President’s Message

Because you deserve the best, it is my honor to present the new and improved HNBA website.  It has been a long time coming.  The HNBA National Office team has been working diligently to make this happen. I would like to thank Alba, Erika, Siohban and Rachel in the national office for their high commitment to excellence and making this new website a reality.

Take a few minutes to browse through the website.  The number of programs offered to our members has expanded!  You must also view the photos documenting our work as well as our involvement in many communities across the nation through our HNBA regional presidents and deputies, individual members, affiliate organizations, and other partner organizations. Our forty-three year history of service and advocacy on behalf of present and future Latino legal professionals and the Latino community in the United States continues to strengthen each year.

The webpages will confirm our efforts to fulfill our mission through a 5-prong approach:

  1. HNBA early-intervention and educational pipeline programs targeting middle school and high school students to provide role models and encouragement to pursue higher education;
  2. HNBA mentoring/pipeline initiatives to assist Latino students to pursue post-secondary education (college to law school);
  3. HNBA professional, business and leadership development programs designed to assist Hispanic legal professionals with career advancement opportunities;
  4. HNBA Latina outreach programs and initiatives that provide educational, professional and leadership development for Latinas at all levels; and
  5. Community advocacy and outreach events and programs designed to serve as a national voice on important issues that affect the Hispanic community and to provide information, practical tools, and assistance to expand the economic opportunities for Hispanics.

Please spread the word about our new website. Tell your friends join the HNBA!  It is a simple process to become an HNBA member.  Our online membership portal is extremely user-friendly. If you are already a member, please update your expanded member profile on our new National Lawyer Referral Service database! This is a new benefit just for you.  It is a new opportunity for business development for lawyers, a great resource for sponsors and in-house counsel and a valuable resource and location for anyone to find a lawyer in their own city across the country.

As always, our goal is to make each visit to our website as enjoyable and productive as possible. Enjoy!

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Cynthia D. Mares
HNBA National President