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The HNBA Intellectual Property Law Section is intended to serve HNBA members and the profession by furthering the development and improvement of intellectual property law, educating HNBA members in intellectual property legal matters and related professional responsibilities, and helping members to serve their clients competently, efficiently and professionally.

The IP Law Section is empowered and expected to:

  • Provide a forum for interested HNBA members to share knowledge and study cutting-edge issues concerning patents, trademarks, copyrights, licensing arrangements and other intellectual property matters.
  • Provide a venue for HNBA members with intellectual property practices to engage in meaningful networking and exchanges of ideas.


Jorge Gonzalez
HNBA Intellectual Property Law Section Co-Chair​
Chicago, IL
E: jfgonza2@hotmail.com

Brianna Hinojosa-Smith
HNBA Intellectual Property Law Section Co-Chair
Yum! Brands
Dallas, TX
E: Brianna_hinojosa@hotmail.com