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Compliance & Ethics Section


The purposes of the C&E Section shall be to (i) further the HNBA’s goals and purposes, and thereby to serve the community and the legal profession by promoting the expertise, advancement and empowerment of Hispanic/Latino compliance and ethics attorneys; (ii) promote active participation of Section members in HNBA matters of policy and governance; (iii) provide Section members a greater voice and visibility within the HNBA; and (iv) engage Section members in the development and planning of programs to meet the needs of Section members.

The C&E Section will be empowered and expected to:
• Serve as a nationally-recognized voice, platform and resource of expertise on compliance and ethics issues and initiatives;
• Strive to unify and promote HNBA C&E Section members around compliance and ethics objectives;
• Develop and execute educational training programs including CLE, articles, and publications;
• Facilitate professional networking functions to enhance knowledge sharing and pro-mote collaboration focused on compliance and ethics issues; and
• Expand the opportunities and engagement of the Hispanic/Latino Legal Community to become meaningfully involved in the compliance and ethics profession, including at law firms, as in-house counsel, at government agencies and in academia.



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Richard Montes de Oca
Managing Partner
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Adrian Sierra
Chief Executive Officer
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