HNBA Foreign-Trained Attorneys Section

The HNBA is committed to integrating foreign-trained JDs and LLMs into the HNBA community as well as the broader US legal community. The goal of the Section is to provide a space within the HNBA for foreign-trained JDs and LLMs to share experiences, resources, goals, and career advancement strategies. The Section is charged with: i) organizing initiatives, programs, and networking opportunities to help educate and prepare foreign-trained attorneys regarding US law school curriculum and US employment and careers (i.e., how to manage a job search to non-traditional careers for foreign-trained attorneys); ii) identifying ways to liaise and collaborate with US law schools, other foreign-trained attorneys and foreign bar associations to provide support for foreign-trained attorneys; and iii) making recommendations on how the HNBA can best provide education, resources regarding career options, education management, and development skills training for foreign-trained lawyers.



Michael A. Fernández

Foreign-Trained Attorneys Section Chair
Rivero Mestre LLP
New York, New York

Ivana Kriznic

Foreign-Trained Attorneys Section Co-Chair
Washington, DC

Ricardo Barquero Cordoba

Foreign-Trained Attorneys Section Vice Chair
Berkeley, CA


Subcommittee: HNBA Foreign-Trained Attorneys Abroad1

Sofia Wilson
London, UK



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