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HNBA/Microsoft Intellectual Property Law Institute (IPLI) Roadshow



The HNBA has expanded the reach of the highly successful HNBA/Microsoft Intellectual Property Law Institute (IPLI) to our local communities. We recruit intellectual property lawyer members throughout our HNBA network of nineteen (19) Regions and twenty-nine (29) Affiliates encompassing the United States, Puerto Rico, and its territories, to speak to local law school students in their regions using a pre-packaged presentation about basic concepts of intellectual property law and the interesting things that intellectual property lawyers do, plus each speaker imparts his/her own personal IP career story which is surely inspiring. The mission of this IPLI Roadshow is to encourage law students in every corner of the U.S., Puerto Rico and its territories to consider IP law careers and apply to our annual HNBA/Microsoft IPLI program in June in Washington, D.C.


If you are an IP attorney interested in participating, or a law school who would like an IP attorney to come speak at your school, please fill out the corresponding form:

For questions or assistance please contact Carla Martin, HNBA Director of Administration & Management at: