Intellectual Property Law Institute™ (IPLI)*
Program Overview

*This program is not a fundraising event for HNBA/VIA and is presented for educational purposes only.

On its upcoming 8th year, and after 186 scholars completed the program, approximately 67% of IPLI alumni are practicing IP or tech law. Don’t miss the opportunity to be one of up to 30 students selected for this prestigious learning and mentoring experience fostering diverse and dynamic future legal leaders!

The trailblazing HNBA/VIA IPLI:

  • Educates Hispanic law students about careers in IP and tech law.
  • Offers a robust curriculum and access to key government agencies and regulators in the fields.
  • Provides effective mentorship relationships with top Corporate and Law Firm practitioners.
  • Facilitates career development, placement, and leadership opportunities for IPLI scholars.

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2021 IPLI™ Agenda

Download full IPLI2021 Booklet HERE.

2021 IPLI™ Steering Committee

Carlos Bollar, National President-Elect and HNBA VIA Fund Vice-Chair, HNBA

Chi Chang, Lead Patent Counsel, Apple

Alba Cruz-Hacker, HNBA Executive Director & COO and HNBA VIA Fund President, HNBA

Elia Diaz-Yaeger, National President and HNBA VIA Fund Chair, HNBA

Mick Konowal, Senior Attorney, Microsoft

Qianru Li, Senior Patent Counsel, Genentech

Bernadette Lopez, Associate Corporate Counsel, Amazon

Erika Lopez-Tello, Director of Operations, HNBA

Carla Martin, Director of Programs, HNBA

Rosevelie Márquez Morales, VP of Programs, Su Futuro, HNBA

Mo Metanat, Associate General Counsel , Facebook

Ana Nicacio, Senior Corporate Counsel, Microsoft

Alex Ponce de Leon, Corporate Counsel & Manager, Litigation Group, Google

Catherine Romero, Senior Attorney, Microsoft

Jennifer Salinas, Executive Director, General Counsel, Infrastructure Solutions Group, Global Litigation, Lenovo

Greg Sato, Managing Counsel, Intel

Bryan Zielinski, Chief Patent Counsel, Pfizer