Given the extraordinary importance of the right to vote to the political, social and economic empowerment of Latinos in the United States, the growing numbers of Hispanic citizens, and the documented history of voter intimidation affecting Latino voters in many U.S. elections, the HNBA has established a stand-alone Voting Rights Section. The Section serves HNBA members, the profession and the Hispanic community by monitoring and documenting developments in voting rights law and recommending action by the HNBA Board of Governors when and as appropriate, and by providing information resources for assessing issues involving Hispanic access to the political process.

The Voting Rights Section is empowered and expected to:

  • Monitor litigation and legislative developments that affect voting rights for the Hispanic community at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Provide substantive expertise to assist the HNBA Board of Governors in developing policy positions related to voting rights for the Latino community and other minority groups.
  • Work with and support the efforts of other organizations involved in addressing issues that encroach on voting rights within the Hispanic community.

Lead proactive efforts with the aim of ensuring that voting rights are protected and accessible to all Hispanics with the right to vote.



Jorge Vasquez
HNBA Voting Rights Law Section Chair