Endorsements Coaching Sub-Committee


This Sub-Committee acts as a support team to the HNBA President and the Chair(s) of the Standing Committee on Endorsements. The Sub-Committee will offer robust interview coaching to HNBA-endorsed judicial candidates whom the Endorsements Committee interview team believes will benefit from additional coaching.  The Sub-Committee is comprised of 5-10 individuals, all of whom have substantial experience in the governmental interview process.  Members of the Sub-Committee will be geographically diverse so that endorsed-candidates can be paired with a local coach whenever possible.  The Endorsement Coaching Sub-Committee shall provide the assigned coach with a short memo or checklist of items that should be addressed with the candidate. Appointment to this Sub-Committee shall be for one HNBA Presidential term.



Ignacia S. Moreno
Endorsements Coaching Committee Chair
E: ignacia@imorenogroup.com