Judicial Endorsements Committee



Robert Raben
HNBA Judicial Endorsements Committee Chair

The HNBA Judicial Endorsements Committee is responsible for reviewing any requests for an HNBA endorsement for a Judicial appointment. Thanks to its thorough recruitment and vetting process, the HNBA has a respected track record with several administrations when it comes to candidates presented for a Judicial appointment. Click here to review the Guide for Judicial Appointments.

Those interested in an HNBA endorsement and assistance throughout the application process should first contact their HNBA Regional President and complete the endorsements nomination application form by clicking here. The HNBA Endorsements Form has all the information that you will need to fully understand Judicial positions, the HNBA endorsements process, and the federal nominations process.

For additional information on the nominations process, candidates may also contact Robert Raben, HNBA Judicial Endorsements Committee Chair, via Josilyn Sacks at Jsacks@rabengroup.com.