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2017 Annual Convention

Explore Kansas City


What’s in Kansas City you say?

Barbecue, fountains, baseball, jazz, and a whole lot more! Explore the city while you are there! See below for a list of the best sights to see and best restaurants to try in Kansas City, MO.

Known as “The City of Fountains,” Kansas City has hundreds of fountains dotting its landscape.

The Eater’s Guide to Kansas City

Guess who’s #1 for America’s Favorite BBQ Cities?

38th Annual Art Westport
September 8-10

Art Westport will celebrate 38 years of creativity on September
8th – 10th, 2017. The annual art festival has become a Kansas City
tradition and is a favorite among local artists. The three-day event
will take place in Historic Westport, providing the perfect backdrop
for a “Kansas City” Artists Fair.

The Best Cocktail Bars in Kansas City

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Museum Hopping in Kansas City! Make time to check out the museums!