La Voz en el Derecho (“the Voice in the Law”) is a new initiative of the Hispanic National Bar Association to cultivate knowledge and understanding of the American legal system within the Hispanic community.  Through online Podcasts that will be available on the HNBA’s website, our community will be able to listen to distinguished Latino lawyers, judges and officials share their experiences and explore a legal topic of interest to the community.  We will learn where the laws that protect us come from and how they work.

Knowledge is power.  As Latinos we value the justice and equality principles that form the basis of the American legal system.  It is our hope that creating a better understanding of our laws and how they benefit us will help the Hispanic community take advantage of them and contribute to their development.  The American legal system grows and evolves with its people and Latinos have a lot to contribute in that regard.

Enjoy our Podcasts!

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Cynthia D. Mares, Esq.
HNBA Past President