Divisions, Sections & Committees


The HNBA International Law Section serves HNBA members and the profession by furthering the development and improvement of public and private international law and educating HNBA members with international practice interests on relevant legal developments in order to help them serve their clients competently, efficiently and professionally.

The International Law Section is empowered and expected to:

  • Promote knowledge-sharing and networking among interested HNBA members and stakeholders in the international legal arena, including academics, government officials, in-house counsel at multinational corporations, and officials of international bodies such as the Organization of American States, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and similar institutions.
  • Monitor international developments as they affect the rule of law, human rights and the judiciary and lawyers abroad, in order to bring information and proposals to the HNBA Board of Governors for action when necessary and appropriate.
  • Promote the exchange of best practices in counseling international business on legal compliance and corporate social responsibility.
  • Promote collaboration with the leaders of international bar associations and those throughout Spain, Portugal and Latin America.
  • Offer programs on international legal topics using an integrated comparative law approach (i.e., trade regulation, public international law, international human rights, managing a global workforce, corporate, tax, labor and protection of intellectual property rights).

The Subcommittee in Latin American Affairs studies current issues in cross-border transactions and private dispute resolution relevant to members’ practices; studies changes in U.S. policy toward countries in Latin America and the Caribbean and reviews foreign issues impacting the domestic legal community and the Hispanic community residing in the United States; promotes human rights, rule of law and anti-corruption initiatives in Latin America; supports pro bono programs of organizations in the region; and furthers the participation of the HNBA in issues affecting hemispheric affairs by strengthening its relationships with important institutions and preeminent jurists, government officials and other leaders in the region.


Marta Carreira-Slabe
HNBA International Law Section Chair

E: marta.carreira-slabe@aon.com

Michael Fernandez
Latin American Affairs Committee Chair