Latina Leadership Programs


Each year, the Latina Commission offers professional development and leadership training programs to help advance the careers of Latina attorneys. Because Latina lawyers account for less than 2.5% of all lawyers in the United States, the Commission has implemented regular programming across the country to not only support Latinas in the profession, but to increase the pipeline of Latinas entering the practice of law.

The Latina Leadership Academy, a day-long program presented during the HNBA Annual Convention and at the Corporate Counsel Conference, caters to attorneys who have been practicing less than 10 years, and the Latina Executive Leadership Program, a nine-month program with monthly meetings designed for more senior attorneys, kicks off in early September.  Each of these programs offers a curriculum specifically developed for Latina attorneys and draws from a significant body of research from both the Commission and other leading organizations. The curriculum of each program is designed to address areas identified as key to shattering glass ceilings and securing the advancement and long-term success of Latina lawyers—the most underrepresented group in the legal profession.

The Pearls of Wisdom program was designed to expose primarily Latina students to Latina attorneys and help increase the pipeline of Latinas in the profession by having a panel of Commissioners speak with mostly high school students about their paths to becoming lawyers and their legal careers. These panels are held in various regions throughout the year, both virtually and in-person, and at local high schools during the Annual Convention and Corporate Counsel Conferences.  Volunteers who wish to share their stories and help increase the interest of young Latina students in the law, or anyone with contacts at schools willing to host a Pearls of Wisdom panel, are welcome to contact the Pearls of Wisdom Committee Co-Chairs Maria Carrillo and Mishell Parreno Taylor, at

In addition to the national programs, the Commission partners with HNBA Regions across the country to host Regional Latina Leadership Academies and to provide specialized training, including salary and contract negotiation workshops as well as personal and financial wellness presentations, throughout the year.

We invite eligible women to apply for the Latina Leadership Academy and the Latina Executive Leadership Program and welcome nominations of eligible, trailblazing, Latina lawyers for the Primera Abogada Award.



» Latinas are the fastest growing racial/ethnic group at 9.4% of the total U.S. population
» Latinas represent 8.4% of all law students or the 3rd largest group enrolled in law school
» However, Latinas comprise:

  • 2.5% of all U.S. attorneys are Latinas
  • 3.6% of associates and 5.4% of summer associates
  • 1% of law firm nonequity partners, 0.9% of equity partners, and 2.2% of law firm attorneys
  • 3% of federal judges, 2.5% of U.S. attorneys, and 2.5% of law school deans
  • 1.4% of Fortune 1000 General Counsel

Statistics from Still Too Few and Far Between: The Status of Latina Attorneys Fifteen Years Later by Dr. Jill Lynch Cruz