The HNBA Government and Administrative Law Section serves our members and the profession by furthering the development and improvement of related laws, educating HNBA members in Government and Administrative law and professional responsibilities, and helping members to serve their clients competently, efficiently and professionally.

The Government and Administrative Law Section is empowered and expected to:

  • Encourage attorneys working in government and administrative law — including administrative law judges — to share knowledge, ideas and experiences.
  • Provide mechanisms for networking and exchange among attorneys working in government, including federal agencies, and state and local entities.
  • Alert the HNBA membership and Board of Governors to issues related to the career progression and challenges faced by Hispanic government attorneys, and assist the HNBA in developing appropriate responses to those issues.
  • Discuss existing legal problems in cities, school districts, and other local governmental bodies.

Alex Pena
Government & Public Interest Law Chair