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# Id Submit date Name Email Phone Street Address Street Address Line 2 City State / Province / Region Postal / Zip Code Country Current Position Career Goal Do you believe you are currently qualified for a F500 GC Placement Opportunity? If no, why not? Why do you want to become a F500 GC? What do you hope to achieve by participating in Poder25? Highest Degree Obtained College & Post-Graduate Degrees: List languages you speak Team management experience Experience working with boards of directors? Interaction with senior management? Experience working outside of the U.S.? Corporate/M&A experience? Litigation experience? Notable cases or deals in private practice? Notable cases or deals which you spearheaded or had primary supervisory oversight? Top three industries in which you have worked: Do you have a specific practice area now? If no, have you ever specialized in a specific area of the law? Number and titles of direct reports (can group in categories, e.g. "4 attorneys, 3 paralegals, and 1 admin") Annual revenue of current organization or segment that you oversee Other relevant experience Do you currently have an Executive Coach? Have you ever had an Executive Coach? Do you currently work with an Executive Recruiting Firm or placement organization? If yes, who? If your direct reports were to complete a "360" degree" evaluation on you, how would they describe you? What would they likely identify as your areas for opportunity? If your General Counsel (or person to whom you directly report) were to evaluate you, how would they describe you? What would they likely identify as your areas for opportunity?(1) What do you believe are the areas you need to develop in order to be Fortune 500 "GC Ready?" Any other information you would want an Executive Placement Search Firm to know about you? Upload Headshot Upload Resume/CV
1 3486 2019-01-09 18:17:16
Lynn Trevino Legler
6300 Lamar Ave
Shawnee Mission
United States
Sr. Employment Attorney
After almost ten years, I have recently made the transition from private practice to an in-house position.  My current objective is to continue to hone my skills in an in-house environment.  My ultimate career goal is to be general counsel at an international company with a focus on litigation and employment-related issues. 
Since I have just recently made the transition to my first in-house position, there is more that I want to experience and learn prior to marketing myself for a F500 GC placement.  I want to provide myself the best opportunity for success and I believe that will happen if I continue to invest time in the development of the appropriate skill set- specific to in-house positions. 
I believe that the best way to effect change is from the inside out. 
As I have experienced in my own practice, the presence of strong mentors is invaluable to the growth and development of one's career.  I believe that participating in Poder25 will allow me to develop relationships and learn from others that have already found success in a similar career trajectory.  I believe that this  type of mentorship is critical to my future success in an in-house environment. 
Juris Doctorate 
Bachelor of Arts Juris Doctorate 
English and conversational Spanish
I currently work for an organization in transition with limited resources.  As such, strong team management is critical to achieving our goals within the designated time period.  My approach to team management includes frequent informal communication to provide the appropriate amount of education, encouragement, and timely constructive feedback. 
My current in-house position is focused on relationships with senior management vs. the board of directors. Please see below for additional details. 
In my current in-house position, my key business partners include senior management of the company and associated subsidiaries.  Maintaining strong relationships and providing quality service to my key business partners is the focus of my position.
Prior to becoming an attorney, I worked in the Marketing and Advertising industry.  During that time, I managed client accounts that had presence in Mexico and Central America.
Please see resume for detailed information regarding my litigation experience during private practice. 
FinancialHealth CareManufacturing
I have varied and extensive experience in labor and employment law including litigation and advising.  Additional areas of expertise include electronic discovery and associated issues.
During my private practice direct reports included legal administrative assistants and paralegals.  Currently, in my in-house position, direct reports include paralegals.
Please see resume attached for detailed information regarding relevant experience.
I believe my direct reports would say that I strive to provide my clients with the best quality service.  I also hope that they would tell you that I invest in their success by taking the time to provide them with information and support that they need. In short, I care.
Same as above. 
I believe that I have the legal background and training needed to be successful.  I feel, however, that I need to diversify my in-house experience. 
TrevinoLegler Resume-1 2019.doc
2 3474 2019-01-07 18:41:37
Ana Salas Siegel
+1 786-208-5781
2350 N.W. 117 Place
2nd Floor
Coral Gables
United States
General Counsel
My long standing career goal has been to become a General Counsel at a Fortune 500 Company where I can play a central role in managing risk as well as developing, enhancing and executing the company's business objectives. I would also use my role to increase the pipeline of top female and minority legal talent. 
Since 2010, I have served as General Counsel for two large subsidiaries of public companies (for 12 years, at Fox International Channels (Newscorp is the parent company) and now at NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises (Comcast is the parent company)). I seek to further develop my current skill set and expand my exposure to complex business and legal matters. I believe that I am both well-suited and well-prepared for a position in a public company where I would be; make risks assessments; establishing business, legal, and regulatory policy and helping to set business objectives.
I hope to learn the skill set necessary to best position myself for a F500 GC role. I would like to gain insight on ways to be a more effective business executive and leader. I am also looking to increase my network of colleagues, mentors and future sponsors. 
Juris Doctorate 
Amherst College - BAHarvard Law School - JD
Since 2000, I have been managing teams.  My first team consisted of one administrative assistant and one paralegal. My largest team consisted of 22 attorneys and 12 professional staff located in 7 different countries. 
Over the years, I have worked with several non-profit boards. In my support of the arts, I currently sit on the board of directors of the Coral Gables Arts Cinema (non-profit independent art house cinema).  I also serve as Vice-Chair of the Florida Film and Entertainment Advisory Council (advisory body to the Department of Economic Opportunity and to the Florida Office of Film & Entertainment to provide industry insight and expertise related to developing, marketing, promoting, and providing services to Florida’s entertainment industry).In my support of women and minority  issues, I have served for several years on the United Way of Miami Women's Leadership Council. I also served for some time on the board of Kristi House (a non-profit organization dedicated to healing and eradicating child sexual abuse).  
I work with senior management on a daily basis in setting business strategies and analyzing risks and opportunities. I report directly to the Chairman and CEO of the company as well as to the General Counsel of our parent company.  My senior management colleagues are division presidents as well as the CMO; CFO and COO.
During my time at Fox, I worked in the Buenos Aires office for a year learning the business and establishing a local legal team. While still at Fox, I also worked for 3 months in our Rome office learning about our European operations.I also traveled extensively throughout Latin America and Asia support and growing our local operations. 
During my in-house career, I have had directly responsibility for managing and restructuring partnerships, joint ventures and other business operations in Latin America.  I am currently involved in a potential acquisition for which, once completed, I will be responsible for implementing and integrating into the existing business structure.
I have not had direct litigation experience.  However, I am in close collaboration with NBCUniversal’s corporate legal resources on all litigation, matters including selection of outside counsel; development of litigation strategy as well as participation in proceedings.
I have not had a specific practice area for many years. Very early on in my career and for a short period of time, I worked in the M&A department of a large firm. Thereafter, I started work as in-house counsel and have served in a generalist capacity ever since.
I currently have a team of 22:Attorneys: 8Paralegals:6 Professional staff: 7Admin Asst: 1
In the fall of 2018, I completed the Aspen Institute Executive Seminar. I gained keen insight on ways to be a more effective and enlightened leader. Specifically, I walked away from the experience with a greater appreciation for the value of (i) recognizing my inherent beliefs and assumptions about myself and others; (ii) challenging my value system through rigorous self-analysis and exchanges with others and (iii) mindful focus on making meaningful contributions to my team and my company.  
My direct reports would describe me as a manager who constantly challenges herself and others to deliver the best performance.  As an executive, they would describe me as deliberate in my analysis and decisive in my actions.In terms of areas of opportunity, they would indicate that I am often impatient with the pace of progress.
My superiors (both on the business and legal side) would describe me as a strong communicator and effective negotiator - one who is able to achieve positive results while maintaining good relationships with counterparts. 
AnaSSiegel.Resume 2018.doc
3 3462 2019-01-05 17:14:45
Maria Mancilla Diaz
11708 Tanglewood Drive
11708 Tanglewood Drive
Eden Prairie
United States
Business Unit Controller and Attorney
My career goal is to become a General Counsel for my current employer, Republic Services.
“GC Next” Track is perfect for me because it will give me the tools that I need to make the move to the Legal department and excel as a General Counsel.
By participating in Poder25, I will improve networking skills and learn ways to move up the in-house ranks. I have beem moving up steadily. I started as a receptionist and now I am the Business Unit Controller.  
Juris Doctor
Bachelors of Science, Management
I spearhead a team of 5 employees. I manage a CPA and other business professionals. 
I prepare and submit quarterly representation letters to the Company's Board of Directors. 
Interaction with senior management is constant. Our Business Unit is visited by senior management and presentations to senior management are scheduled as needed. On average, this means I have face to face interaction with our CFO, COO, or a General Counsel once a year. I have interaction with Senior Vice Presidents once a quarter. Our corporate office is in Phoenix, Arizona and I work in Minnesota. 
Republic Services only operates in the U.S. 
I was a key role in the strategy dealing and finance reporting of a gas to energy plant purchase. $13MI was involved with P&L and Balance Sheet analysis for the acquisition of a recycling plant. $8MI manage acquisition and divestiture opportunities on a local level. 
I recently became a licensed attorney in 11/2018. I am helping with pro bono cases for the Southern Minnesota Regional Legal Services. I have completed an eviction expungement case. 
MilitaryIndustrialWaste Management
1 Assistant Controller1 CPA1 Accountant2 Billing Coordinators
RSG Revenue: $10B Eden Prairie Revenue:$87M
My direct reports would evaluate me as a flexible and fair manager. They would likely say that I am a down to earth and easy going manager. They would likely identify more collaboration as an area of opportunity. I can do a better job at delegating some of the low priority items to them. 
He would describe me as having incredible business acumen and a very strong work ethic. He would likely say that I need to continue developing presentation skills and network more. 
I need to gain more legal experience. 
I have been selected by my employer as a top talent. This means they have earmarked me as a strong candidate to continue developing and supporting. I have been with Republic Services for 14 years and they have invested in me tremendously. They have been very flexible with me by allowing me to change my schedule to accommodate school and bar study. They have invested over $100k in relocation costs so that I can relocate from Las Vegas, NV to Eden Prairie, MN. This relocation will help me acquire municipal contracts and open market experience. Republic Services values promoting from within and I know that with my strong work ethic, my employer's support, and Poder25, I will be a General Counsel in 5 to 10 years. 
4 3429 2019-01-04 03:20:17
Paul Garcia
20 Country Court
20 Country Court
United States
Associate General Counsel, IP & Litigation
To become a F500 GC.
I have always been a business-minded lawyer.  A F500 GC position would best allow me to partner with the company’s business leaders, using the skills and experience I have developed over the last 25+ years. 
By participating in Poder25, I hope to be exposed to new opportunities and to learn how to best position myself for the next level.  I also hope to shore up those areas that might need support.
JD, University of Chicago Law School
A.B., Vassar College, Double Major in Political Science & Hispanic Studies
English, Spanish
At each stage of my professional career, I have successfully managed teams.  Right out of college, I quickly became the Paralegal Supervisor at a high-end patent boutique law firm, where I managed a team of more than 20 paralegals.  As an Assistant United States Attorney, I managed many teams of lawyers and law enforcement agents in the investigation and prosecution of federal crimes.  As a partner in law firms, I managed teams of junior lawyers and also participated in firm management on various nationwide committees.  Finally, as an in-house attorney, I have continued to manage teams of lawyers and support personnel.
I have long advised boards of directors of small and large companies, both publicly and privately held.  The last few years I have had the privilege of advising boards of directors on the inside of F500 companies, including preparing and presenting on important issues.
I have decades of experience interacting with and advising senior management.  I believe in diplomatically giving candid and constructive advice, and in listening closely to the needs and goals of management.  I view the role of lawyer as a collaborator and partner with the business leaders.
I have substantial experience working outside the U.S.  As a private lawyer, I was involved in several high-stakes international intellectual property disputes.   In my role as the Global Chief Intellectual Property Litigation Counsel at GE, I oversaw all domestic and foreign IP litigation matters.  This afforded me the opportunity to manage important matters throughout the world, including in Germany, Sweden, France, and China.  My current position is limited to the U.S., since Frontier does not have international operations.
My primary experience is as a business-minded lawyer primarily in the area of high-stakes civil and criminal disputes and investigations.  This has exposed me to a fair amount of corporate matters, but less so on the M&A side, except insofar as M&A activity has resulted in disputes or has involved IP due diligence in advance of an acquisition.
I have vast and deep litigation experience, both civil and criminal, domestic and international.  I have tried many cases to verdict, argued bet-the-company cases in numerous courts of appeal, and have litigated hundreds of high-stakes matters.  See resume.
I have had the privilege and responsibility to be involved in and lead many notable cases throughout my 25+ year career, including high-stakes trials and appeals, public corruption criminal investigations and trials, and important pro bono matters involving constitutional rights.  Some were reported in the national and local media.  See resume.
My answer here is the same as that for the previous question.
I have worked in numerous industries over the years; my practice required me to be versed in and learn many technologies and industries.  I currently work in the telecommunications industry.  At GE, I interfaced with each of its business units, which include oil & gas, lighting, power, aviation, digital, and transportation.  In private practice, I worked extensively in the consumer products, fashion, and toy industries.
I have deep experience in all aspects of civil and criminal litigation and investigations, with an emphasis on Intellectual Property matters of all types—patents, trade secrets, copyright, trademark and unfair competition.
At GE, I had 3 direct attorney reports and several non-lawyer reports. At Frontier, we have a much smaller and flatter in-house legal team of only about 15 lawyers nationwide, so I report directly to the GC and have no direct lawyer reports.
Frontier Communications has a reported annual revenue of over $9 billion.
I have always had a deep commitment to pro bono work, including successfully representing indigent federal criminal defendants in their direct appeals; assisting with voter protection efforts in support of political campaigns, as well as for MALDEF; and I have long had a commitment to organizations such as the HNBA.  (I was the HNBA’s national Student Division President during my second year of law school.)  I also currently sit on the boards of two philanthropic organizations, both of which are dedicated to creating educational opportunities for disadvantaged students.
They would describe me as creative, smart, hard working, and dedicated. They would likely say that I have an opportunity for growth in the level of my expectations for achievement, which they might say sometimes are too high.
My GC would likely also describe me as creative, smart, hard working, dedicated, and a team player who is willing to roll up his sleeves to do what needs to get done.  I think he would say that I have an opportunity to grow in my exposure to the mechanics of corporate governance. 
I believe I am ready now.  A company looking for a more corporate/M&A GC might want me to develop that area further.  However, I am smart and learn quickly, and believe in surrounding myself with smarter people who know more than I do, so that I can lean on them for counsel.  
I am the son of two academics who from an early age learned the value of hard work and getting a good education. My family and my faith are of central importance in my life.
Garcia Paul R.JPG
GARCIA, Paul R - Resume Jan 2019.pdf
5 3427 2019-01-02 18:52:35
Shelbie Luna
2550 W. North Ave
Second Floor
United States
General Counsel
Please accept my late submission.  I had surgery on December 20th and was not in a position to submit prior.  My career goals include continuing my professional growth and development as an in-house General Counsel.  
I am new to in house and new to being a General Counsel.  I see myself ready for such a role in the next 10 years, and would hope to have an opportunity to obtain the experience I need professionally both in my organization and through  this program.  
I know as cliche as this may sound, it is true.  I came from very humble roots and want to have this opportunity to work hard and show others that the "dream" is possible with hard work and perseverance.  
I hope to network with thought leaders, and General Counsel/ in -house leaders and attend programming, both of which I would not have access to without the program.  
B.S. Criminal JusticeJ.D.
English and (beginner) Spanish 
Extensive experience managing our Administrative Team.  
Extensive experience working with our board of directors.  Although not part of my title, I essentially service as our corporate secretary.  
I am a member of our executive management team and report directly to the CEO.  
Law school classes and small amount of summer associate work.  
I spent the entirety of my private practice years as a management side employment litigator.  
Worked on several nation-wide FLSA class action lawsuits in lead roles.  
Numerous cases for clients as primary litigator for various employment law matters.  
Real Estate Development and Management Non-ProfitCommunity Development 
My background was all management side employment law.  Now, I manage all of my organization's legal needs.  
4 direct reportsHuman Resource ManagerTechnology ManagerCommunications ManagerResource Development Manager3 additional non-direct reports on my team:Human Resource GeneralistSecretary Receptionist 
I gained experience as a trusted client partner, and now work for a former client as their first General Counsel.  
I know my team would say I am fair, engaged and as hands on/off as they need/ want.  I operate with a "trust but verify" mentality and give my team a great amount of leeway to do their job and do it well with as much guidance as they need from me.  
My CEO would describe me (as she most recently did in my last review) as hardworking, dedicated, operating with integrity and tenacity.  
I need to expand my business experience breadth.  I am committed to gaining the experience necessary in the years to come.  
Shelbie Luna 2018 Headshot.jpg
Shelbie J Luna -Resume updated May 2018.pdf
6 3425 2019-01-01 06:09:46
Karen Salas Morales
151 Michigan Ave 
Apt 525
MIAMI Beach 
United States
VP Legal LATAM & Global Chief Privacy Officer
To become a GC 
I believe it’s the next step in my career and I would love the challenge. 
To make the right contacts and help open doors that may not otherwise be available to a Hispanic woman in today’s legal world. 
LLM in taxation
BSBA with a major in Finance and minors in English and Economics. JD and finally, an  LLM in taxation. 
English and Spanish 
I currently manage a team of 6 direct reports and the 9 Latin America legal directors of our local  operations  report dotted line to me (and directly to country GMs). 
I report directly to the GC, who forms part of the Executive Committee (EC)  and have to report to the EC on data privacy matters from time to time. 
I have always practiced within the US, but overseee the Central and South American legal teams of my company. 
Prior to going in-house, I was a partner in the Corporare Department of K&L Gates. I did M&A while at K&L and currently lead M&A deals in Latam for my company. 
I only have litigation experience from my role as in-house counsel. I didn’t practice litigation in private practice. 
I had primary oversight over the largest bond issuance in Guatemala a few years ago. In 2017-18, I also had primary oversight over  Millicom International’a tower sale and leaseback deals in Paraguay, Colombia and El Salvador. I have also overseen various cable acquisitions for our Latin American operations and was also involved in the recently announced acquisition of Cable Onda in Panama. 
Corporate and M&A. 
5 Attorneys (2 Senior Counsels, 3 Corporate Counsels), 1 contract manager   In 2019, the Senior Counael for Treasury and the Trademark counsel are also supposed to start reporting to me. 
Approx $6 billion
Have been in-house at Millicom for over 6 years and was previously a partner at K&L Gates. 
They would describe me as friendly, but demanding when it comes toWork. I expect people to give their best and learn from mistakes and find it very important that they take pride in their work. 
Hard working and dedicated. A team player. I was told I need to work on ensuring I have more visibility with the Executive Committee
I need to make the right contacts and am currently working on getting more securities experience, which I believe I need for a GC position. 
I’m always up for a challenge and am open to opportunities in different industries. 
7 3424 2019-01-01 04:53:47
David DeAnda
3814 Rice Blvd
3814 Rice Blvd
United States
Chief Legal Officer
To obtain a leadership position in a legal department of a Fortune 1000 company that will utilize the legal and leadership skills.
I am currently CLO of a Texas chartered credit union.  I feel that I am currently under utilized at my current position and would like to obtain a more challenging position where I can work on more sophisticated transactions.
I hope to gain the exposure and training to allow me the capability to obtain a GC position at a larger company.
JD - UT AustinBBA Accounting - UT AustinCPA
I am currently the sole attorney at a credit union where I also manage the compliance and internal audit staff of the credit union. 
I am currently the senior executive liaison for the Board of Directors of my employer. My board is comprised of eight volunteer board members.
I am currently a member of senior executive staff and report directly to the CEO.
None, however I do have experience working on US/Mexico border.
I was an associated with Locke Lord for 9 years in the business tax group of the law firm.  
Currently manage the bankruptcy docket of the credit union and assist outside counsel with the representation of the credit union in employment, collection and litigation matters.
Financial institutionsAviationTaxOil and Gas
3 compliance/internal audit staff
The credit union I work for has assets of approximately $420 million
They would describe me as an open door type of person with a fondness for to do lists and special products.  An area of opportunity would likely be that I am sometimes slow to adopt new technology.    
He would describe me as a hard working detail oriented individual.  An area of opportunity would be that I sometimes dwell on the negative.
I need more exposure to sophisticated legal and corporate matters.
Prior to attending law school I worked for several years so I have a prior working background and am a CPA.  
Res David DeAnda .doc
8 3423 2019-01-01 02:31:41
camellia noriega
832 biscayne drive
west palm beach
United States
Senior Attorney - Litigation
Become general counsel of a Fortune 500 company, increase and promote Latinos/as, persons of color and women for inhouse and outside counsel positions, and make pro bono work integral to a corporate legal department.
While I have been an attorney for over 16 years, I have only served inhouse for a little over one year.  In this new role, I am still learning about the essential needs of my client, including understanding the various different business and their presuit and postsuit needs, and providing general business advice from an inhouse perspective.  Additionally, I am learning about the politics of a corporate environment and the importance of establishing a relationship with the businesses so that they trust me enough to seek advice prior to any suit being filed. This new role is both exciting and challenging.  I possess the underlying skills but I am still developing how to best serve the businesses I now work for.
I want to become a F500 GC because I believe I have the  unique skills and attributes to successfully lead a corporate legal department.  I want to challenge myself and provide greater opportunities to make change for other Latinos/as, people of color and women.  My goal is to be able to provide innovative solutions through the law and have as a wide of an impact as possible.
Poder25 would give me the opportunity to meet other Latinos/as with similar goals, but also to learn about some of the strategies for success, and more importantly failures, from mentors and fellow Poder25 participants.
English, Spanish
In my current role as inhouse litigation attorney, I partially manage one other attorney and manage one legal assistant, as part of a four person litigation team.  In my previous positions, I managed teams of attorneys  up to 20-30 people, and investigations involving 3-4 of attorneys and experts.
Advisory Board Member for Loyola University Chicago, School of Law's Institute for Consumer Antitrust Studies.
I work with the general counsel and senior management of the various businesses companies and units on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.
I have guest lectured a class at a Mexican university regarding U.S. antitrust law.  I have managed a fraud investigation in Mexico.  Additionally, I have traveled to Europe regarding potential antitrust violations by individual employees of a client.
I have been involved in antitrust challenges to potential mergers including HSR investigations and trials.  I have provided pre-litigation advice on corporate contract business disputes and the potential structuring of businesses and transactions
 I was a federal law clerk for 3 years and an assistant attorney general for under a year. However, the majority of my work experience has been litigation and investigations in antitrust, money laundering, fraud, ponzi schemes and other white collar crimes.
Successfully settled an alleged million dollar breach of contract case filed in the Southern District of Florida. Successfully settled alleged million dollar trespassing and negligence claim in Western District of Oklahoma.Part of four-person team that won $67 million dollar judgment against TD bank for fraud as part of the billion dollar Scott Rothstein Ponzi scheme in the Southern District of Florida.
In private practice, my clients varied across the board:  from drug companies and tank container shippers, to funeral home operators to grocery store chains.  In my current role, my employer is in the business of renewable energy.
I am now focusing on expanding my general business practice and litigation skills.  I have previously specialized in antitrust, and white collar investigations and litigation.
Partially one attorney, one paralegal.
They would describe me as smart, patient, and team oriented.  Additionally, they would describe me as willing to help them succeed in their own jobs as best I can.  They would identify my areas of opportunity as growing my team and expanding my role in the company. 
My general counsel and direct supervisor would describe me as sharp and inquisitive, and as a strategic thinker.  They would state my areas of opportunity as growing my understanding of the various business units and the companies' legal strategies, and the politics of the corporate environment.
I need to expand my networking skills and better understand some the implicit challenges of being a Latina general counsel in a corporate legal world.
I am excited about the opportunity to meet other Latinos/as who are taking the initiative to expand their network and skills and become a F500 GC. It is always great to meet smart and innovative people.
Headshots-278 -smaller.jpg
Camellia_Noriega_Resume -2018.docx
9 3422 2019-01-01 01:46:14
Richard Rosalez
3208 Princeton Ave
Attn: Rich
United States
Vice President, Litigation
I aspire to serve as GC of a major company, such as for a F500 or equally large privately held corporation.  I would like the opportunity to lead a legal department and serve as the lead lawyer and act as a trusted partner on significant legal matters that arise, as well as other business and strategic issues.  I am also interested in a broader leadership role such as COO or CEO once I have proven myself as a GC.
Not applicable
I welcome the challenge to serve as a F500 GC.  I believe I have proven myself capable of such responsibility and it is the next logical step in my career progression.
I hope to improve skills associated with being a leader and a team player, to gain insights from others, and to enhance my professional network.
Juris Doctorate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS Urban Studies and Planning; Columbia University School of Law, JD
English; proficient in Spanish, but likely not enough for professional purposes
I have managed younger lawyers since 2003 or 2004, and I quickly started managing both small and large teams of lawyers and other professionals.  That continued throughout my time at major international law firms on a range of matters, including antitrust, intellectual property, white collar and government enforcement, and complex commercial matters.  At Samsung, I have managed teams and been responsible for both in-house teams and outside counsel.  This includes a complex docket of scores and even hundreds of matters at times.
I advised boards and board committees while I worked at large international law firms from 2001-2011, including for major tech companies and banks/financial institutions.  This included direct and regular access for matters such as serving as counsel to board member led integration teams in multi-billion dollar  mergers and as counsel in investigation and government enforcement matters.  I have not had the same opportunity in-house as I work for a privately held company.
Similar to above, I have a long history of working directly with senior management.  More recently at Samsung, 2011-present, I regularly advise our senior leadership team.  I have frequent contact with our most senior executives, and I provide regular updates and advice, and I also anticipate requests for the same, and I respond quickly when called upon.
I have no direct experience working abroad, but I work regularly with colleagues who are based outside of the US, primarily in South Korea.  
I have had limited direct corporate/M&A experience, though I have worked with integration teams and provided other daily and regular antitrust and competition counseling as a result of M&A.  Likewise, I have managed teams that evaluated litigation risks associated with M&A due diligence.  Lastly, I have routinely managed antitrust inquiries and advised on antitrust matters, many of which result from proposed M&A activities.
Yes, I have extensive experience in intellectual property, antitrust, white collar and government enforcement, class actions, product liability, and litigation management.
I was the lead lawyer for two Samsung subsidiaries in the US for extensive litigation with Apple.  I have led scores of matters including several that were valued at more than a billion, and some at several billions of dollars.  I have also led trial teams, and worked on significant appeals, and managed the dismissal and resolution of dozens of class actions.  Please see resume for representative matters from my time as outside counsel.
Please see above.
Telecommunications, consumer electronics, banking/financial institutions.
Yes, in litigation.  Within litigation intellectual property, antitrust, class actions, product liability, government enforcement and white collar, and complex commercial litigation.
2 attorneys, 3 paralegals, 1 admin, and numerous other indirect reports 
I have served in other leadership roles outside of work, including as a youth sports coach and adventure guides leader.  I volunteer at my local schools and I serve as an advisor (similar to a local board member) for a charter school.
I believe my direct reports would describe me as thoughtful, highly competent, skilled in communicating and managing matters, and caring, a strong manager who empowers team members.  I regularly request and receive feedback on what I could be doing better.  I try to address these issues as best as I can.
My GC would describe me as smart, talented, and critically important to the team and company, as that is what I have heard repeatedly.  As far as areas of opportunity, he might say navigating political issues more tactfully, but these are often unknowable scenarios until you learn about them after the fact.
I likely need more exposure to other business areas and understanding their needs a little better.  While my experience is in litigation, there are certainly commercial issues where I could improve my understanding and expertise.  I believe I could take that on, as well as new products, services, or areas of business as a new opportunity might require.
I am ready to roll.  I am primarily interested in staying in the DFW area.  It would take a remarkable opportunity for me to look elsewhere.
RCRosalez Headshot.jpg
10 3421 2019-01-01 00:19:42
Jame Ortiz
2030 8th Avenue
Apt 1210
United States
Corporate Counsel at Inc.
General Counsel of a F500 Company
I need more in-house experience, including more in-house management experience and exposure to a board of directors. 
I want to become a F500 GC as a means to create more opportunities for the next generation of Hispanic lawyers, both directly and by driving corporate participation in diversity initiatives. 
I hope to learn how to package and market my specific strengths (high emotional intelligence, international experience and perspective, etc.), identify in-house opportunities where those strengths will be valued, and determine concrete next steps to further my career. 
J.D. from NYU School of LawB.A. from University of Southern California
English and Spanish
I have 10 years of individual management experience 6 years of team management experience at Clifford Change and Dechert (the two law firms I practiced at before moving in-house). At Amazon, my team management experience is more informal - I often direct the actions of other teams (Restricted Products, Product Safety, Tax, etc.), and I also mentor a number of more junior attornies.My management 
My lients at Amazon together drive GMS sufficient to qualify as a F500 company (if they were separate from the larger entity). I meet with each of them monthly and work with them on significant legal issues.I've also proposed policy changes at Amazon that required buy-in from a number of senior leaders reporting directly to Jeff Bezos. 
I spent a year working in London and a year working in Dubai (in both cases, with Clifford Chance).
My background is in international capital markets.  My current role is as a general corporate lawyer for Amazon. 
Clerked for Justice Zaffaroni of the Supreme Court of Argentina during law school. 
Negotiated agreement between Amazon and Sears and its affiliates to bring Kenmore major appliances onto (first retailer outside of Sears) and offer white glove delivery to customers.CorpBanca: U.S.$750 million global offering of  3.875% Senior Notes due 2019, filing of a shelf registration statement and ongoing disclosure obligations. HSBC, Citi, BBVA and Itaú: U.S.$460 million global offering of common shares by Alsea, S.A. de C.V.
Spearheaded Amazon's negotiation with the EPA over historical sales of illegal pesticides (resolved via $1.2M fine) and  and internal policy changes to help prevent future sales of such products. Managed Amazon's response to Sears filing for bankruptcy, which impacted ten business lines, governed by over 20 unrelated legal agreements. 
RetailCapital MarketsBanking
Not currently - my prior area of specialization was international  debt and equity capital markets.
I practiced at Clifford Chance (in NYC, London, and Dubai) for eight years, and Dechert in NYC for 18 months.  
My (informal) direct reports would describe me as passionate about my work, developing others, and driving diversity initiatives.They would also say that I need to be less emotionally invested in my work.
My GC would describe me as smart, dedicated, and polite but dogged when driving towards a goal. He would identify my areas for opportunity as needing more formal management experience, and working with more senior business leaders at Amazon. 
I believe I need more in-house experience on paper (including more management experience in-house), and a better understanding of how to use my strengths and package myself. 
Jame Ortiz CV.pdf
11 3420 2018-12-31 19:23:53
Marcos Ramirez
1180 Cushing Circle
Apt 314
Saint Paul 
United States
Consultant Peer Monitor
To become a GC 
Because it is good way to help lawyers of color to navigate in the corporate world. 
To increase my outreach and become better positioned in corporate America
UNIVERISTY OF MINNESOTA, Humphry School of Public Affairs Policy Fellow, June 2017• Project: Finding Common Ground on Probation Reform in Minnesota.MITCHELL HAMLINE SCHOOL OF LAWJuris Doctor, May 2012Master of Law, May 2011• Activities: President of the International Law Students Association, Vice-president of the Latino LawStudents Association.• Certificates: International Business Negotiation.HAMLINE UNIVERSITY SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Saint Paul, MN Master of Business Administration, December 2009• Activities: Co-founder and President of the Hamline MBA Association (became the first Venezuelanleading a student organization).UNIVERSIDAD DE LOS ANDES Mérida, Venezuela Lawyer (J.D. Equivalent), July 2005• Honors: Honorable Mention in Philosophy of Law, Honorable Mention in Disarmament andInternational Security.Activities: Co-founder of Alternativa Universitaria, Co-founder of Primero Justicia Mérida and Primero Justicia Universitaria of the Universidad de los Andes.Certificates: Local Government Management, Arbitration in the European Union, Foreign Policy
• Fluent in Spanish and Italian • French (work in progress)
ELARAJ AND ASSOCIATES LAW FIRM Minneapolis, MN Office Manager/Legal Assistant• Led strategy development and execution for the firm• Responsible for all support areas: finance, technology, administration, practice management, humanresources, business development and marketing• Collaborated and led cross-functional teams to develop business plans, marketing plans, and salesstrategies that ensure attainment of company sales goals and profitability
 Minnesota State Bar Association. Member of the Diversity and Inclusion Council, where I lead the advocacy and promotion of historically discriminated groups within the MSBA and the legal profession, through an inclusive culture where various viewpoints, experiences, and beliefs are respected and considered.• Venezuela Bar Association• Minnesota Hispanic Bar Association• Latino LEAD. Member of the Executive Council. Helped with the first a cross-sector consortium ofLatinos working together to advance our collective influence, success and power. In 2017, I coordinatedAdmisiónthe first cross-sector meeting for Latinos in a corporation, with the help of Best Buy and Thomson Reutersin Minnesota.• Venezuela MSP. Established the relationship with the organization and the Minnesota state RepresentativeNewberger who is leading a campaign for sanctions against Venezuela. • Co-founder of the Foreign Legal Trained Attorneys.
THOMSON REUTERS Eagan, MN Consultant - Peer Monitor• Utilize Peer Monitor benchmarking services to consult with law firm leaders on industry metrics,ensuring maximum firm profitability is achieved.• Helped a large law firm to increase its overall revenue by 3%.• Provide insights on the legal market and business of law• Proactively manage a portfolio of $900,000 by assessing clients needs and establishing key relationshipswith firm leadership, while developing action plans to develop business objectives.
MABELCA COMPANY Mérida, Venezuela General Counsel/Attorney at Law• Worked on arbitrations, commercial litigation, real estate, energy, corporate, business and internationaltax law• Worked as a law clerk from January 2001- December 2005• Promoted upon graduation January 2006• Represented the company in various stages of civil and commercial litigation. Drafted briefs, complaints,pretrial motions, memoranda and discovery requests and responses• Advised, communicated and conferred with claims representatives, rendering clear, unambiguous legal• Drafted and negotiated concession agreements and construction contracts• Involved in leasing and subleasing transactions, acquisitions, and mortgages• Prepared witness kits and assisted with witness interviews in corporate investigations • Drafted memoranda on a variety of energy regulatory issuesSTATE CRIMINAL JUDICIAL CIRCUITJudicial Intern• Researched relevant legal issues and produced memoranda upon requestPRIMERO JUSTICIAVolunteer Advisor• Crafted campaign narratives.• Organized events and personally connected with voters.
NEXUM LEGAL PLLC Saint Paul, MN Attorney and CEO• Part of the Community Collaborative Law Initiative, which allow me to help low bono clients and helpwith the justice gap in Minnesota.• Help Venezuelans with political asylums.• Advise clients on business disputes, foreign investments, international negotiations, immigration andnaturalization law.
Banking, Corporate, Immigration 
Immigration, Corporate and International law
Hard worker and team player
Team player and they would likely identify the fact that I don't like conflict as my area for opportunity
Experience as an attorney
Marcos Ramirez 2018 Resume.pdf
12 3419 2018-12-31 19:22:29
Fatima Garcia
East Bento Street
United States
International Tax Associate
My long term career goal is to continue developing the necessary skills that would allow me to become a General Counsel of a Fortune 500 company. In short term, I would like continue working with an organization that is growing and scaling. Where I can continue to diversify my skills set and gain management experience. 
No, I would like to gain more experience as an attorney before being placed in a F500 GC Placement. As I continue to develop my skills, it will make me a stronger candidate to transition into the legal department of a Fortune 500. 
My interest of becoming a General Counsel developed during law school when I was offered an in-house counsel internship by the Associate of Corporate Counsel, Chicago Chapter (“ACC”). The primary goal of the ACC is to place minority students in the legal department of Fortune 500 companies.  During my internship with Kaplan, Inc. I gain an understanding of the lack of minority representation within corporate legal departments and the lack mentors for minority students / attorneys in these positions. Upon starting my career an International Tax Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers, I began to witness and experience on a first hand basis the barriers and bias that minority attorneys face in Corporate America. I have an interest in becoming a GC, because I know that as a GC I can assist in dismantling these barriers that many minority attorneys face. I want to continue encouraging minority attorneys / law students to pursue a career outside our community norm, i.e. immigration, criminal law. In order to do this, our community need to see us in these positions. 
I hope to that by participating in Poder25 I will be able to create relationship and gain guidance that will continue to prepare me as I move through my career in Corporate America. Additionally, I hope to provide the same guidance I receive to other Hispanic law students / attorneys and become a mentor and encourage and assist them in transitioning into a corporate legal department. Specifically, I want to continue encouraging Hispanic women to go into a field where there is a lack representation of Hispanic women, i.e. tax law. 
Juris Doctor
Bachelors of Art - Political Science Juris DoctorMaster of Laws in Taxation 
Fluent in both Spanish and English
I currently do not have team management experience, but I am acting Senior on two of my engagements. As an acting Senior I oversee the work of the Associate and provide instructions or recommendations of the next steps necessary during the engagement. I oversee and review all the associate work and provide feedback on any changes they may be necessary. 
I currently sit on the board of the Next Gen Leadership: Advancing Lawyers of Color Advisory Board. The Next Gen Advisory Board was created to address the bias and obstacle that minority attorneys face in the legal field. As a board member I interact with other board members and provide suggestions or recommendations on different topics during our quarterly meetings which addressed the current issues minority attorneys are facing. 
My current interaction with senior management consister of working directly with partner and directors on certain engagements that I am placed on.
I am currently an International Tax Associate at PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP. As a tax associate majority of my projects deal with corporate restructuring, tax planning, and review of corporate documents. 
I gained litigation experience during law school when I interned with different government agencies. For example my litigation experience consisted of working with: Minneapolis City Attorney Office, The John Marshall Fair Housing Clinic, Loyola Law School Federal Tax Clinic, and Internal Revenue Service. During these internships I had the opportunity to represent both the government and the client before court. 
I have worked in the following industries:- Financial Industry- Manufacturing Industry- Food Industry
My specific area of practice now is International tax. After law school I specialized in tax law by obtaining my Master of Laws in Taxation. 
I currently work for an accounting firm that consist of accountants, attorneys, administrative assistant in the various departments.
$37.7 billion
An evaluation would describe me as a person who is curious, self-starter, technical, leader and team player. They would identify my areas of opportunity as becoming the acting senior on different engagements where there is already two associates.
I believe I need to develop in the following areas to be “Fortune 500 GC Ready”: •Continue developing my technical and business acumen skills•Improve my communication skills, both verbal and written •Continue developing my decision-making skills •Develop emotional intelligence •Continue to learn how to work in team and individually 
As a first generation student I try to be a pillar in my community, for example I have taken the steps to start a scholarship for underprivileged Hispanic students who are interested in a career in law. I have also gotten involved with different bar organizations and become a mentor to other Hispanic law students. 
Fatima.Garcia Resume (6).pdf
13 3418 2018-12-31 18:39:01
Gelvina Rodriguez Stevenson
606 Broad Acres Rd
Penn Valley
United States
Associate General Counsel
My career goal is to serve as a General Counsel for a F500 company in the health care industry, information services industry or higher education in the next 5-10 years. 
I believe I need to further develop my focus on strategic long-term thinking and need coaching on the skills that make one an excellent candidate for a GC position and an effective GC. I believe I am qualified for the GC Next Track. 
I would like to become a F500 GC because I enjoy leading teams, inspiring a collaborative environment, staying ahead of legal developments, applying legal requirements to the practicalities of running a business.  I would like the opportunity to lead an office that is committed to excellence, ethics, diversity and inclusion and growth. 
I hope to further develop skills necessary for a GC, build relationships with individuals that will help secure a GC position and be part of an effort to diversify the F500s.
JD and MA
NYU School of Law, JD; Princeton University, MA, NYU College of Arts and Sciences, BA
Fluent in  English and Spanish
I currently advise three different teams of contract negotiators who are responsible for the day-to-day negotiation and management of contracts for different components of the hospital. I meet with all three teams collectively and provide templates and guidance to create consistency in contracting and allocation of risk within the organization. I provide training to the group and have been successful in creating an environment where the contract negotiators are on a continuous learning curve, sharing knowledge and supporting each other. I have been successful in minimizing competition and building a team approach amongst this group comprised of lawyers and non-lawyers. 
I currently serve on the Board of the Child Center of NY, a non-profit organization with annual revenue and support of approximately $47 million.  I have also served on the Board of the Hispanic National Bar Association as a Regional President and Committee Co-chair and on the Board of the NYU School of Law Alumni of Color Association. 
I report directly to the General Counsel. Other Associate General Counsel positions in my office report to the Deputy General Counsel. I interact regularly with the CEO, CFO, COO and Chief Scientific Officer. The Chief Scientific Officer, who reports directly to the CEO, is my primary client. I present work product regularly to the CEO, CFO and CSO and attend meetings with those individuals on a regular basis.  
When I worked in the Corporate Finance Group at my former law firm, all of my clients were in Latin America. I corresponded with those clients in Spanish. I currently work on deals involving China. 
I worked as a Corporate Finance attorney in my former law firm. In my current position, I am involved in forming for-profit spin-out companies, one of which has become an extremely successful public company focusing on gene therapy products. 
The vast majority of my practice is corporate and transactional, but I have been involved in filing lawsuits on behalf of my organization claiming misappropriation of trade secrets, copyright infringement, fraud, breach of contract. My involvement includes working with outside litigation counsel, preparing my internal clients for the litigation and supervising the retention of necessary documents. I have also been involved in defending against whistle blower cases and in defending against claims involving breach of contract, fraud and copyright infringement. 
While working in a law firm, I worked on tender offers, private offerings and general M&A work. During my in-house career, I have worked on spinning out start-up companies, implementing privacy regulations in a complex health care organization and establishing norms and processes for contract negotiation within my organization. 
I have spearheaded the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation in my organization. I also spearheaded and have primary oversight over the legal and contractual requirements for the  establishment of a Clinical Vector Core Manufacturing facility at my organization that is part of a larger effort that my institution, the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Philadelphia and other organizations are leading to make Philadelphia the cell and gene therapy capital of the world (or “Cell-icon Valley”). 
Health care/hospital; University/higher education; Government. I have also worked in a law firm and for a pharmaceutical company. 
Yes, I have a specific practice in health care law, which includes life sciences, regulatory, medical research, patient care, M&A, corporate, litigation, insurance, employment and bioethics.
1 administrator and 2 law students every semester. Our office is structured with a General Counsel, one Deputy General Counsel, 8 Associate General Counsel's and one Assistant General Counsel.  6 of the Associate General Counsel's report to the Deputy General Counsel and I am one of the two Associate General Counsels who report directly to the General Counsel. 
Approximately 3 billion.
I also have expertise in privacy law, manufacturing for research and clinical purposes and teach a course on pharmaceutical law.  
My Executive Coach is Kaen DeNunzio, faculty at University of Pennsylvania, Wharton Executive Education.
I believe my direct reports would describe me as organized, clear and committed to developing and supporting their careers. I believe the would identify as an increased focus on long term planning as an area for opportunity. 
I have always received positive evaluations from my General Counsel. My GC has described me as exceeding expectations, having developed an excellent trust-relationship with our internal clients, staying on-top of developments in my field and building professional relationships and exhibiting integrity and accountability in my work. I believe my GC would identify as an area for opportunity to dedicate more time to focusing on long-term goals and projects, such as working with clients to establish norms and guiding principles. We are in discussions regarding hiring a new Assistant General Counsel who can focus on more of the day-to-day activities so I can focus more on strategic projects.  
I believe I need to develop my skills in focusing on long term goals and strategic initiatives while continuing to manage day-to-day responsibilities.  I also believe I need to refine my presentation skills to c-suite executives. 
I believe I have unique experience in the growing and diverse area of health law and would be a good fit for for-profit health system, insurance company, pharmaceutical or device company, as well as for a non-profit health system or university. While I currently work in a non-profit hospital, the skills I have learned in this setting would be transferrable to a for-profit entity, including advising a corporation with annual revenues of over $3 billion, managing a large outside counsel portfolio and budget and spinning out for-profit companies.  I have also worked in the for-profit sector and have found that the skills necessary to be successful in the for-profit sector and non-profit sector to be very similar. 
Resume Stevenson.pdf
14 3417 2018-12-31 17:36:52
Ana Laura Diaz
102 Nettle Ridge 
Chapel Hill
North Carolina
United States
General Transactional Counsel
Secure, flourish, and succeed in a challenging role within the legal department of a F500. Over the course of my career, I would like to work my way up to being GC for a F500.
As a double minority who holds two higher education degrees (JD/MBA), I often find that I am the "only" one in the room -- the only Latina and the only woman. The farther I've gone in my career, the more I find this to be true -- while I can easily find role models that are male or female and white, I find it increasingly difficult to see myself in many GC roles. By becoming a F500 GC, I can not only fulfill my personal career goals but also serve as a role model and example for future generations, my daughter included.
Participation in the Poder25 initiative serves a dual purpose -- advancing both my personal career goals as well as allowing me to advocate for Latin@s everywhere. I find that, as a Latina, I am often the only minority in the room, particularly as my career has progressed. The disparity (and overwhelming lack of diversity) at higher levels of business leaves much to be desired and I feel that Poder25 is an initiative designed specifically to address these deficits and permit more diversity to come to the table.
Juris Doctor
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts (Psychology)/Bachelor of Music (Violin Performance); University of Miami, Juris Doctor; University of Miami Kenan-Flagler Business School, Master of Business Administration
Spanish (native)English (native)Portuguese (basic)French (basic)
Acted as supervising attorney for/headed a department of ten (two attorneys/eight paralegals) at multi-state firm.
Served over three years on the board of directors of a non-profit (local chapter of Ellevate Network). 
Extensive interaction with CEO, CFO, and CTO of solar company, as well as CFO of software company. Interaction with Chancellor, Provost, Vice Provost, and Deans and Department Heads across tier-one global research institution.
Yes. Extensive experience working with higher education institutions to establish faculty and student exchange programs, as well as extensive experience negotiating, drafting, and reviewing supplier and manufacturer agreements with Chinese-based firms.
Extensive experience with commercial transactions including financing over $38 million in solar projects.
Bankruptcy litigation.
Higher Education, Technology, Finance
Primarily higher education and technology
Over career:2 attorneys / 8 paralegals28 paralegalsCurrent: none
Special Counsel
Currently have no direct reports.
Diligent, hard-working, and with a keen eye for detail. My biggest area for opportunity would be to be ensure that in my day-to-day work I keep in mind the bigger organizational picture.
General exposure. While I have a strong background in transactional work and its appurtenant issues, I need to develop more with regards to other issues that come up within the F500 GC "world" such as employment and employment law issues, tax law, understanding P&L statements, investor and shareholder expectations and managing same, and M&A work.
Versatile JD/MBA with more than twelve years of diverse industry exposure including private practice, government, and inhouse roles. Significant corporate transactional experience including reviewing, drafting, and negotiating large variety of commercial and IT agreements. Expertise in successfully handling high-volume portfolio and providing support across a broad range of transactional, regulatory, and compliance issues. Able to evaluate risks, prioritize a substantial and varied workload, and provide proactive and solution-oriented legal advice to internal leaders and external clients. Intellectually curious with demonstrated willingness to achieve, acquire, and utilize new skills and be flexible in changing conditions. 
ALD Resume.pdf
15 3416 2018-12-31 09:15:02
Jaime Huertas
172 Montague Street
Apt. 11D
New York
United States
Senior Associate, Winston & Strawn LLP
To transition my career as a corporate M&A associate at a large law firm (Winston & Strawn) to move in-house into an Assistant/Associate GC position with a view of one day becoming a F500 GC in the coming 5-10 years.
I believe that at this point in my career I would be qualified for an Assistant/Associate GC opportunity based on my law firm experience as a transactional experience, but believe that Assistant/Associate GC role could help further develop the necessary skills in areas where my experience is more limited (litigation, employment) in order to one day be considered to become a F500 GC.
Having spent much of the last few years as a senior associate working very closely with the GC's of my firm's clients as we work through and complete transactions, I have gotten a close view of how the GC position plays a fascinating role at the intersection of law and the general business of the company's we represent.  With a strong background in business (both academically and in my years of experience prior to attending law school) I enjoy being able to gear my legal knowledge in a way to help my clients and their corporations in a strategic fashion.  As a result, my experiences have allowed me to become well suited to moving in-house into a GC role and hopefully one day being able to advance to become a F500 GC.
I hope to work closely with the mentors provided by Poder25, other participants in Poder25  and the executive coaches provided with the program to take further steps along the path to becoming a F500 GC and build upon the experiences and knowledge I have gained throughout the 8 years of my legal career to move forward in my career towards becoming a GC.  As the first of my family to become a lawyer, I've worked hard on advancing my craft and developing mentor/mentee relationships with senior lawyers who I greatly respect (many of whom I still currently work with), and believe Poder25 would be a great next step in further developing those relationships in order to gain the guidance and help necessary to work towards my goal of one day becoming a GC.
Juris Doctorate, Brooklyn Law School, Class of 2010
B.S. in Economics (concentration in Finance and Management), University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business, Class of 2002
English (fluent), Spanish (fluent), Arabic (conversational)
Often as the most senior associate on deal teams working on large, high profile transactions, I have had to closely supervise the work of teams of associates (ranging in size of teams of 3 up to teams of 15) working on various aspects of my work including the drafting and negotiating of transaction documents, due diligence and other project related deliverables.  I'm often tasked with the handling of day to day project management and ensuring client deliverables are completed often while working very closely with the supervising partner at my firm and with the team at the client (whether an in-house GC or business person tasked with the project).  As my career has advanced, I have been giving more autonomy in managing the teams, in particular teams of more junior associates taking on large project tasks.
I have direct and indirect (working closely with in-house counsel) experience with working with the board of directors of various clients for items such as disclosure on public capital markets transactions (often to discuss items of disclosure and director and officer insurance), working through sensitive acquisition issues on a merger or sale transaction or working through public company corporate governance questions when directly representing a board of directors on a transaction.
Frequent interaction with C-suite level management relating to large acquisition and capital market transactions, often as a primary day-to-day point of contact.  Also have experience directly representation of management in management buy-out transactions.
My legal experience includes three years of experience working for law firm in London, representing clients across many industries and throughout Europe, Middle East, North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa and Russia.
All of my legal experience is related to corporate/M&A, including both public and private acquisitions, private equity transactions, capital markets transactions (both public and private issuances of debt and equity) and some financing transactions representing clients globally and most often across borders.
Limited litigation experience aside from consistent pro-bono work representing indigent clients in New York City Housing court cases.
Enel S.p.A., an Italy-based global energy company, and its publicly traded Latin American subsidiaries, Enersis S.A. (now Enel Américas S.A.) and Endesa Chile (now Enel Generación Chile S.A.), in connection with the reorganization of US$22 billion of power assets in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Peru in order to streamline operations and provide more transparency for shareholders regarding their investments.Represented the second largest media company in Mexico in the sale of its U.S. television network to a private equity buyer. The transaction was structured through two parallel asset sale transactions by separate selling entities so as to facilitate the sale of network assets (which did not require FCC approval) prior to the sale of television station assets (which did require FCC approval).Representation of Goldman Sachs and Credit Suisse as Lead Bookrunners of the Rule 144A/Regulation S offering US$1.25 billion of notes due 2038 by FLNG Liquifaction 2, LLC, an operator of liquid natural gas facilities.Representation of Romgaz S.A., Romania's largest energy company in Romania's first Rule 144A/Regulation S €390 million privatization/offering of shares and GDRs (listed on the London Stock, in a first of its kind Romanian privatization transaction.
In each of the notable deals listed above, I was the most senior associate and tasked with supervising the day-to-day activity on the transactions, working closely with partners and directly with the clients.
Energy (both Oil & Gas and renewable energy); mining and media.
At my law firm, I have specialized in corporate law but have had a more general corporate practice as I have worked across a wide array of corporate transactions including M&A, capital markets and finance.
As a senior associate at Winston & Strawn and at the other law firms before that, I have directly supervised teams of junior associates and paralegals on various transactions in teams ranging from 2 junior associates up to teams of 15 (which included 12 junior associates and 3 paralegals relating to due diligence for a high profile M&A matter).
N/A - Revenue earned from transactions where I had supervisory responsibilities cannot be determined
Prior to law school, I had four years of marketing, finance and consulting experience for various magazine publishing companies (Time Inc.), where I became familiar with financial budgeting, financial models, marketing campaigns and other aspects of the business.
Having previously received 360 reviews in my role as a senior associate, my direct reports/junior associates have identified my ability to stay calm in stressful situations, my ability to clearly explain difficult concepts and assignments, and the ease they had in approaching me to discuss issues/questions/concerns.  My biggest area of opportunity would likely be to continue to manage teams in complex situations and resolving unforeseen client issues.
The partners who have worked with and have reviewed me directly have noted my business savvy and my ability to comprehend our clients business issues beyond just the legal ramifications of our advice.  The partners, and in particular the partner I work most with (the head of the Latin America practice at Winston & Strawn and head of the corporate department of Chadbourne/Norton Rose before that) has noted in my previous reviews that my biggest area of opportunity lies in business development at the law firm (to grow existing representations and develop new clients, which I have begun doing with some success over the last year).  He also noted that my prior business experience and business education (particular in finance) has allowed me to more easily understand and address client issues and then explain them to our internal law firm teams when the need arose.
I believe I need to develop a more well-rounded legal experience (ideally as an Assistant or Associate in-house counsel) that addressed areas commonly overseen by GC's, such as litigation and employment issues, would allow me to develop into a more well-rounded Fortune 500 GC candidate.
Having recently (in the last three months) made a decision that my ideal career path, where I can combine my love of law and its related experience along with my interest in business, includes moving from a senior associate position to an in-house position. I am just getting started on that journey and at this moment am open to opportunities across a wide arrange of industries and could greatly benefit from the advice on how best to forge a path to hopefully one day becoming a Fortune 500 GC.
JAH - headshot.jpeg
Jaime Huertas - Resume.doc
16 3415 2018-12-31 06:07:49
Angel Nevarez
1389 Paddock Way
Cherry Hill
New Jersey
United States
General Counsel and Senior Vice President
To help head a F500, and in doing so serve to expand the levels at which a Latinx will be unequivocally accepted and succeed.  Mostly because I have two young latinx boys who should grow up in an environment, including the businesses that drive our economy, that reflects them. 
I work for a privately held corporation in a single-person law department.  Annual revenues are in excess of $150 million.
In addition to the above stated career goal, I am personally driven to explore the upper limits of my profession.
While I feel that I am prepared and equipped to explore the upper limits of my profession, I understand that attaining success at these higher levels requires significant mentorship and connections. 
JD, University of Southern California Law
Master of Real Estate Development, University of Southern CaliforniaB.A.s Political Science and History, University of California, Los Angeles
Spanish and English (fluent)French (competent)
Oversee Human Resources Department; manage operations/documentation and accounting departments as necessary.
Since 2014 I have sat on the board of directors for the privately held corporation where I work.
I am part of senior management and work with them daily as a member.
I have experience reviewing and negotiating acquisition deals.
I have experience managing outside counsel in all company litigation.
Real estate and real estate finance deals at varying amounts and sophistication levels.  Buy and sell sides, and in representation of lenders and borrowers.
Equipment leasing and financing;managed services primarily for law firms (records, IT, and office services); andreal estate/real estate finance.
Equipment leasing and real estate/real estate finance.
Had a past associate general counsel, and currently have a three person HR department that reports to me.  Directors of the operations/documentation and accounting departments report to me as necessary. 
$150million plus (two companies)
I am easy to work with and mindful of their goals as well; always foster a sense of mutual respect.I am diligent and require the same from my reports, but very much understand which tasks and projects require more focus and attention. 
Rest assured that whatever I am tasked with will be completed, and will be completed well.I make it a point to know my company and principals well, so that I understand and can accomplish their highest goals.I am always accountable and available. 
It would be useful to have an opportunity to be part of a larger law department and company.
My role is diverse and regularly requires me to operate as a business executive that is involved in the business operations.
A. Nevarez Photo 1.jpg
Angel Nevarez Resume - Poder25 (12.30.2018).pdf
17 3414 2018-12-31 03:58:08
Ada Mena
21723 SW 99TH PL
Cutler Bay
United States
Claims Specialist Social Security Administration
My goal is to become a corporate attorney. 
In reality, I am not sure. I would love to participate in the program. I am hesitant about answering yes because I lack legal experience. I am willing to work hard to achieve my goal.
This is the opportunity I am waiting for to become a corporate attorney. I do not know how to navigate the legal field to achieve my goals. I am the first person in my family to get a law degree. I do not know how to get exposure and I feel trap in my job.
First and foremost, guidance and the opportunity to gain experience by working with attorney I can learn from.
Juris Doctor. 
Florida International University: Bachelor of Business Administration double major in Management Information Systems and Finance. Graduated with Honors and through the Honors College.Florida International University: Juris Doctor. Earned this degree while working full time in a demanding environment and passed the Florida Bar in April 2018.
Spanish and English
I do not have any management experience.
No experience working with boards of directors.
No experience interacting with senior management.
No experience working outside the US.
No experience working in either Corporate or M&A.
I recently started  work with a family law attorney writing legal documents part time to gain experience.
No notable cases.
Social Security Administration. Federal Government.
Disability Law. 
18 3413 2018-12-31 01:37:22
Danila Toscano
932 Maltman Ave.
Apt 9
Los Angeles
United States
Associate Attorney
To obtain a position as In-House Legal Counsel at F500 company.
I need to obtain a Counsel position first and work my way up.
I eventually would like to become a F500 GC because I am a qualified, intelligent, hard working and determined woman. I have what it takes to reach the highest legal positions. With mentoring from the Poder25 program, more network opportunities, and my continued drive, I believe I will be successful in this vision.
I hope to learn skills and tops to make me more marketable when trying to obtain a Legal Counsel job.
J.D. and M.A. Spanish and International Relations- University of Iowa; M.A. in Latin American and Caribbean Studies- University of Chicago; J.D.- University of California, Irvine School of Law
English and Spanish
I currently manage one associate, one paralegal and one assistant. I conduct bi-weekly meetings to make sure the team is on the right track and to address questions and concerns.
Yes. I often work with senior management on different cases and to provide in-depth analyses and recommendations on legal matters. 
Yes. I worked in El Salvador as a Rural Health and Sanitation Volunteer in the Peace Corps for 2 years. I also worked for 6 months as an intern at a non-profit agency in Spain.
Yes- I am a 6th year litigation associate, specializing in Commercial and Construction Litigation, Premises Liability, Personal Injury and Catastrophic Injury.
I successfully defeated a complaint by bringing two anti-slapp motions on behalf of seven corporate and individual defendants. I have also received successfully obtained asylum for two minor individuals on a pro bono basis.
I successfully defeated a complaint by bringing two anti-slapp motions on behalf of seven corporate and individual defendants. I have also received successfully obtained asylum for two minor individuals on a pro bono basis.
Commercial LitigationPremises LiabilityCatastrophic Injury
Yes- I am a 6th year litigation associate, specializing in Commercial and Construction Litigation, Premises Liability, Personal Injury and Catastrophic Injury.
I currently manage one associate, one paralegal and one assistant. 
Currently I am an associate at a firm. My direct reports would like say that I am a hard worker, pay attention to detail, am reliable, effective at strategy and implementation, and that I am a self-starter. They are currently trying to groom me for partnership in several years, but I would like to move in-house.
Currently I am an associate at a firm. My direct reports would like say that I am a hard worker, pay attention to detail, am reliable, effective at strategy and implementation, and that I am a self-starter. They are currently trying to groom me for partnership in several years, but I would like to move in-house.
Mentorship, Networking, and Marketing
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Ada Mena
21723 SW 99TH PL
Cutler Bay
United States
Claims Specialist Social Security Administration
to become a corporate attorney.
In reality, I am not sure. I would love to participate in the program. I am hesitant about answering yes because I lack legal experience. I am willing to work hard to achieve my goal. 
This is the opportunity I am waiting for to become a corporate attorney. I do not know how to navigate the legal field to achieve my goals. I am the first person in my family to get a law degree. I do not know how to get exposure and I feel trap in my job. 
First and foremost, guidance and the opportunity to gain experience by working with attorney I can learn from. 
Juris Doctor. 
Florida International University: Bachelor of Business Administration double major in Management Information Systems and Finance. Graduated with Honors and through the Honors College. Florida International University: Juris Doctor. Earned this degree while working full time in a demanding environment and passed the Florida Bar in April 2018. 
Spanish and English. 
I do not have any management experience. 
No experience working with boards of directors. 
No experience working with senior management. 
No experience working outside the US. 
No experience working in either Corporate or M&A. 
I work with a family law attorney writing legal documents part time to gain experience. 
No notable cases. 
Social Security Administration. Federal Government. 
Family Law and Disability law. 
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James Villa
108 West Marshall Street
Falls Church
United States
General Counsel
Having been in house for 12 years and now general counsel of three companies, I'd like to lead a larger legal department and help direct the operations of a larger, publicly held company.
While I believe that I have made an impact on the organizations in which I have served, moving to larger, more sophisticated companies would enable me to grow and implement change on a larger scale.
I would like to network with others who are seeking to grow in their in house legal practice and to obtain candid evaluations of ways in which I need to improve and grow.  
B.A. Political Science and History (Honors), University of MichiganJ.D. University of Michigan Law School
While my current job provides me with only one direct report, I have significant experience managing teams.  While a Chief Counsel at AOL, I had a team of 26, 11 of whom were attorneys.  While at Versar, I had a team of 13 attorneys and contract professionals.I also have experience as a leader outside of the legal world.  I was honored to command a combat support MP company in support of Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, responsible for 147 other soldiers.  My company received a Distinguished Unit Citation for its efforts and I was honored to receive the Bronze Star.
I am currently on the Board of Directors of the Association of Corporate Counsel, National Capital Region, and will become chapter president in January 2019.  I am also on the Advisory Board of Legal Counsel for the Elderly.As an attorney, I have served as Corporate Secretary while at Colonial Parking, Versar, and Hensoldt.  Versar was publicly-held, requiring significant addition efforts as Secretary.  At Hensoldt, the Board members had been identified, but had not taken office.  I drafted their engagement agreements, the committee charters, and stood up the Board for it initial meeting less than 4 months after I joined the company.
I have been in the C Suite in my last three jobs and was an officer at AOL (Vice President), reporting to the Deputy General Counsel   
I have not resided outside of the US for employment.  However, I have significant experience with international matters, starting while I was a Trial Attorney with the Antitrust Division of the US Department of Justice.  In that role, I interacted with law enforcement agencies in the UK, Italy, and the European Union.While at AOL, I also had interactions with the European Union, specifically with regards to competition matters.At Versar, we had several international disputes and I personally negotiated a resolution to pending litigation in the UK.Hensoldt's parent is German, so I currently interact with Germany on a regular basis, having travelled there several times.  I also interact with, and provide legal services for, a UK affiliate of our parent company.
While at AOL, I handled the antitrust analysis of five transactions, including an acquisition valued at $800 million.  At Versar, I took the lead in three acquisitions, as well as one divestiture, being responsible for the diligence, negotiation, and closing of each transaction.  I also led the efforts to sell the company to a private equity fund, which closed in November 2018.  
I was head of litigation while at AOL, responsible for managing all litigation facing the company.  I not only managed two other litigation attorneys, but maintained my own docket as well.I managed a large piece of litigation while at Colonial Parking, but that was not a major part of that job.I managed several pieces of litigation while at Versar, as well as contract disputes with the federal government.  
I was an associate while in private practice, so did not handle my own cases.  I did litigation and antitrust, so assisted with numerous large litigation matters, acquisitions, and grand jury investigations.  
See above
Government contractsConsumerPublishing
I am the General Counsel of Hensoldt Inc., so I address all issues that come across my desk -- government contracts, employment litigation, etc.  I am also the Corporate Secretary, handle our insurance and real estate matters, and address all of our HR needs.  
I currently manage one contracts director.
$15 million
In addition to my experience at the Antitrust Division, I was a Special Assistant US Attorney and tried numerous misdemeanor cases and had two felony trials.  I also argued one appeal in the Fourth Circuit and drafted two briefs, resulting in one published opinion.  
I speak to a number of recruiters, including Major Lindsay and Africa, Garrison and Sisson, Lateral Link, among others
I think that they would describe me as engaged, driven, and mission focused, with an emphasis on building and maintaining teams.  
I need to continue my familiarity with financial documentation and business development.  
I think my strongest asset is the ability to establish relationships with people throughout an organization. While in private practice, I was also an officer in the Army Reserve, whose unit was in rural Maryland.  As such, I needed to productively interact with lawyers and clients who were educated and well-traveled, and on the weekends be a productive member of team of individuals who had very different backgrounds and levels of education.  Straddling these two worlds was a huge opportunity for me and helped me develop the ability to connect with people who are very different from me.
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