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HNBA Affiliates are local bar organizations and/or an affiliated associations that have been in existence for more than two years and have at least ten individual members. A local bar organization and/or an affiliated association may apply to become an HNBA Affiliate Member and pay an annual $250.00 membership fee. If accepted, the organization, through its president or designate, will have one voting seat on the HNBA Board of Governors. Once a local bar organization becomes an HNBA Affiliate, the individual members of the organization may become HNBA members with full benefits.
For additional information or inquiries, please contact the HNBA National Office at (202) 223-4777 or at To apply/renew your Affiliate Organization’s membership, please visit the members section of our website.


James Aliaga
Calcaterra Pollack LLP
New York, NY



HNBA Affiliate Organizations
(active as of 03/02/23)

  1. ACLU of Louisiana
  2. Colorado Hispanic Bar Association
  3. Connecticut Hispanic Bar Association
  4. Georgia Hispanic Bar Association
  5. Hispanic Bar Association of Austin
  6. Hispanic Bar Association of DC (HBADC)
  7. Hispanic Bar Association of Greater Kansas City
  8. Hispanic Bar Association of Houston
  9. Hispanic Bar Association of Michigan
  10. Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey
  11. Hispanic Bar Association of Pennsylvania
  12. Hispanic Bar Association of St. Louis
  13. Hispanic Lawyers Association of Louisiana
  14. Hispanic Lawyers Association of Illinois 
  15. Long Island Hispanic Bar Association
  16. Los Abogados Hispanic Bar Association
  17. Massachusetts Association of Hispanic Attorneys
  18. Mexican American Bar Association – Dallas
  19. Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association (MHBA)
  20. Nevada Latino Bar Association
  21. Oregon Hispanic Bar Association
  22. Puerto Rican Bar Association Of Illinois
  23. San Diego La Raza Lawyers Association
  24. San Francisco La Raza Lawyers Association

HNBA Associate Organizations – Non-Voting
(active as of 02/22/23)

  1. American University Latin American Law Student Association
  2. Chicano, Hispanic, Latino Law Student Association at the University of Texas School of Law
  3. Hispanic Law Student Association at the University of Memphis
  4. Hispanic Law Students Association at Florida International University
  5. Inter American University Law School Chapter
  6. New England Latin American Law Students Association at Boston Law
  7. Oklahoma City University School of Law Hispanic Law Students Association
  8. The Association of Latin American Law Students at Rutgers Law School (Newark)
  9. University of Georgia School of Law Hispanic Law Students Association
  10. The University of Mississippi Latinx Law Student Association


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