team and board of directors--Breadth of work--Ability to manage and develop a team
--Mentorship from top GC's who have charted the path successfully before. --Access to top recruiters with a view to the national market for legal talent.
University of Michigan--Ann Arbor (B.A)Rutgers School of Law (J.D)
EnglishSpanish (basic)
--Lead global team of internal and external counsel working on a broad range of litigation, M&A, regulatory disputes, and intellectual property matters. --Responsible for department-wide objective setting, individual lawyer development, and mentoring.
--Advise board of directors on complex M&A matters.
--Core advisor to C-suite on transformational M&A, takeover defense, shareholder activism, new market entry, and Board of Director communications related to such matters. --Division counsel for global Yoplait and Haagen Dazs Strategic Brand Unit.
--Division lawyer for global Yoplait Joint Venture (~$1.2 billion in global sales)--Successfully led multiple complex dispute resolution matters with key global JV and/or strategic partners.  --Dispute resolution and transaction negotiations across several diverse global markets, including UK, France, Brazil, Mexico, China, Australia, and Japan 
--Key advisor on corporate governance matters, including fiduciary duties, shareholder engagement strategies, activism preparedness and response, board tenure and competencies, and board process and administration. 
Manage litigation dispute resolution matters related to antitrust, breach of contract, intellectual property matters, and regulatory matters.  
Haven't be in private practice since 2006. 
—  Led negotiations, tailored risk mitigation strategies, and crafted key stakeholder communications for General Mills’: (i) transformational $8 billion acquisition of Blue Buffalo Pet Products, (ii) first major acquisition in an emerging market (Yoki in Brazil $860 million), (iii) first public company acquisition (Annie’s $850 million), (iv) largest joint venture (Yoplait $1.2 billion), (v) first divesture in recent history (Green Giant $765 million), and (vi) exit from highly volatile, non-strategic markets on expedited timelines (Venezuela and South Africa). 
3M--Industrials, Manufacturing, Healthcare, ConsumerGeneral Mills--Consumer
M&A, Joint Ventures, and Corporate Governance
1 attorney--legal director2 paralegal
16 Billion
--Focused on key objectives--Good team player that will allow team to lead--Strong opinions on ways of working
--Excellent legal and communication skills--Strong leadership skills--Ability to operate and influence at the highest level
--Additional board exposure and corporate governance experience (including committee work) 
Louis Lambert--Resume--3-2018.doc
40 18672018-03-13 14:29:25
Katherine Coba
396 Alhambra Cir
Ste. 1400
Coral Gables
United States
Associate Attorney
My goal is to develop my skills, and gain the experience necessary to get to the next level of my career as outside counsel for Fortune 500 GCs or a F500 GC. 
I would welcome the opportunity to become a F500 GC as it would allow me to combine my educational background in finance and law. As a F500 GC I would be able to ensure a company achieves its goal of maximizing profit, while minimizing its litigation exposure.  
I would like to gain further insight on how to best obtain my professional goal of becoming outside counsel for Fortune 500 GCs, or a F500 GC. 
B.B.A. from the University of Notre Dame in Finance, Political Science and International RelationsJ.D. from Notre Dame Law School.
English & Spanish
While I am not a partner, I have been fortunate to gain management experience through the different positions I have held during my career. Specifically, as an associate attorney at Richman Greer, P.A. I manage a team of legal professionals (i.e., legal assistant, and paralegal), which assist me in completing various tasks. Additionally, as a Senior Associate at Liebler, Gonzalez & Portuondo, I was able to lead a team of attorneys in the development of defense strategies for a Fortune 500 Company in premise liability cases and banking matters. 
My experience in this area stems from my years of working at medium sized law-firms. Throughout my career, I have had to work closely with shareholders and managing partners and provide them detailed reports on the status of my team’s productivity and achievements. If I were given the opportunity to serve as a GC for a F500 Company, I can use this experience to hit the ground running.  
Throughout my career I have had extensive interaction with senior management at my place of work, and with the companies I am assisting on legal matters. 
While I do not have experience working outside of the U.S., I did study abroad in London during my junior year in college. This opportunity allowed me to immerse myself in a foreign culture, and experience life in a different country. 
As a finance major, I have extensive exposure to corporate matters, including mergers and acquisitions. 
Throughout my career, I have been responsible for the management of a large portfolio of cases involving the defense of Fortune 50 Companies in a wide array of commercial and civil litigation matters, including: Breach of Contract, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Real Estate, Property Insurance Coverage and Premise Liability. 
I drafted a dispositive motion and first-chaired hearing, which led to the entry of final summary judgment in favor of client in Breach of Contract lawsuit involving $500,000 in damages. 
Financial Services Industry, Retail, and Insurance Industry
Yes, my practice is focused on commercial and civil litigation. 
1 admin, 1 paralegal
Law Firm
KatherineCoba - Resume (032017).pdf
41 18682018-03-13 20:57:02
Nicole Diaz
63 Market St
63 Market Street
Los Angeles
United States
Senior Counsel of Litigation and Compliance
Advance within in-house role at Snap for the next few years and then longer-term transition to GC or VP/Legal position at another company. 
I excel at being able to combine legal analysis with strategic business decision making, and I work well with people at many different levels of the company.  I love the idea of stepping into greater leadership roles, especially as a Latina/mixed woman. 
I want to learn more about what it takes to become GC, and begin to think of myself in terms of advanced future career development. 
Spanish (conversational)
As outside counsel, experience managing lawyers and contract attorneys.As in-house counsel, experience managing outside counsel.  
Currently, my direct boss is a VP/Executive at Snap. 
10 years as outside counsel, 4+ doing white-collar work, 5+ years doing civil defense work at state and federal level 1 year as a Federal District Clerk6 months managing litigation at Snap
Broadcom stock-options backdating case
Broad range of civil defense matters, from consumer class actions to breach of contract 
I have been a general litigator, but currently specialize in litigation matters affecting the tech industry - everything from tort matters to shareholder litigation. 
Effective communication Quick, strategic decision-makingExcellent interpersonal skillsGreat organizationGrowth: detailed monitoring of pending projects
Same as above, plus excellent legal/strategic analysis and grace under pressureGrowth: familiarity with business, ability to manage legal budget
Self-confidenceTransactional understandingBusiness understanding
Office picture.jpg
42 19062018-03-17 17:35:57
benjamin yrun ostapuk
2200 mission college blvd
mailstop RNB-4-150
santa clara
United States
Vice President, Director of Patent Litigation
Fortune 50-100 GC and Board member 
I'm currently in an outstanding senior track opportunity at Intel and will be increasingly better positioned for a large company GC role over the next few years.
Breadth of business/legal impact and ability to be a positive role model and sponsor/mentor in the Latino community.
Leadership/skills development and networking/visibility outside of my current organization.
Own Intel's outside counsel program, $100M-$200M annual legal fees budget; directly manage team of 20 in-house employees. 
Served as Board chairman of large non-profit; led successful merger.
Direct reporting responsibilities to Intel's C-Suite and GC.
One year expat rotation in Europe for Intel, 2013-14
Run Intel's patent litigation department, two-in-a-box for commercial and antitrust litigation and regulatory matters.
11 year outside counsel/partner at Skadden Arps and Kirkland & Ellis
patent litigation, patent licensing & strategy, policy.
3 associate general counsel1 Intel Fellow4 managing litigation counsel7 paralegals3 admins
greater opportunity to directly observe C-Suite/Management Committee strategic business decision making
Ostapuk resume 2018-1-1.pdf